1. K

    Does cPanel hardened kernel supports centOS 7 64bit

    Sir, Link: How to Harden Your cPanel System's Kernel - cPanel Knowledge Base - cPanel Documentation is cPanel harden kernel supports CentOS 7 64bit ? or support CentOS 6 only as per above link? Regards,
  2. C

    cPanel Kernel Installed and symlink attack still used

    We have the cPanel-hardened kernel installed on all of our servers. It was our understanding that this was all that was necessary to prevent against symlink attacks. We are using mod_ruid2, and after installing this kernel we disabled the "experimental jailshell" tweak as we found this was...
  3. L

    cPanel-Hardened Kernel Release Notification Email?

    I'd like to get an email notice when a new version of the cPanel-hardened kernel is released so that I know I need to run yum update. I've googled and searched the cPanel site but haven't found anything. Is there a way to get an email notification when a new version of the cPanel-hardened...
  4. webmasteryoda

    cPanel hardened kernel safety?

    Hello I need to harden my servers Apache Symlink Protection. My VPS is currently running CENTOS 6.8 x86_64 kvm with WHM 62.0 (build 15). My kernel version is 2.6.32-431.29.2.el6.x86_64. I am using Easy Apache 4 with Apache 2.4. So I have found this solution: How to Harden Your cPanel...
  5. E

    Kernel symlink ownership attacks, while Jailshell & mod_ruid2 enabled

    After updating to WHM 60.15 and EasyApache 4 I noticed this on security advisor I'm running this system with PHP-FPM. I also have jailed apache enabled and mod_ruid2 Please see the attaches screenshot. I have read this Symlink Race Condition Protection - EasyApache - cPanel Documentation...
  6. jimlongo

    EasyApache4 symlink race protection

    I've just upgraded to EA4 and feel newly vulnerable. The documentation leads me to believe that if in Home -> Apache Configuration -> Global Options -> Directory Options I have SymLinksIfOwnerMatch ON and FollowSymLinks OFF that I am not subject to the SymLink Race Condition. I'm on a linux...