1. J

    cPanel can't update Wordpress

    Wordpress ver: 4.6.1 Root access? Yes URL:, installed at Notes: * Wordpress was not installed by cpanel originally. I installed it. * server had a OS upgrade earlier this year, which included a backup, and restore of my cpanel user * The Site Software...
  2. R

    cPAddons Site Software list is empty

    I just installed a fresh CentOS 7 server, followed the install instructions for cPanel. Trial license, just kicking the tires right now to see if we want to migrate away from Virtualmin. But as you can see in the attached image, I don't appear to have any addons. Does anyone know what I did...
  3. L

    cPAddons Site Softare Outdated

    Just discovered cPAddons Site Software in WHM after seeing "Site Software" in cPanel. I find it odd that it says to contact your host and that the end cPanel can't make installations, but before I looked at settings to change that, I went to "Install cPAddons Site Software" in WHM to find...
  4. benito

    SOLVED Only One cPAddon Available?

    Hello! I never used this feature, i was testing is this weekend and i have this question. There is only one cPAddon available today and its Wordpress? There are a list of vendors anywhere? Thanks
  5. E

    SOLVED cPAddons software-installation

    Hello, I have a cPanel&WHM version 74.0.8 . I have tried to install WordPress. I choosed option WHM >> Home >> cPanel >> Install cPAddons Site Software Is it enough to install? I read documentation link Manage cPAddons Site Software - Version 68 Documentation - cPanel Documentation so...
  6. CBG

    Strange email - cpaddons_report

    Hi, I been getting the following email every 24 hours it seems. It has the subject: Cron <root@server> /usr/local/cpanel/whostmgr/docroot/cgi/ --notify It has the following in the email: </div> <!-- FOOTER --> <script type='text/javascript'...
  7. AlexJ.

    WordPress experience research

    Good day cPanel community! We are doing some research and collecting feedback from new and current users that are using the cPAddons WordPress installer . There are updates that are coming out very soon and we want to understand how we can improve the WordPress installation experience for our...
  8. L

    SOLVED Strange Cron email from

    Hello, since i requested my hoster to make a new installation of my VPS last weekend i get a weird looking mail from the cpanel. It mainly consists of css/html garbage (see below). I tried the forums search and google-fu but only found a thread from 2006 with no answer. Can someone explain that...
  9. J

    SOLVED cpaddons WP update hangs on plugin error

    We have a customer trying to update his newly installed via cpaddons wordpress using the cpaddons update button and is getting the following error: The system could not copy the “/home/username/public_html/wp-content/plugins/akismet/views/strict.php” folder to working folder...
  10. V

    SOLVED Install cPAddons Site Software Wordpress Error

    Hello. I have the next problem, when I installed wordpres whit “site software in the panel” this appear without .css When I installed wordpress manually charged via FTP appears Correctly What can I do for solved it? Thanks
  11. I

    Getting "Script installs need upgrading" emails. No updates needed in WHM.

    I keep getting this message on my blog In order to protect the security of your users' websites, we recommend that you upgrade the following scripts installed via the "Scripts Library" in the cPanel interface: - WordPress.0 v4.5.2 Location: at Latest...
  12. J

    cPAddons missing in cPanel 58

    Customer having issues with installing WP via cPAddons. I went to WHM: cPanel » Install cPAddons Site Software And ended up with this on the page and only this: Install cPAddons Site Software Installed Vendor Category Name Version cPanel Blogs WordPress 4.5.3 That's it, except for the...
  13. V

    cpAddons Wordpress out of date

    Latest version of Wordpress is 4.5.3 and cpAddons is listing 4.5.2. Forced a refresh but it is still listing the old version. The new version fixes many security issues. When can we expect an update?
  14. A

    Missing Wordpress from Site Software

    Hello, I'm validating cPanel 56 build 21 for new installs and for that I installed it under a test server and ran some tests. Everything went OK, but I noticed that while using Site Software to try and install Wordpress, it's not listed as an option anymore (as it used to be in previous...
  15. M

    Wordpress Version Issue/Discrepency in WHM

    Greetings, Our WHM is showing that our current WP version is 4.5.1, which is correct, but wants to upgrade WP to 4.4.2 even though 4.5.1 is available for deployment in WHM (see attachment). Bit of history though.... The current site was deployed through WHM/cPanel via Site Software. We had...
  16. L

    Adding my own cPAddons

    Ok, so I've been browsing through some of the documentation and old posts here, which seem to lead to dead-ends (404s and Redirects). How do I setup my own cPAddons Vendor? I have a few PHP Scripts that I would like to make available - from what I understand, I need to add some sort of a...
  17. M

    Change Installation URL with www - cPAddons Site Software

    Hello, when I install Worpdress via Site software (cpanel account) in Installation URL shows: By default all domains work with www (I made a modification via vhost.default in my server whm) when a wordpress site is installed, this does not load, the browser shows me a...
  18. A

    cPAddons Wordpress Install Error "Wordpress already exists in public_html directo

    Hello, I have the same issue like described in when I try to install WP on sub domain. The problem appears only when I try to install on subdomain root folder, I do...
  19. J

    Multiple cPAddons Wordpress installs in one account?

    First let me say I have searched and searched and found many threads about this but none have had a solution that worked for me. I am new to cPanel, in the past I have used ispconfig but now as I have more clients I thought something slightly more polished would be better for them. I would...
  20. I

    [Case 72005] Install cPAddons Site Software Wordpress 3.5.1 update to 3.5.2

    Hi Everyone, This is my first post here, I am testing the Site Software options from WHM for Wordpress and for weeks or months I see that wherever update that I am doing into the server or those options, this app still is in the version 3.5.1 I guess updating a Wordpress in CPanel must be...