1. P

    SOLVED Copy userdata Cpanel Exception IO ReadError

    When doing cPanel backup I get this error: Copy userdata...Cpanel::Exception::IO::ReadError/(XID 122abc) The system failed to read up to 64 KB from a file handle because of an error: Is a directory at /usr/local/cpanel/Cpanel/Autodie/CORE/ line 50
  2. Q

    cpanel theme change

    Boa tarde! Depois de mudar o tema de cpanel para jupiter não é mais possível mudar para a versão anterior como mencionei em um tópico anterior. Então tive outra ideia de como faço para alterar os ícones no layout do tema jupiter, pois minha ideia seria substituir os ícones atuais pelos...
  3. W

    Cpanel Emails not sending to Hotmail

    Hi, Today I received a complaint from one of my customers that their emails are not reaching their "Hotmail" accounts. When I checked the email deliverability, the email was not delivered to Hotmail emails only, while the email Mail is going to Gmail and Yahoo! Kindly give me a solution.
  4. M

    Redirects from htaccess shown in cPanel?

    Hello, have you seen that before - and could that actually happen? I am not 100% sure, but I added a ton of manual redirects into the .htaccess some time ago. Now I see those redirects in cPanel → Redirects I can't remember the details, but I am very sure I did not manually add them to...
  5. A

    whm ip server redirection

    Hello, I have a problem with my whm/cpanel server when I put the server ip alone without port or anything that redirects to the panel sends me to a web page, check and I do not have the mod_userdir that I thought it could be that, check the virtualhost and I see no errors. What could it be?
  6. R

    SOLVED CPANEL-39343 - cPanel & WHM update failure in upcp script - find_outdated_services

    Has anyone noticed the "Code" option in the Rich Text Editor opens a popup with the Forum List, or is it just me? Running v112.0.1, this has recently started happening: ---------------------- ... [2023-05-31 00:30:21 +0100] E [/usr/local/cpanel/scripts/find_outdated_services] STDERR: [Errno 2]...
  7. C

    Difference in size shown between cpanel and in mysql folder

    Cpanel shows database size of 386MB, but when looking in shell in that accounts folder in /var/lib/mysql it shows 4.7GB with a 4.7GB .ibd file for one of the tables. When checking in their cpanel phypmyadmin this table shows as 200MB
  8. W

    Default holding page for domain pointing to server that has no related cpanel account

    Hi there If a customer points their domain to our server - but there's no entry on our server for that domain, we would like to show a default template. So - for example, customer goes to Google Domains and buys a domain and sets the nameservers to our server: Customer Domain =...
  9. S

    cPanel 102 EOL

    Getting messages that cPanel 102 will reach end of life soon. This isn't particularly shocking, I've been expecting it. But the shocking part is that I've seen no mention of this any where on this forum or any announcement any where else. There's also no mention of any particular time, just...
  10. Q

    SOLVED cPanel theme template

    I bring here a not very common problem but I believe that most users are experiencing the same problem The current version of cpanel 110.0.6 is using the version for the standard jupiter templeite for cpanel accounts. It turns out that this version of the theme is awful, it's ugly and very...
  11. M

    New Server Setup - Setting up a mail relay using cPanel Mail Only Profile

    Thank in advance to all replies. Have a few questions and looking for guidance and clarification on a few things regarding email services to my clients. Here's the details. 1. I have server #1 that currently handles all websites, mail and as a database server (as well as database server) 2. I...
  12. cPRex

    cPanel TSR-2023-0002 Announcement

    cPanel has released new builds for all public update tiers. These updates provide targeted changes to address security concerns with the cPanel & WHM product. These builds are currently available to all customers via the standard update system. cPanel has rated this update as having a CVSSv3.1...
  13. shozi

    cPanel Accounts Not Showing/Working After Update

    Hello i'm Facing A Issue From Last 20 Days The Issue Is: After Updating cPanel My All Users ( cPanel Accounts ) Not Showing In WHM > List Accounts But All Users SQL DataBases & cPanel Data Is Fine in Server Even The Users Exist in ( /var/cpane/users/ ) & in These Files The Data Is Missing...
  14. pkiff

    Custom CSS in Jupiter for main cPanel interface - How to add your own stylesheet

    2 minutes ago I am sharing a (provisional, unapproved) method to add a custom stylesheet to the Jupiter theme used in the main cPanel interface. As of May 2023, cPanel (version 110.0.5 - RELEASE tier) does not provide an official, supported method to do this. Note: The Jupiter theme used in...
  15. L

    phpmyadmin 500 internal server error when accessed from users cpanel

    Hi, on my server phpmyadmin is working fine when I access it from whm with root user. but when I access it from users host (on 2083) after redirection from cpanel to phpmyadmin it gives blank white page with 500 internal server error. I tried these commands but they didn't fix it. Repair...
  16. W

    SOLVED Cloudlinux 9 and cPanel

    Has anybody actually been able to successfully install cPanel and Cloudlinux 9 (Almalinux 9)? I get errors on the install every time. I keep getting the runaround from the cPanel and CL techs. CL says that cPanel is not supported since CL9 is still in beta, but the cPanel intallation...
  17. S

    Install Cpanel without Marketplace addons

    Is there a way to install Cpanel without it automatically adding the Marketplace addons?
  18. A

    Migrate from Cyberpanel to cPanel

    Hello, I need to migrate a backup from Cyberpanel to cPanel and restore it. Is that possible ? Thanks
  19. yalinyalniz

    SafeAdmin Certified Yalın YALNIZ - Managed Services, Hosting/VPS-VDS/Dedicated Support and Emergency Support

    Experienced and certified Server/System Administrator, I'm maintaining servers for more than 10 years for companies and persons. I started with GNU/Linux servers and since then dependable solution partner for web, e-mail, database, and local network infrastructures. I have all certifications...
  20. R

    Cpanel disk over usage than allowed

    Hi, I have some client in which they are using 2gb disk space. But some of these cpanels are using 2.5gb and some 3gb but still sites are working. i want to to use maximum 2gb after the allowed storage sites show error over disk usage. what’s the issue and how to fix it. Why these user are...