1. S

    cpsrvd pending

    Hello, i am getting this error. Oct 21 11:38:28 hostname restartsrv_cpsrvd[1522]: /usr/local/cpanel/cpsrvd.so: error while loading shared libraries: /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/perl/532/lib/perl5/cpanel_lib/x86_64-linux-64int/auto/Cwd/Cwd.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or...
  2. Spirogg

    SOLVED Prevent cpsrvd from serving standard HTTP ports ? I have this setting ON, could be the reason why AutoSSL is not working?

    I was just reading this here and it seems it's saying that AutoSSL is rendered unusable if we have this setting ON? Important: This action renders any cPanel & WHM features that depend on the standard HTTP ports partially or entirely unusable. These features include service subdomains...
  3. M

    cpsrvd down

    Hi All, when i run the systmectl status cpanel got message cpsrvd" my cpanel cpsrvd still down" Please help me someone to fix the error
  4. M

    Server status HTTPD and cpsrvd status pending

    Hi I having issues with server status HTTPD and cpsrvd status saying pending. Please help me to resolve I run the below line as well /scripts/restartsrv_cpsrvd
  5. A

    cPanel cannot be executed standalone. It must be run from cpsrvd or xml-api.

    Hello, I'm getting this issue while doing Login into any cpanel - cPanel cannot be executed standalone. It must be run from cpsrvd or xml-api. This check can be disabled in Tweak Settings. Content-type: text/html; charset="utf-8" A fatal error or timeout occurred while processing this directive...
  6. L

    The service “cpsrvd” appears to be down. When CSF enable.

    I started get the email: Notification The service “cpsrvd” appears to be down. Service Check Method The system failed to connect to this service’s TCP/IP port. Reason cpsrvd: [HTTP/1.0 200 OK != HTTP/1.x 200 OK] [received_key= [LEFT] JavaScript is disabled in your browser. For WHM to...
  7. J

    How to manually enable ipv6 on cpsrvd for dnsonly

    I want to be able to browse to [my.ip.v6.address]:2087 and access the whm interface. However, in dnsonly, there is no tweak settings to enable listening on ipv6. I have manually changed the cpanel.config file with ipv6_listen=1 and rebooted, but that doesn't actually seem to cause cpsrvd to...
  8. T

    Get Email Failed cpsrvd, imap, exim

    Hello Everyone.. I got 3 Email. 1. The service “cpsrvd” appears to be down Service check failed to complete Unable to connect to port 2086 on Connection refused: Died 2. The service “imap” appears to be down...
  9. M

    In Progress [CPANEL-27140] - cpsrvd zombie process

    Hoping someone can advise a safe way to resolve this unusual situation. All sites / cPanels / WHM on my servers are working and accessible, but today after I upgraded geoipupdate (required new version to get a key and receive updates after MaxMind's changes yesterday / to make CSF work...
  10. A

    Internal server error 500 cpsrvd error

    i have serious problem. I cannot find CSF file. The site is down and cannot login to WHM. It is giving me a funny error "Internal server error 500" cpsrvd server..... Please help
  11. S

    cpsrvd error log: Possible denial of service?

    Two weeks ago I re-installed my second DNSOnly nameserver. Both nameserver are clustered and are updated to the latest availabe CentOS and DNSOnly version. Since then CSF's daily log scanner report continues to show under /usr/local/cpanel/logs/error_log entries like this one warn [cpsrvd]...
  12. P

    SOLVED How do I stop cpsrvd from listening on port 80?

    Hi, Today I received email regarding cpanel & WHM upgrade with free SSL certificate, and later my nginx has stopped. I checked port usage and "cpsrvd" is listening on port 80. I stopped cpanel temporarily, but then it restarted automatically. I am wondering if I could stop cpsrvd from...
  13. S

    SOLVED [CPANEL-22645] Shells spawned via cPanel Terminal inherit memory limits from cpsrvd

    Hello, our webhost directed us here since he was out of ideas as well, so let me try to sum up what is happening. If you need anything else, please let me know. So, the issue arises using composer from within cpanel terminal It not happens via whm terminal and using 'su user' to execute the...
  14. M

    SOLVED [CPANEL-22226] cpsrvd websocket process (Terminal feature) hangs and uses 100% CPU

    Hello it has been some hours now that this process running and consuming CPU for an unknown reason, i can't figure out what it servs or what it is doing. it all happned since my update to V74. . .
  15. A

    Exim , imap , ftp , cpsrvd are down

    Hello , Imap , Ftpd , Exim , cpsrvd crash recently two time a days , at least . It crashs , than after 5-10 minutes thay recover and restart . Logs says: Reason Service check failed to complete Timeout while trying to connect to service: Died Knowing i have CSF Firewall activated . What logs...
  16. T

    cpsrvd Shutting down

    Hi today i see our cPanel dedicated server its pinged but cPanel/customers not loading.. so i have force to reboot server , everything getting fixed i take look error logs and see somethings : ==> cpsrvd started ==> cpsrvd: loading security policy....Done ==> cpsrvd: Setting up...
  17. bloatedstoat

    Documents are not permitted to contain null characters, or new lines. at cpsrvd.pl

    Hello, Could someone advise what this message means, it appears in /usr/local/cpanel/logs/error_log and there are a whole raft of them. This is appearing on multiple servers. Is it benign? Thank you! [2017-02-14 12:09:31 +1100] warn [cpaneld] (XID tu6qs9) Documents are not permitted to...
  18. D

    SOLVED PHP-FPM for cpsrvd Fails

    Upon checking the status of services on my server I noticed cpanel_php_fpm is down. Upon trying to restart the service I get the following error: "ERROR: unable to allocate 1168 bytes in shared memory: Cannot allocate memory: Cannot allocate memory (12)" I've got 64gb of memory available on...
  19. B

    Could not connect to cpsrvd socket: /usr/local/cpanel/var/cpwrapd.sock

    Hi, I am on a shared hosted server, and I just started getting this error suddenly when I call proc_open("crontab -r", ...) trying to set a .txt file with cronjob informations. Cpanel::Wrap::send_cpwrapd_request failed to fetch crontab: Could not connect to cpsrvd socket...
  20. postcd

    [cpsrvd] Internal Server Error: "-" 500 The cPanel Server operation timed out at cpsrvd.pl line 533.

    Helo, in cPanel error log i see errors: Access log shows this: Using latest cPanel/WHM. Which commands should i do so we discover the cause please?