1. J

    SOLVED Does cpanel service manager interfere with cron jobs?

    I need to setup a cron job to stop and start mysqld. My concern is that when it goes down server manager will try to restart or issue warnings when my desire *is* for it to go down for a specific period of time everyday and not be restarted by server manager. . .
  2. M

    Posssible ways for a PHP script to interact with CPanel email forwarder

    On a certain domain there are a bunch of email forwarders such as: > [email protected] forwards to [email protected] This works fine, however, there is a MySQL database and PHP interface the end point client uses, and can set who gets what forwarders. Each forwarder only goes to one...
  3. M

    cPanel DNS Only

    Hello, Currently we have cPanel DNS only servers on Azure using CentOS7. We have a mix of WHM/cPanel and Plesk servers (for windows hosting). Plesk has the SlaveDNS Extension which can talk to cPanel DNS only using Bind. However the Ubuntu version of cPanel DNSOnly cannot use bind (uses...
  4. J

    Dublin-based cpanel ip addresses in

    Is it normal to see the following entries in: In cpanel.allow dublin dublin dublin In cpanel.allow dns dns ??
  5. E

    How to install easily apache superset with cpanel

    Hello, One of my client would like to install Apache Superset in my cpanel server. I just found URL of Installation. But i am not sure if it will be ok of i have cpanel server.
  6. P

    How to replace IP in cPanel WHM URL with host domain name?

    Hello Forum; Question: How do I replace the IP in the cPanel WHM URL with the host domain name? At the present I am setting up a new cPanel account. I am using the host domain name for the nameservers like below:
  7. R

    SOLVED cPanel Security investigator

    Hi, is it safe to run these command on server? As my server administrator company said to run this command on cpanel server to check if there is any security tweaks on server. /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/bin/perl <(curl -s
  8. M

    WHM Service Certificate Not Renewing - cpanel store error

    A server is having trouble renewing the service certificate that comes with a cpanel license. the license check comes back good. 14 days till expiry server is 4 years old is this my end or cpanels? # /usr/local/cpanel/bin/checkallsslcerts The system will check for the certificate for the...
  9. Q

    change cpanel /whm database port 3306

    Good afternoon, I'm facing problems on my cpanel whm server at ovh, I'm suspicious that I'm taking ddos attacks on my server on port 3306 referring to the database, so I want to change this port to one of my choice. How do I change database port 3306 in cpanel whm panel, could anyone help me...
  10. J

    Mail messages disappeared

    Hi, I'm having problems with my emails. The mailbox in question takes up about 1.2 GB of space on the server, but both from webmail and from the browsers I use (thunderbird on pc and IOS mail on mobile) they don't see all the mails. Furthermore, on a weekly basis, i.e. every Saturday, the emails...
  11. E

    Script to get cpanel access logs through email

    Hello, I hope you are doing well. I would like to request you that if you know solution of my concern. I shall be thankful to you. When I run this command through CLI "grep 'SUCCESS' /usr/local/cpanel/logs/login_log | tail -n 100" I get all successfully logins of cPanel and webmail. This way...
  12. T

    wp toolkit error : " Error: Initial data load error: some required fields are not provided" in cPanel only some account.

    wp toolkit error : " Error: Initial data load error: some required fields are not provided" in cPanel only some account. When I access wp toolkit via cpanel it only shows below logs. [2023-07-10 06:18:58.506] DEBUG Checking if CageFS is enabled for remote server #1 (localhost) [2023-07-10...
  13. M

    Cpanel Language

    my cpanel side showing lanague something our country lanague how can i change to to english this
  14. kiopeed

    Cpanel has become imposing specific systems on us

    I have been working with you for 11 years and I have sites running on an old php version And now after installing today centos-8.2-x86_64 The system says it is no longer supported I'm installing ubuntu-20.04-x86_64 But I was surprised that it does not support old versions of PHP What do I do...
  15. V

    Python High CPU

    Hi, I'm running Cloud Linux with installed cPanel. I got notification from my Monitoring System that my cPanel Server is using too much CPU (High CPU Detected). I tried check it on the server via terminal and it shows there are python which is use High CPU. IDK who's doing this because the user...
  16. JIKOmetrix

    In Progress CPANEL-42960 - cPanel update to 112.03 broke logo display in customization

    Hello, I updated to 112.03 cpanel today and now my SVG file of logo displays tiny to end users in cpanel. The logo has always filled the space provided and has width and height set. They are really tiny now. See attached. Any idea on how to fix this?
  17. M

    SOLVED Changing cPanel Update Preferences from RELEASE to LTS using SSH

    On CentOS 7.9 and cPanel 110.0.7, it is safe and correct to change the cPanel Update Preferences from RELEASE to LTS from SSH by editing /etc/cpupdate.conf file, instead of using the Update Preferences interface from WHM interface? Basically the change that I want to make is changing the CPANEL...
  18. M

    SOLVED RedHat announcing to limit source code availability (affecting RHEL-based distros - AlmaLinux, RockyLinux and CloudLinux)

    RedHat has just announced that basically affecting all RHEL forks, such as AlmaLinux, RockyLinux and CloudLinux, because the source code of RHEL will no longer be availabile to a transparent channel (but only via customer portal, generating premises for further more limitations/restrictions...
  19. H

    SOLVED Text Formating in the cPanel forum code button

    The `code` button in the Rich text editor on the cPanel forum keeps opening a dialogue box for Forum list and isn't editing the text into a code block. Is this a bug in the forum?
  20. P

    SOLVED Copy userdata Cpanel Exception IO ReadError

    When doing cPanel backup I get this error: Copy userdata...Cpanel::Exception::IO::ReadError/(XID 122abc) The system failed to read up to 64 KB from a file handle because of an error: Is a directory at /usr/local/cpanel/Cpanel/Autodie/CORE/ line 50