1. S

    cpanel api to delete addon domain

    hello i'm trying to delete add on the domain using Cpanel API - I tested the request to get Cpanel redirection and it's working. now I want to delete the addon domain and response is this POST /execute/AddonDomain/deladdondomain HTTP/1.1 > Host: ***:2083 > User-Agent: insomnia/2021.7.2 >...
  2. C

    Bulk Add Parked Domains to One Account?

    Hi, I looked through the documentation and it advises to use the api's. I wrote a script that calls the api, but it's really slow. I couldn't get the json api working for the life of me. I used this call https://hostname:2087/scripts/park? in a php...
  3. I

    SOLVED Problem with App that uses UAPI and API 2 - works on localhost not on live remote server

    We have an application (APP) hosted at SERVER A that is used to manage in a easy way the creation / editing / removal of e-mail addresses (emails are hosted at SERVER A) and the creation of sites and subsites and databases, hosted in SERVER B. The APP uses the cPanel API2 and UAPI. When...
  4. B

    SOLVED Can I change the IP of an A record from command line tool?

    Is there some command line tool (as in Plesk) to change things in DNS, like changing the IP of an A record, or adding an A record? I searched (thoroughly I think) and I can't find anything.
  5. R

    Adding subdomain using PHP script?

    Can you please help me on how to add a dynamic subdomain to the cpanel of godaddy. Any idea why is it not working? Here is the php script. <? $whmusername = "sample"; $whmpassword = "sample"; $subdomain = "mytestdomain"; $rootdomain = "sample"; $query =...
  6. C

    Using API for creating accounts

    Hello, i have domains registered in Siteground that use cPanel. I would like to create some scripts to automate domain creation process using cPanel API. I've tried PHP examples but i always get Access denied using my Siteground credentials; do i have to use different user/passwd? I haven't got...
  7. W

    Error removing subdomain

    I use the API by calling the function: $cPanel = new cpanelAPI($cpaneluser, $cpanelpass, ''); $response = $cPanel->api2->SubDomain->delsubdomain(['domain' => '']); returns error: It seems to me that the function is joining the subdomain with the main domain...
  8. N

    cPanel API get_password_strength

    I had the Cpanel API get_password_strength function working previously, but today when I test it was only returning a strength of 31 for the test password *fox&jn3)G>L, then I found the strength remained at 31 even if I added more characters. Then in a separate test script I'm getting the...
  9. V

    Fileman fileop function

    Hello, i uploaded a ZIP, and i need to extract it. Here is my code. <?php // Log everything during development. // If you run this on the CLI, set 'display_errors = On' in php.ini. error_reporting(E_ALL); // Declare your username and password for authentication. $username = 'xxx'...
  10. JAB Creations

    How to Suspend Incoming Emails using API2

    I need to suspend incoming email for an email account that is only designed for notifications. I tested manually suspending incoming email and the test account was still able to send emails all as desired. However I can not find the API2 documentation for suspending incoming email; how do I do...
  11. B

    Fileman::savefile && Fileman::uploadfiles Problems

    Firstly,I'm so sorry for my bad english. I use this class for api2 and i wanna upload file && save file but i have a some problems. Class: /** * PHP class to handle connections with cPanel's UAPI and API2 specifically through cURL requests as seamlessly and simply as possible. * * For...
  12. B

    SOLVED Delete Email Forwarding Account with xmlapi.php

    Hi, I am using this code posted by baldarab, Mar 19, 2014 to create a forwarding account. It works great. But now I am trying to use the same code to delete a forwarding account, but can't find the correct syntax on the forums. Tried: delforward, dodelfwd (in place of addforward) but neither...
  13. C

    cPanel Cron API - linekey while removing

    Hello, I ran into problems with removing cron with API 2. The add_line returns key named keyline while remove_line needs the count number for cron which is not given in the response of add_line. Possible workout I've found is using fetchcron and looping through it for that specific keyline. Is...
  14. JAB Creations

    cPAPI2 This feature is not enabled

    If I use cpapi2 --user=my_user Park park then I get "reason: This feature is not enabled". How do I enable cpapi2? VPS + root + WHM.
  15. R

    SOLVED Bug on API 2 Functions - Email::listpopswithdisk

    A couple days ago (probably when v66.0.15 was updated) our servers started to fail on this API 2 function: Email::listpopswithdisk It was working perfectly on my servers for many years, but now it's failing without a reason. It's easy to fix tho, all you have to do is create a new e-mail...
  16. K

    email creation api

    hello, i am trying to integrated email api integration. according to documention password parameter is required, but not given in api url . please help me cPanel API 2 Functions - Email::addpop - Software Development Kit - cPanel Documentation api url -...
  17. Z

    Addon api creation

    I cannot find any script to create multiple addon domains, most scripts are 5 years old... This one seemed interesting, doesn't create anything although gives this output: "Process completed. Communication with Cpanel successful. Please check your control panel to make certain all domains were...
  18. D

    SOLVED Manage Json Result from API

    Hi I'm making a script to generate email accounts. I want to manage the json result, but all the time it returns NULL when I access to the fields "reason" and "result" This is my var_dump result from API: vstring(232) {"cpanelresult":{"error":"The account [email protected] already...
  19. Otávio Serra

    Problems to park domains using API 2

    Hi, I need to park provisory domains to accounts using one subdomains of my main account. Using WHM painel is easy and simple and work correctly (Home » DNS Functions » Park a Domain). But via cPanel API 2 it don't permit and throw error message: (XID uqjh9h) The domain may not be...
  20. S

    API2 SSL listcrts get expiration date

    Main objective is to get the expiration date from the SSL. cPanel API2 SSl listcrts returns nothing: object(SimpleXMLElement)#2 (4) { ["apiversion"]=> string(1) "2" ["event"]=> object(SimpleXMLElement)#3 (1) { ["result"]=> string(1) "1" } ["func"]=> string(8) "listcrts" ["module"]=>...