1. Ramon Pego

    Alerts about Deprecated cPanel API 1 usage

    Hello, we received some emails about this, and I could not identify where these endpoints are being consumed. We would like to resolve this on the server but it doesn't seem like a request that we make manually or via integration. The list below includes the top five interfaces that made...
  2. A

    Login into cPanel with curl in php

    I want a script to logged in to cpanel using username and password with thehelp of curl. this is what I am currently using function createSession() { // Example details $ip = ""; $cp_user = "username"; $cp_pwd = "password"; $url = "http://$ip:2082/login"; $cookies =...
  3. S

    cPanel setredirecturl api function

    Hi, I'm having a tough time figuring out how to set the redirect URL for a domain I've just parked. I don't seem to be able to do it via the API (v2) when parking the domain, and the only other function that seems to do this is Park::setredirecturl in v1 of the API. But I can't for the life...
  4. J

    Errors running cPanel API 1 for cPAddons

    I am attempting to use the cPanel API 1 to access cPAddons as per cPanel API 1 Functions - cPAddons::mainpg - Software Development Kit - cPanel Documentation. When running the example given against the user site1x.. cpapi1 --user=site1x cPAddons mainpg ..I receive this response...
  5. P

    Import Database using cPanel API 2

    Hello, I am looking for option to import database (filename.sql) using cPanel API 2 or WHM API 1 or UAPI. I read the documentation but did not find the solution. Can someone please help me? Thank You :)