1. D

    Any harm to updating curl from source?

    I need a later version of curl than cpanel uses, one that supports greater than 2GB file transfers. Is there any harm to installing one from the source files on the curl website? Will it break PHP or anything?? I'm at 10.6.0 R-147 with Centos 3.5. This is what I currently have installed...
  2. vikas_adhangale

    curl problems

    Hi, I keep getting Call to undefined function: curl_init() error, I did reconpiled php with curl support. But still it's not getting included :confused: Regards Vikas
  3. R

    Installing cURL

    How/Can I install cURL through WHM?
  4. jackal

    Curl Error

    We have a user that has a ssl installed and it works fine on all browsers, but if we try to use the curl command as follows we get errors. This is a quick ssl . /usr/bin/curl curl: (60) SSL certificate problem, verify that the CA cert is OK More details here...
  5. S

    curl not installing

    cURL and cURL SSL Support are not appearing in my phpinfo.php I updated apache via whm and /scripts/easyapche 3 times already (#7 and #6). What could be the problem? Ran /scripts/updatenow prior as well
  6. B

    Curl Error

    I'm having issues with my 3rd party gateway for credit cards. When attempting to charge a client, I get erorrs. We have narrowed this down to Curl w/SSL Support. When I recompile apache in WHM it does have Curl w/SSL Support ticed. Apache compiles fine with no errors. This is the end result...
  7. B

    CURL problem, Curl is taking the server load to 40+ Help Please!

    Hi, I really hope you guys can give me a hand in this issue. I have had this box hacked 3 days ago, we installed a new OS and fresh CPanel/WHM installation. I recompiled Apache as well with CURL. The problem is that the server is going in enormous loads (never before went over 2, now it is...
  8. hostmedic

    Curl not running ..

    Version: 10.0.0-RELEASE_7 cPanel ID# 94472 Problem: one of the Cpanel boxes we have we are unable to get Curl to run correctly. (OUCH I KNOW ) anyhow when going into shell and then running curl via command line this shows Code: [email protected] [/]# curl...
  9. Valuehosted

    path to curl ?

    I am trying to find out the path of curl.. how can I find that out? /usr/bin/curl is not correct.. --Tone
  10. S

    Curl compile error...

    Hello I'm hoping someone can help me with this problem... I went into WHM to update apache through the Update Apache script and during the configuration of curl I was given this error: configure: error: cannot compute sizeof (curl_off_t), 77 See `config.log' for more details...
  11. E

    How do i install curl ?

    Hello, how can i install curl ? I need curl for a paymant Addon. WHM 9.9.8 cPanel 9.9.8-R160 RedHat 9 i686 - WHM X v3.1.0 Thank you
  12. R

    Serious hole in curl

    Just check folllowing code: <? $ch = curl_init("file:/etc/passwd"); $file=curl_exec($ch); echo $file; ?> or from command mode from shell (include jaild shell): curl file:///etc/passwd Early, this have been only perl problem, but now all webroot protection in php (safe_mode...
  13. G

    Help! Have problem installing curl

    Please Help! Have big problem installing curl Hi everyone, A few days ago I needed to install curl so that I could then get ModernBill. I am very new at this stuff and think I must have messed something up. I clicked on 'Install an RPM' and installed curl from the drop down list. I...
  14. T

    How to update Zend and install Curl

    I realize these are somewhat newbie questions, but I've never had to deal with either of these before until I looked into installing a custom PHP script tonight. - How can I update Zend Optimizer to the latest version? - How can I can I install Curl? I'm considering trying out...
  15. C

    cURL / update abpache problem

    I get this error in my order form: Fatal error: Call to undefined function: curl_init() in /home/vns/public_html/ill/include/misc/mod_authorizenet/ on line 58 I tried updating with cURL enabled as required for this system in WHM's update apache and /scripts/easyapache...
  16. J

    I have with curl problem

    Hello Sorry my bad english :( I add 5 ip address my server. Server working ip address, My site working Machine used; ip address. I opening first my site, Curl used dynamic ip address Exemplar: (
  17. W

    CURL Still Problems

    hi all, i still have problems to install curl I used 3 times the WHM build function with all default selected checkbox Plus: - Curl (Version 7.10.5) - Curl SSL Support (Version 2.8.18) - GD (Version 2.0.15) - Mcrypt (Version 2.5.7) - Openssl Support - SafeMode and it does NOT work. No...
  18. W

    curl -installation not work in WHM neither manually

    ok just tryed to install curl with buildapache inside the WHM. However afhter 3 times it is still not installed. So i try to install it manually... but nothing... Can anyon tell me how to install ???? If i look on server for curl i found this but it does not work: curl: /usr/bin/curl...
  19. C

    Modern Bill anyone? CLI cURL?

    I'm on step 4 of the installation in ModernBill and now all "CLI" is in red: CLI cURL Auto-Detected Answers What is CLI cURL? CLI cURL is simply cURL that is installed on your server and is accessed via the command line. The following tests will determine if your server already has cURL...
  20. C


    how in ssh can i check to see if curl is installed and compiled with php?