1. A

    Allowing Ports in CSF via Command Line

    Is there any way to allow an Port in CSF without navigating to WHM >> CSF >> Firewall Configuration
  2. A

    Secure Server From DDos Attacks via CSF

    Hello, actually i seen a website providing DDos as service for just 2.99$ for 2 Days -_- with 10 Gbit/s Speed. For test, i done DDoS on my server and it does down ! I'm surprised to see, in just 3$ anyone can down our server for two days. They have theses DDoS Methods : UDPMIX DOMINATE DNS ACK...
  3. J

    SOLVED csf status same regardless on or off

    Hello. All over the internet the wisdom to determine if csf is on or off is to run the command: service csf status Yet, if I first bring down csf with csf -x and then run that command, I see: service csf status Redirecting to /bin/systemctl status csf.service ● csf.service - ConfigServer...
  4. T

    WHM 96 Nginx Visitor IP for ModSec and CSF

    Good afternoon! I thought I would check out the new WHM 96 Nginx feature. one magic button click and the server will start using nginx. What I noticed immediately in the APACHE STATUS screen, all visitors was the server ips ... And in ModSecuity logs, all "hits" were also the server ip. I...
  5. C

    How to set "From" email for the server for CSF/LFD alerts?

    Hello, CSF/LFD alerts are not being forwarded to my email which I've set on Home »Server Contacts »Edit System Mail Preferences. Where to set the From email in the WHM? Return-path: <[email protected]> Received: from root by ns1234 with local (Exim 4.94.2) (envelope-from <[email protected] ns1234>) id...
  6. N

    New php.ini file on php-internal from cPanel or Imunify?

    Hello, Today after a CSF scan I have notice this: PHP Check Check php for enable_dl or disabled dl() You should set: enable_dl = Off This prevents users from loading php modules that affect everyone on the server. Note that if use dynamic libraries, such as ioncube, you will have to load them...
  7. W

    After latest WHM Update, CSF is blocking all ICMP Requests

    I have CSF installed on the server and have been using it for a while. I have ICMP=ON but I cannot ping my server. This started only happening after WHM Update 94.07 (Even 94.08). Disabling CSF allows ICMP pings to come in. Any ideas?
  8. Y

    CSF Firewall recommendations

    I'm using the recommended settings that CSF Firewall recommends but I found a cPanel article(Advanced PHP Configuration | cPanel & WHM Documentation) that says Do not edit the /opt/cpanel/ea-php##/root/etc/php-fpm.conf file or the files in the /opt/cpanel/ea-php##/root/etc/php-fpm.d/ directory...
  9. 000

    email CSF: "...If the change is unexpected it should be investigated", how investigate?

    Hello, we recived the messages: Time: Thu Apr 1 06:00:14 2021 -0500 The following list of files have FAILED the md5sum comparison test. This means that the file has been changed in some way. This could be a result of an OS update or application upgrade. If the change is unexpected it...
  10. S

    Shell Fork Bomb Protection Disabled

    We are configuring a new server with a client with cPanel 94, CloudLinux and CSF on CentOS 7. The CSF Server Service Check script suggests that Shell Fork Bomb Protection should be enabled , but pressing the 'Enable Protection' button doesn't change the status from disabled. `/etc/profile` was a...
  11. N

    CSF Firewall Missing 2 Module (insmod)

    Hello, how are you guys? So I tried to search about this issue and see a lot of people suffering from the same thing (usually on VPS / OpenVZ) So like everybody, I am too suffering issues with these 2 modules in CSF and I tried one for all to solve the issue. I talk with my hosting and we get...
  12. Spirogg

    SOLVED CSF Chain CC_ALLOW (1 references)

    in CSF I see Chain CC_ALLOW (1 references) with 20,000 plus lines of IP and IP blocks? I checked some of the ups and they are to flooring website, another is att.com another is noop.net why so many IP's have I been hacked or is this a CSF IP thing where they added all this in the chain...
  13. H

    csf firewall blocking countries - How can I allow outbound connections to email providers

    Hello, My csf firewall has CC_DENY = enabled blocking countries like China & Russia however I am wondering will that block email providers using servers in CN/RU too? I have users who may have email providers in China/Russia that I need to get delivered to so how can I allow those?
  14. T

    SMTP_BLOCK option with CSF

    I try to add SMTP_BLOCK option with CSF which will disable SMTP restriction per account. Can you provide steps to perform this SMTP_BLOCK and port values like 465 or 587 and mailing server like GMAIL?
  15. L

    The service “cpsrvd” appears to be down. When CSF enable.

    I started get the email: Notification The service “cpsrvd” appears to be down. Service Check Method The system failed to connect to this service’s TCP/IP port. Reason cpsrvd: [HTTP/1.0 200 OK != HTTP/1.x 200 OK] [received_key= [LEFT] JavaScript is disabled in your browser. For WHM to...
  16. S

    SOLVED CSF country block but allow DNS

    I've searched everywhere but couldn't find a solution, hopefully someone here knows a way. When using ConfigServer Firewall and configuring via WHM to use CC_DENY to block various countries, is there a way to whitelist a port or service such as DNS or exclude it from the country block? I've...
  17. WebHostPro

    Is there a way to block total server access to all but one IP?

    I have a server we need to block all access to but a single IP. Any idea how I can do this? I believe it would be with CSF or directly with IP tables. Ideally I would like to do it in WHM.
  18. J

    CSF csf.pignore syntax for suspicious process

    I know a lot of Cpanel users are running CSF/LFD. I've searched and read many posts on this topics before but I still don't find it clear what specific syntax to use in the csf.pignore file. These is the type of warning I'm trying to ignore. lfd[5333]: *Suspicious Process* PID:3792 PPID:3788...
  19. T

    How to stop firewall system notification alerts

    Hi, how can I stop firewall alert notifications on the system? I am using a CSF firewall with Centos 7, due to security reasons I blocked SSH port access since I had KVM access. now the issue is the KVM viewer becomes so messed up ... the alerts keep popping up even if I open nano or vi...
  20. P

    Issue With CSF , UDP Ports not Filtering.

    Hello buddies , previously when I was install CSF on my server then in check-host.net my ip's UDP Ports are showing Opened or Filtered. But in my new server I installed CSF but in check-host.net UDP Ports showing connection refused. These UDP_IN and UDP_OUT ports in firewall configuration ...