1. V

    Adding to root cron

    I don't see an option in WHM to add a cron to the root crontab file. I know that individual users can add crons via their own cPanel, but these crons will run under the permissions of that user only. I need to add a cron to the root cron jobs. Is this possible via WHM? If so, where? If...
  2. D

    Creating Cron Jobs

    Not sure if this should be in WHM or CPanel Forum but as I suspect it's fundamentally a setting in WHM I'll start here. Apologies if I'm wrong. I have full control over our new server & I'm also new to the full WHM although I'm used to Cpanel. I'm pretty sure I've allowed CRON for my new...
  3. B

    Can't create cron!

    I'm trying to create a cron, but when I do, it says "Cron updated!", but when I go back, there's nothing there, and I'm not receiving any notification emails either. What am I doing wrong?
  4. G

    Full backup with Cpanel and Cron

    I've found a complete backup solution by search here. Only thing: I'm not a server administrator, I only have my WHM and Cpanel accounts. So I make file backups with the CRON now. Now, Is there a way to command line the Cpanel Backup script (wich is perfect), so that this creates a regular...
  5. F

    Cpanel, Cron and Java Classpaths

    Hey, I'm new to Cpanel and having a hell of a time with getting my Java to run on the Cron scheduler. The only options from the interface are to insert a job, and send an email to somebody. So if I need to add PATH or CLASSPATH information so that things will run correctly, how do you do...
  6. S

    Cron Job - Unzip?

    Hi, I'm a bit of a newbie, but is there a way to schedule a script to automatically unzip a .zip file which overwrites all existing files? I've been reading and some people suggesting writing a .php script then having Cron to schedule it. If anyone can help me to figure out what do to...
  7. F

    need cron jop php function [moved]

    hi all i am php programer and i am about programing informations site that need to update i add 30 files to cpanel cron jop by manaul but it not easy and take more time is there any additional function i use it in my program to add this files to cpanel cron jop automaticaly...
  8. T

    Weird Problem: All Services Are Stopping After running upcp from cron

    I have a weird problem for 1-2 weeks. All services on the machine (except apache and mysql) are stopping. Today i saw that it is done after running upcp auto update from cron. ps output before upcp: [email protected] [~]# ps ax PID TTY STAT TIME COMMAND 1 ? Ss 0:01...
  9. D

    how to add a cron in whm

    where the hill in whm/cpanel i can add my own cron jobs ?
  10. M

    Cron Jobs Not Saving

    When I attempt to add a new cron job via cPanel, it says it was successful but then when you view the cron jobs, none are listed, I checked to see if it just wasn't displaying them but they were stored backend, but the cron jobs aren't stored in the crontab either. When I went to...
  11. T

    Set a cron to disable fullbackup on time?

    Because of some user,we must disable fullbackup in hour 10-24. Only allow it in hour 0-10. So how to set a cron script to set this? I cant find which file to modify to set fullbackup disabled. Please help me. thank you very much.
  12. I

    cron jobs not working

    Hi! I have a problem. The first being I know very little about cPanel operation and the 2nd being my coder guy is nowhere to be found. Oh, and the 3rd is my 5 minute crons are not running. Maybe all my crons. I've tried changing permissions in file manager, updating where the crond sends the...
  13. D

    error logs for cron

    where can I find error logs for cron jobs I set up in my cpanel? I have a script that runs in a browser, but as cron it never reaches the end and emails me OR makes my record in the DB of what happens. It just stops. I am assuming an error, but I look in the error log in my CPanel and see...
  14. WebHostPro

    So i would like to disable cron from users and make them have to send the cron to us.

    Too many bad crons are happening with word press type scripts everywhere. Any ideas how to remove all the cpanel based user cron jobs and how to disable users from being able to add them. And a way for us to still add them manually as the server admin? I know it will be allot of work but...
  15. M

    Cron not saving

    I want to run this cron: /home/myfootba/backupsmanager.cgi --db=0 --old=15 --pack --ftp but its not saving it or doing it. What can i do?
  16. J

    Shell script will not run via cron?

    Here's the entre script, runs find from the command line: #!/bin/bash for i in `tail -100 /usr/local/apache/logs/access_log | awk '/408/ {print $1}'|sort` do x=`grep -c $i /usr/local/apache/logs/access_log` if [ $x -gt 5 ] then csf -d $i 408 errors - $x - fi done But it does not...
  17. R

    Cron Job to call a Web Page?

    I have been looking all over the internet and I can not seem to find how to setup CRON to call a web page. I do not want it to just call the page but actually request the URL so it is phrased by the engine. Can someone help point me in how to do this? Brad
  18. S

    Help > yum command in cron schedule deleted

    Hi all, Accidentally I deleted the yum command. Please help me to copy the yum schedule which listed into crontab -u root -l. Thanks alot in advance.
  19. B

    Cron jobs not saving

    OK I have searched the forums, asked my gaming provider, they said they contacted cpanel with the issue. Its been over 2 weeks and no response. So now i ask here to see if anyone went through this before, if so how did they make it work ect.. I have a web and game server package from...
  20. T

    Cron Jobs

    Dear all, I would like to know what's really the main problem on my server. My cron job didn't working automatically just like before. I only run the cron job for newsfeed in my forum. As far as i concern, i try to check on my cPanel and WHM and i see this kind of message "Security...