1. S

    [CPANEL-21486] Feature Showcase instructions imply there's always an "Enable" button

    My cPanel/WHM recently displayed a Feature Showcase message about the new Terminal feature. It says I can select Enable next to the features I want to use, then click Save Settings. But I don't see an option for the Terminal feature. If I click Save Settings, am I enabling the new feature for...
  2. cPanelMichael

    cPanel & WHM 72 - Known Issues

    Hello Everyone! Here's an overview of some of the reported issues specific to cPanel & WHM version 72: We'll update this thread with new information as it becomes available. The full change log is available at: 72 Change Log - Change Logs - cPanel Documentation You can ask questions or...
  3. V

    SOLVED [CPANEL-20849] MultiPHP INI Editor is slow in version 72

    Hello After updating the Cpanel version from v70 to v72, the multi php ini editor part in whm to work slowly. When we save changes, there is a long wait. version v72.0.4
  4. G

    cPanel git with version 72 questions

    I understand cPanel will offer git in version 72. I have some questions: 1. Does that mean I can use my SourceTree pushes to push to my server rather than FTP the files. 2. When is Version 72 due for Current and Release?