1. K

    Database Migration

    What's the fast way of copying a large database (size is around 150Gb) onto another server? Both old and new servers are cPanel ones and mariadb 10.5 version. I only need to move the db to another server.
  2. charliecres

    error establishing a database connection after upgrade mysql to MariaDB

    Last Night I upgraded MySQL to MariaDB 10.5. Currently, i am using cloudlinux. Now I am facing an error issue" error establishing a database connection"| after per 10-20 minutes it's getting this error for 1-2 minutes. I have tried to fix this. but unable to fix this issue. so need help to...
  3. G

    Force Wordpress to install in MyISAM instead of InnoDB

    I had a major problem last year with InnoDB, and had to completely disable it using: innodb_force_recovery=5 No one has been able to track down the actual error, so instead I had to change everything to MyISAM. Now I have a new account that wants to install Wordpress, but I keep getting...
  4. N

    csv cronjob to import in mysql database table

    Hello, I am having a CSV daily sent via ftp to my public_html folder on a website. I am trying to make a cron job to import it into database called "grijanjetuzla_stanjeracuna" in table "saldo" , and delete records in table "saldo" it next day so I can import it again with fresh data. This is...
  5. K

    terminated cpanel still working and using another site files and database

    Hi, I deleted/terminated a cpanel account for example now if i go to it shows the exact website as another site on the server and also uses the other sites database after getting deleted why is this happening? is this a secutity issue?
  6. H

    1 Database, 2 Websites

    Hello Does anyone know if it is possible to have two website folders in public_html of the same Cpanel account use the same (1) database? The reason for this is while one site is running live a copy of the site can be running on a subdomain for maintenance..
  7. D

    whm "Manage Databases" does not see database copied in phpMyAdmin

    Hello, I recently copied a database in phpMyAdmin using the "Operations" interface. After copying, I intended to use whm's "manage databases" interface to adjust the permissions on the copied database as it was only to be use for development purposes. Unfortunately, the database does not show...
  8. S

    Is a mixture of both MyISAM and InnoDB table types on the same MariaDB 10.3 database 'bad'?

    Hi All, I notice that some of our MariaDB 10.3 database have a mixture of MyISAM and InnoDB table types on them. Is it inherently "bad" to have both types of table on the same database? Or doesn't/shouldn't it make any difference? If it is ill-advised, then I guess we'll look into converting...
  9. S

    Corrupted Database Tables

    Hi, lately I've received 3 email with this in the Subject: "check_mysql has determined that there are corrupted database tables" The 1st few lines in the email contains: "cPanel & WHM has determined that the following database tables are corrupt: Database Error mysql...
  10. sajithgsm

    Database Abusing

    Hello Team, For a few days, there is something happening with MySQL. It's abusing actually. the MySQL Server is getting high and high and /tmp folder is filling up with MySQL Files. and server getting down after that. Here is the proof. Do you have any idea how to solve that problem or find...
  11. H

    Database Restorations.

    How to restore a database or only one table from the cpanel backup file.
  12. H

    Database Error

    How to solve this error.? The storage engine for the table doesn't support repair ashar_db.subjects
  13. J

    Database backup Per account only

    Hi guys, I configured the database backup in whm and selected the "Per Account Only" option. After the backup is complete, where are the .sql files stored?
  14. V

    Cpanel new install fatal error database server

    Hi When I want to install cpanel on Centos 7.9, after the installation progresses, the following error appears and the installation process fails. [2022-01-17 11:52:29 -0500] [2771] (DEBUG): - ssystem [END] [2022-01-17 11:52:29 -0500] [2771] ( INFO): Completed execution of...
  15. speckados

    API. Create a mysql database with curl

    I use the api via root, for actions like WHM and Cpanel. In the chaos of creating a database and a mysql user associated with it, I don't see that there is an api call from whm, and I understand that there should be an option like the ones I use to create an addon domain, that is, a call to...
  16. C

    SOLVED Problem with command line mysqldump database backups

    I am having some trouble getting a command line mysqldump to work. Once a day I want to do a mysqldump of my database to a backup. Below is the command line, and I can't get it to work with or without passwords. Does anyone know why? SHELL="/bin/bash" 35 1 * * 0 mysqldump -q...
  17. 7

    Please Help Me Optimize MariaDB, Database is Really Slow

    My server has really slowed down recently. I think it's due to MySQL. Please find below the results from -------- Storage Engine Statistics ----------------------------------------------------------------- [--] Status: +Aria +CSV +InnoDB +MEMORY +MRG_MyISAM +MyISAM...
  18. H

    Cant Import a Database

    i cant import a database via ssh or via phpmyadmin. its throwing some error like this ERROR 1118 (42000) at line 38669: Row size too large (> 8126). Changing some columns to TEXT or BLOB or using ROW_FORMAT=DYNAMIC or ROW_FORMAT=COMPRESSED may help. In current row format, BLOB prefix of 768...
  19. L

    Using more than 7 characters in database and usernames?

    In the past, either databases or usernames (A Google image search of the wizard shows the username was 7?) could have a max amount of 7 characters, and I've been 'stuck' in to using 7 characters ever since, until now when using the MySQL database wizard which shows the maximum characters (the...
  20. icandoit

    Make full database backup (including system tables) ?

    Guys I was advised to do full database backup including system tables but not sure how to do that. I do not see this option in whm :)