1. G

    Cron Job minutes error

    I found an issue adding a cron job. To run every 10 minutes starting at 5 past every hour, I want to use: 5/10 * * * * But this gives me an error, "bad minute". It works fine with: */10 * * * * But it should be possible to choose when you want the cron to start running of the...
  2. A

    Updates disabled via cron because they are set to “manual”

    I see there is a new major new Release version ( that I want to upgrade to, from Release, but running the /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/upcp doesn't do that even though WHM says it's available. Do I have to upgrade using 'Upgrade to Latest Version' in WHM instead of running the...
  3. A

    Cron job error with /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/update_db_cache

    I have a new dedicated server setup with root access and have still been receiving the following email alerts every 12hrs: Subject: Cron <[email protected]****> /usr/bin/test -x /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/update_db_cache && /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/update_db_cache Message: Cpanel::Exception/(XID g4es8v)...
  4. chiareu

    Configured cron-jobs not displayed on Cpanel > Cron Jobs [case CPANEL-6197, fixed in 56.0.17]

    I just observed that a set of cron-jobs configured in Cpanel > Cron Jobs are not displayed at all. That's strange because the application who use the crons are running OK and the crons defined work. The app has a verification method to check the cron presence and yesterday I just used the crons...
  5. C

    Trying to change cron job email

    i was trying to change the WHM Update cron job email address and found an article for it. Cron Jobs - Documentation - cPanel Documentation It's just that I do not find (Home >> Advanced >> Cron Jobs),I do not find a place to edit or create cron jobs, I do not find anything relating cron jobs...
  6. H

    Cron <[email protected]> run-parts /var/cpanel/cpni‏

    hello and goodmorning, this morning I checked my mail and found over 500 mais like this. and content: Some one know whats happening? What I did last nigt was installing a tril version of WHMSonic but was so bad that I deleted it. Otherwhise i did nothing on the server. Some one know whats...
  7. P

    cron job

    Hi i have noticed that when customers install Ghost blog the cron runs and never stops like a normal one does. Anyone know why or how to fix this please.
  8. G

    Setting up cron as root

    It's been awhile since I had to do this, so I hope you guys don't mind holding my hand :-) I have a weird log file in the /tmp directory, named Net.WhoisIP.log. I gather that it's related to the Net::Whois Perl module that I use, but I can't find a way to turn off the log! When I looked earlier...
  9. J

    Cron Jobs stopped after a change.

    Hi, I have a site hosted in company. I use My Current Cron Jobs is Minute Hour Day Month Weekday Command Actions 1 0 * * * php /home/xxx/public_html/a_php/cnt/myonline_his.php >/dev/null 45 0 * * * php /home/xxx/public_html/a_php/mail/gest_agenda_cron.php >/dev/null In 13/Jan I only...
  10. G

    Are Cron jobs automated?

    OK, this was weird. I've been working on this script for a new account, but it's not live yet. The main script is located at: /home/username/www/cron/ I moved the account to a new server on Saturday, Jan 16, and haven't touched it since. I haven't set the cron up yet; I plan to, but just...
  11. A

    cron job options not working

    Hello team. i know its a very old quetion,i have tried all bellow options in running cron job but seemed not to work, can someone help me please.will appreciate. wget /home/autotran/public_html/newsletter/cron.php /usr/local/bin/php -q...
  12. A

    a crash has been detected again (every time upcp cron job runs)

    Hi, I keep getting these abrt notice emails in the past few days every time upcp runs: abrt_version: 2.0.8 cmdline: /usr/bin/python /usr/local/cpanel/bin/packman_get_info_json ea-php54-php executable: /usr/local/cpanel/bin/packman_get_info_json hostname: kernel...
  13. A

    Cron <[email protected]> /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/upcp --cron

    Hello, Please, I receive this email message daily from all servers How I can stopped this emails? scan:
  14. R

    Run a cron job which running time is decided by another PHP page

    cPanel provides the cron job setting interface. You can add the time you'd want to run the command. However, you can just only add the unvaried value of time and cannot make it flexible (Such as make the running time decided by another PHP page) So how can I use cPanel to add a flexible time...
  15. A

    How to Move Folder Auto Using Cron Job

    Hi, I have folder in website that is daily updated, and i want this folder to move automatically to other website account on daily basis. Please let me know any suggestion, cron job or any other method for this activity. Thanks
  16. P

    Ghost cron job

    Hi does anyone know why installing Ghost via softaculous sets the cron job like this 1,18,34,47 * * * *
  17. icandoit

    wget cron does not work as username

    as cpanel user name I noticed my cron job that has wget in it does not work but I put the same cron in the main crontab root and it works Any Idea?
  18. P

    Cron error "Unable to create lock file: No such file or directory"

    Hello, I've been setting up cron job successfully for 2 months. I got the following error in my cronjob notification email just yesterday ; Except this error, my script is working fine. I'm using the shared hosting so I have no root access. Please let me know how to fix this problem. Thanks.
  19. E

    Problems with cron daemon module

    Good afternoon, I am new to the forum and I was looking if there was any solution to the error is presenting the cron daemon module in my case but I did not succeed, so try to explain my case. cPanel Version: 11.52.0 (build 17) Every day the system issues error mails like this: Example 1...
  20. DingoBlue

    ftp command not found - running cron script

    I am trying run a cron command from cpanel. The script, for testing purposes is set to run every minute. If I change the script to run simple commands such as dir, ls, pwd it works fine and I am sent an email accordingly. If I try and run a script containing : #!/bin/sh pwd ftp -n...