1. S

    All cron jobs removed

    So I just migrated all the cpanel accounts from one server to another and there was one account with a cronjob that was pointing to somewhere that didn't exist, so I went into that user's control panel and deleted it. I went into list the root's cron jobs and no nothing exists. I know about...
  2. U

    User Cron doesn't seem to be working

    For months now I have been trying to figure out why the user cron is not working, I am running CENTOS 7.3 x86_64 standard –WHM 60.0 (build 35) with PHP 5.5.38. The user cron that was working fine up until Oct 2016 is: */2 * * * * php -q /home/user/public_html/hosting/cron/cronjob.php In the...
  3. M

    cron job not working

    hi i have set some cron jobs but its not working i i have set path like in cpanel /home/user/public_html/ > /dev/null 2>&1 but its not adding anything in database i set some php path on there to get something and add them in database but still its not working commands not...
  4. S

    SOLVED Run php file on cron job passing vars

    Hi actually i had this cron job php -f -q /home/lazybkp/public_html/classes/scClass.php?notifyAdmins=true But it didn't work, it's because at the end of the script i'm passing this vars ?notifyAdmins=true How can i make it work? Thanks in advance
  5. nitaish

    Log location for cron jobs set from cPanel

    One of my customers has set the timezone as Indian Standard Time in his server which is based in US datacenter. He has set a cron job to execute every wednesday at 16:30. The cron job executes a script which sends out emails. He claims that the script is sending out the script as per EST...
  6. A

    SOLVED Cron not executing properly

    /usr/local/bin/php -q /home/example/public_html/create_test.php This php script will just create a file. <?php $myfile = fopen("newfile.txt", "w") or die("Unable to open file!"); $txt = "John Doe\n"; fwrite($myfile, $txt); $txt = "Jane Doe\n"; fwrite($myfile, $txt); fclose($myfile); ?>
  7. T

    Cron jobs do not work

    After recent updates my cron jobs do not work, this is my conf: CENTOS 6.8 x86_64 standard – creativalab WHM 58.0 (build 32) Which is the correct line command to execute a php page?
  8. A

    Cron jobs from ftp to localhost

    Hey all, Thank you for reading this. Hopefully you can help. I need to create a cron job on cpanel to a remote ftp server to pull a csv off every hour and place it in the local public_html directory. Is this possible? If so how would I go about doing this please?
  9. P

    Cron jobs problem - headers

    After recent WHM update (WHM 58.0 (build 31) - CENTOS 7.2 x86_64) my cron jobs for users accounts started to output headers like this: Set-Cookie: PHPSESSID=[some_data]; path=/ Expires: Thu, 19 Nov 1981 08:52:00 GMT Cache-Control: no-store, no-cache, must-revalidate, post-check=0, pre-check=0...
  10. W

    user cron jobs not working

    I'm running cpanel 58.0.24 I can add cron jobs under root or user in cPanel but they are not firing. 2 * * * * wget -q -O - >> /tmp/test.log 2>&1 Produces the following in var/log/cron myvps /usr/bin/crontab[14960]: (USER) LIST (USER) myvps...
  11. N

    How to prevent cron from emailing protected directory pw

    We have cron run scripts that are in some protected directories (htaccess basic auth). When cron sends out the email for these jobs it also sends out the PW and username since it has to be included in the curl command. Is there a way to prevent this or do I need to silence cron to dev null and...
  12. J

    Cron running twice

    After upgrading to MariaDB 10.1 (not sure whether that's related) one of my cron jobs runs twice - interestingly not all the time. Sometimes it only runs once. It should be running every minute. Here's how it looks in the cron tab: * * * * * wget -O /dev/null...
  13. L

    Cron <[email protected]> /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/upcp --cron

    hi dear, i wanted disable (( Cron Daemon<[email protected]> )) in server ... i recive 1 email in 24H Cron Daemon i want disable this message in server ... can you help me ? regards, simple message: [2016-08-04 21:54:01 +0430] Detected cron=1 (cron mode set from command line)...
  14. M

    AutoSSL Cron Errors

    How did you resolve this? Im having the same annoying issue.
  15. M

    Cron Job PHP Problems

    Hello, I'm currently trying to implement a few cron jobs that run PHP files, but I've run into some issues. The first cron job runs a PHP that downloads files from an external server. I initially used wget for this, and it worked fine. The remaining 4 cron jobs push the data from the...
  16. akust0m

    Is yum cron needed?

    Hello, Is the yum-cron package required for a CloudLinux cPanel server, or are all updates automated through WHM?
  17. H

    X3 cron jobs

    Ran that command on my server which is not showing any cron jobs in Cpanel > Cron Jobs. Then went back to any cpanel > cron jobs is now shows this error: "Permission on “/usr/bin/crontab” are wrong (4755). Please set to 755." Any further ideas please?
  18. F

    Add New Cron Job error

    Hi , Cpanel to add cron jop error : CLOUDLINUX 7.2 x86_64 vmware Cpanel last update RELEASE Add a cron job did not work after the last update.. [2016-05-02 09:44:23 +0300] warn [jail_safe_crontab] Cpanel::Wrap::send_cpwrapd_request The adminbin “cron” in the “Cpanel” namespace...
  19. G

    Cron Job minutes error

    I found an issue adding a cron job. To run every 10 minutes starting at 5 past every hour, I want to use: 5/10 * * * * But this gives me an error, "bad minute". It works fine with: */10 * * * * But it should be possible to choose when you want the cron to start running of the...
  20. A

    Updates disabled via cron because they are set to “manual”

    I see there is a new major new Release version ( that I want to upgrade to, from Release, but running the /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/upcp doesn't do that even though WHM says it's available. Do I have to upgrade using 'Upgrade to Latest Version' in WHM instead of running the...