1. I

    Configuración optima de procesos cPanel

    Buenas, actualmente tenemos un servidor dedicado únicamente para cPanel con las siguientes características: 1 TB de almacenamiento 12 GB Ram 8 nucleos CPU Nuestro servidor mantiene principalmente servicios de correo, paginas web, hechas con WordPress y prestashop en su mayoría, y lo que...
  2. E

    Backlisted all Countries into cPHulk Brute Force Protection now blocked

    Hi, by mistake i Backlisted all Countries into cPHulk Brute Force Protection , even ssh is disabled into whm dedicated server. now all login not working. Only a old vps ip is whitelisted into dedicated server how i able to access whm again. i able to gone into rescue mode and mont drive...
  3. K

    cPHulk block login email

    Hi! Why does cPHulk block the email login if the password is correct in case of attack? How can this be avoided?
  4. C

    CPHulk Blocked

    A customer got blocked by CPhulk due to excessive login attempts (pw on email wrong) I have now whitelisted his static IP in both CPHulk and CSF, cleared the blocked IP, checked IP tables and restarted cphulk and dovecot However he is still blocked - emails, domains, cant access the server at...
  5. J

    Cpanel blacklisting itself

    Hello and wishing everyone health. I've been reviewing my cpanel cPHulk history and see frequent repeating entries at specific time periods with a correct username but with an incorrect, mangled domain name and a rip ip address that is my correct server domain ip address. Example...
  6. D

    cPHulk Brute Force Blacklist limit 200 only?

    Hi guys it seems that cPHulk Brute Force Blacklist has a limit of only 200 IP addresses. Is there a way of increasing the blacklist limit?
  7. E

    SOLVED CPHulk read history reports using the command line or API

    Hi, I get daily calls about CSF and CPHulk and now I want to automate reading and removing entries. CSF is well supported via the command line. CPHulk not it seems? Reference documentation for CPHulk: cPHulk Management on the Command Line | cPanel & WHM Documentation I need to read the...
  8. sahostking

    cpHulk Blacklisting all countries

    We are getting many SMTP brute force attacks which causes load on our servers. Now we use many firewall besides not only a hardware firewall infront of servers but also bitninja / CSF. However it does not seem to be working too well as they still get through with distributed attacks to those...
  9. J

    cPHulk vs Exim Blacklist

    According to this article, blacklisting/restricting IPs from accessing the server through SMTP is done through EXIM configuration. Doesn't cPHulk do the same thing on a broader basis? Should I blacklist in both EXIM and cPHulk?
  10. S

    Brand new install, CPHulk links broken

    Just installed CPanel/WHM on a brand new server, and have already encountered a problem: in CPHulk EMail notifications, the links to blacklist or whitelist IPs/ranges do not work. More specifically, the links work in that they take you to the in page, which a loads - but it's impossible to...
  11. S

    cPHulk protection types

    Hi, I'm getting confused about the two types of protection options available in cPHulk: username-based and IP address-based. I've read the doc page for this but it's a bit unclear to me as it self-references a bit. :) In the section about username-based protection, it says: "Username-based...
  12. N

    All Traffic Seen as Gateway IP by cphulk

    Hello, After investigating some of your run-of-the-mill cphulk blocks, I realized the reason my whitelist isn't working is that cphulk is seeing all traffic as the gateway IP ( and brute forcing bots are getting that IP temp banned. Clearly I've taken a wrong turn somewhere in...
  13. O

    cPHulk show our server IP address

    Hello, When I check the server for brute force attack, in the IP section it shows the IP of our server, and in the Authentication Service section it shows dovecot, country LT, although the server is not even in this country. Can someone explain why it shows the IP of our server?
  14. S

    cPhulk affects on TTFB?

    Hello, It is possible impact cPhulk on TTFB? This should not affect but our client had a bad TTFB. We cleaned over 30k record in cPhulk and now the TTFB is better. Best regards
  15. K

    CPHulk locked all access

    We enabled country blocking on our server and CPhulk blocked everything, web and ssh, even blocked access to hosted sites. I tried the following; /usr/local/cpanel/bin/cphulk_pam_ctl --disable /usr/local/cpanel/etc/init/stopcphulkd but cphulk would restart. I then tried; whmapi1...
  16. J

    cPHulk Brute Force Protection

    I am getting this annoying warning each time I press "Remove Blocks and Clear Reports" from the History Reports on cPHulk Brute Force Protection. I have a Virtuozzo dedicated server with GoDaddy and they couldn't provide any help. Is there a way to fix it? Since it started a few versions ago...
  17. K

    cPhulk Countries / Regions management

    I have 2 Questions regarding CpHullk : 1 - How does the Regions VS. Countries priority work ? I have AP (AP) Listed as a Country in the CpHulk countries list. I assume this is AP = ASIA PACIFIC as a region. The second region would be EU. So my question is : If I blacklist ( or Whitelist )...
  18. T

    cPHulk Configuration Question

    Maybe I don't understand how cPHulk is suppose to work. If have for example Russia blacklisted under the Countries, and I have Maximum Failures per IP Address set to 3 Maximum Failures by Account set to 3 Maximum Failures per IP Address before the IP Address is Blocked for One Day set to 4...
  19. T

    SOLVED [CPANEL-27445] Excessive cPHulk notifications for blacklisted IPs and Countries

    Updated to v80.0.10 tonight. After the updated, I started getting brute force attempts from countries that I already had blacklisted. I did not change any of my cPHulk BFP setting. Any ideas?
  20. E

    SOLVED cPhulkd process did not start after restart

    Hello, I have cPanel and dns version 78.0.21 and cphulk process after restart of dns server did not start. In messages: [[email protected] log]# grep "cphulkd" messages May 7 08:03:33 dns2 systemd: PID file /var/run/cphulkd_processor.pid not readable (yet?) after start. May 7 08:03:44 dns2 systemd...