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    Server Load & cpsrvd - waiting for connections

    Hi, I have a QuadCore2 Server with 8 GB RAM CENTOS 5.3 x86_64 standard cPanel 11.24.4-S36281 - WHM 11.24.2 - X 3.9 The load on this server always remained below 1 even in peak hours. Since last 1 day, the Load Average has gone up and hovering around 3.40. In the Process Manager, apart...
  2. T

    Disabling some of cpsrvd instances

    Is there a way to stop cpsrvd instances listening on ports 2082, 2086, 2095 and 2096? I have these blocked in fw already. What I would like to do is stop them from starting permenantly. Thanks
  3. W

    cpsrvd failed - nothing works

    Since 7 hours ago i have received about 100 cpsrvd failed messages. I tried upcp update, restarting cpanel and nothing helps. The only thing I can do is SSH in and it's reallly slow. Just logging in takes 5minutes to see the root. The ping reply is fine, but everything is really slow. Any...
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    cPanel Wonky Load (Pure-Quotacheck? Cpsrvd Failures?)

    Every few days loads on our apache server skyrocket to 20-30 from its usual sub-1 position. At about this time I get a flurry of emails from cPanel saying that cpsrvd has failed I'll run 'top' and see "pure-quotacheck" idling at the top sometimes with double digit CPU usage Is cPanel doing...
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    httpd, lfd, httpd, cpsrvd, lfd failed and restarted multiple times. What now?

    Cpanel installed on Centos 5.2 on a dedicated server. This morning, I received multiple emails about services being restarted. About 20 minutes apart, with nothing that I coudl see going on with the server, I had multiple services fail and restart. How do I trouble shoot this to see if...
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    httpd, ftpd, cpsrvd, exim etc is shutting down every 20 minutes

    Every 20 minutes I'm recieving an email about one of the above failing. One of the many notices: Not sure what this means or how to fix. --EDIT: Not sure if this helps Main >> Server Status >> CPU/Memory/MySQL Usage
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    cpsrvd again and again getting failed

    Hello i had a server from FDC MY PROBLEM IS THAT MY cpsrvd again and again gets fail in contact Fdc support they said to contact cpanel that it might be a issue of Insecure dependency :confused: any idea about it ? how to solve
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    FTP & cpsrvd crashing server

    I have two servers with same specs, same OS (RHEL5.1), same configurations, and same cPanel builds, running the latest CURRENT release. Two days ago one of the servers started failing, and it has continued to fail randomly every few hours for the past two days. Prior to failure I'm getting...
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    How to restart cpsrvd

    Ever since the Tomcat episode my cpsrvd service is weird too. Under the Restart Services, I used to have an options to restart cpsrcd. It's not there anymore. When I reboot my server, it doesn't always like to start and blink red in the Service Status section. Which still amazes me...
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    cpsrvd failed

    Everyday between noon and 3 PM; My httpd, ftp, cpsrvd, exim etc are failing. i.e. cpsrvd failed @ Mon May 5 07:55:38 2008. A restart was attempted automagically ftpd failed @ Mon May 5 08:13:18 2008. A restart was attempted automagically. etc Where do I begin? I cannot login to...
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    CPSRVD restart fails

    Hi All, I started getting emails that cpsrvd had failed and after receiving a string of them, figured out that it wasn't starting automagically. I went into the shell and attempted a restart and CPANEL services failed. I tried a reboot and that didn't revive it nor an additional cpsrvd...
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    cpsrvd fails

    cpsrvd fails every night for some reason. It is always restarted but why does it fail every night?
  13. K

    Disk space usage problem and cpsrvd!

    Hello! First of all I wishh you Happy new year! ;) I have a problem in my vps with cpanel/whm. I have a vps with centos on it and the last cpanel/whm installed for users. I have a problem with disk space usage. Appears like that account used 124548754875.45 Mb of 300 available. This problems...
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    antirelayd , cpsrvd , entropychat failed

    My server is in a hyper VM VPS The server has just restarted can i get the folowing errors in service managed in WHM any ideas? antirelayd failed cpsrvd failed entropychat failed
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    cpsrvd fails after upcp

    This has happened twice during the last week. Anyone else seeing this?
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    cpsrvd failed

    hello the porblem the cpsrvd failed and reboot Server but on working and the service cpsrvd start working and reboot Server is back the porblem help me:mad::mad::mad:
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    cpsrvd and chkservd

    I am having a problem where the service status screen shows cpsrvd as failed along with several other services (these are random in nature each instance of the problem). I first noticed this when I woke up and there were over 500 e-mails in my box declaring each of the service failures and...
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    customize cpsrvd http headers

    Hi, All! I'm use cPanel, 11.6.0-R and some of my clients use russian cPanel skin. After some of recent updates cpsrvd began to send http responses with "Content-Type: text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1" but user's cPanel skin encoded use windows-1251 encoding. So is there any way how I can...
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    cpsrvd on 2086 dead

    Hello, My chkservd daemon started today to send me emails that cpanel is not working on one of my servers. netstat shows me that stunnel daemon is running on ports 2083, 2087 and 2096, but chkservd checks the cpanel functionality on port 2086 as I can see in /etc/chkserv.d/cpsrdv...
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    CPSRVD Failing

    Hello, CPSRVD keeps failing. I have done /upcp --force and this still doesnt fix it. Any ideas as to whats causing this as its becoming a pain to clients and myself.