1. cPanelLauren

    SOLVED [CPANEL-32712] Updating to MariaDB 10.3.23 on cPanel breaks the MySQL Databases interface

    Hey everyone, We wanted to let you know that we have become aware of an issue updating from MariaDB 10.3.22 to 10.3.23. This is being shown to break the cPanel -> MySQL Databases interface. This MariaDB update occurs automatically when updating cPanel with a version that includes support for...
  2. C

    PostgreSQL Server

    my PostgreSQL server is very trouble, before done fix install PostgreSQL many times step The Postgres database is not initialized. The system will now initialize it.Los archivos de este cluster serán de propiedad del usuario «postgres». Este usuario también debe ser quien ejecute el proceso...
  3. C


    Bonsoir Est ce que je peux installer le serveur hfsql dans mon serveur vps (cpanel) ? Merci Aziz
  4. L

    SOLVED Database Backup Options

    i'm looking at the Databases section of the documentation for WHM Backup Configuration. It lists three options for database backups: Per Account Only — Only back up the databases for each account. This setting uses the mysqldump utility. Entire MySQL Directory — Back up all of the databases on...
  5. H

    Facing Some issue regarding PHP Script

    One of my user wants to run a educational firm Script on my hosting, his script working fine in Hostgator and godaddy but in my Server he is facing issues of %)) Internal Error. he is trying to access from localhost:8000 but i think i had blocked access of ports because WHM Security...
  6. W

    Cannot connect to database

    im bit new to this. i m trying to host a site in a shared host. i cannot connect to database. i set up everything properly
  7. keat63

    MYSQL timezone support

    I'm seeing some PHP errors on one of my web sites. The coding guys are telling me that my server doesn't support MYSQL time zones. The server time is correct, and I can see its configured for the correct time zone. Do I need to enable something in MySql ?
  8. B

    How to convert all InnoDB to MyISAM & disable InnoDB ?

    Hello guys, I was searching in the last 2 days to convert all my innodb tables,databases to myisam because is the secand time i have problems witch innodb and i`m not able to fix the tables/databases, so i whant to stop using innodb at all for the entire server. I didnt found nothink clearly...
  9. B

    MariaDB problem after upgrading 10.1 to 10.3

    Hello guys, I upgrade MariaDB 10.1 to 10.3 and since i made this update i get " Error establishing a database connection " on some websites but lots of them. on the tail -f /var/lib/mysql/....hostname.err i dont have any errors at all, only this ones 2019-09-11 9:35:19 3051 [Warning] Access...
  10. A

    phpMyAdmin - Internal Server Error 500

    Hi Team, I tried to access phpMyAdmin on VPS Server getting 500 Internal Server Error and also my all Created cron jobs are deleted from server.. I try to create new cron and then newly created cron automatically deleted., Please resolve this issue on high priority bacause we dont access last...
  11. plague

    SOLVED [CPANEL-29288] Non-Public Schemas in PostgreSQL Databases Do Not Restore

    Hello. Last week I had to move some server to new hardware and I noticed that postgres databases were transfered with empty data. The database was created in the new server, the user was created, but the database was totally empty. Data was lost. The transfer and restore log shows no error...
  12. Z

    MySQL Restore one account from Backup in WHM

    I currently have 'Entire MySql Directory' checked in my backup configuration. If I restore just one account, will only the databases from that account be restored, or will ALL databases from ALL the sites on the server be restored? Should I check 'per account only' instead? Or maybe per...
  13. A

    SOLVED MySql and PHP upgrade

    Hi I need to upgrade MySql and PHP on my servers. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Cpanel's documentation says 1) We strongly recommend that you back up your database before you upgrade your database or change to MariaDB. Is this backup a special backup or is this just the regular WHM backups...
  14. S

    Unable to authenticate using the password error

    I keep getting the error "The system was unable to authenticate using the password in the /root/.my.cnf file. Reset the root MySQL password to proceed." I have tried resetting the password. Still no luck I am getting this error as well
  15. G

    SOLVED Disable MySQL strict mode - CloudLinux + MySQL 5.7

    Hello, I have a problem with the STRICT_TRANS_TABLES and i want to disable it. I tried some fixed from this threds: Disable MySQL Strict Mode and Strict Mode Thred sql_mode="" sql_mode=NO_ENGINE_SUBSTITUTION...
  16. B

    VPS MySQL Optimization Needed

    Hello There. I have a vps that on paper should be very powerful but it is running very slow and the cpu is very high. Can someone help please thanks This is the spec Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2630 v4 @ 2.20GHz Speed 2199.998 MHz Cache 16384 KB 1.2TB SSD and 50gb ram These are my mycnf file...
  17. T

    Can't Connect to Remote MySQL Database

    Hey Guys, I'm new on this forum. Remote Mysql doesn't work anymore on my host, I tried with others host and it's the same problem. The host support told me that CPanel don't support remote Mysql anymore since the new Cpanel update. I whitelist my Ip and even all Ip with the % parameter, but the...
  18. P

    DBD::mysql has been removed during upgrade

    Hello everyone I've had a look round for an answer, but to be honest I'm completely stuck, so apologies in advance for being a noob. I look after the website for the Isle of Man Family History Society - a small group. The host is Manx Telecom and I've used cpanel to set up a SQL database...
  19. S

    Create new database for second website?

    hi 1st i want to tell i am not technical person just little knowledge about the things. my question is we have a free classified website in WordPress now we want to move in another platform we are going to design a customized website in PHP and want to move all data from existing website to new...
  20. M

    PHPMyAdmin User Side slow on cPanel 82.0.9

    Hi all I have a very strange problem accessing PhpMyAdmin from user side then via Cpanel user. Before version 82.0.9 was all ok, after the update the access to PhPMyAdmin in the user area of Panel is veeeery slow. The access from the WHM area, then the access with root rights, it's ok. I tried...