1. P

    SOLVED How do I stop cpsrvd from listening on port 80?

    Hi, Today I received email regarding cpanel & WHM upgrade with free SSL certificate, and later my nginx has stopped. I checked port usage and "cpsrvd" is listening on port 80. I stopped cpanel temporarily, but then it restarted automatically. I am wondering if I could stop cpsrvd from...
  2. T

    cpsrvd Shutting down

    Hi today i see our cPanel dedicated server its pinged but cPanel/customers not loading.. so i have force to reboot server , everything getting fixed i take look error logs and see somethings : ==> cpsrvd started ==> cpsrvd: loading security policy....Done ==> cpsrvd: Setting up...
  3. bloatedstoat

    Documents are not permitted to contain null characters, or new lines. at cpsrvd.pl

    Hello, Could someone advise what this message means, it appears in /usr/local/cpanel/logs/error_log and there are a whole raft of them. This is appearing on multiple servers. Is it benign? Thank you! [2017-02-14 12:09:31 +1100] warn [cpaneld] (XID tu6qs9) Documents are not permitted to...