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    MySQL database backup

    I've got the daily backup enabled on WHM. Where are the MySQL backups stored? In the individual tars for each domain or in another file? I'm asking because I want to implement off site backing up, just in case the server catches fire or someone roots it. So the server will push the...
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    Getting No Database Selected when I try to access

    I used the forum tool in cpanel and it asked for the forum dir... I told it to use When I click go I see nothing except a cpanel page with an empty white box in the middle. When I then try to surf to I see a white page with only &No Dattabases...
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    moving mysql database

    hello, when server was setup var partition was to only 500mb, which is a little small. i have space on another drive and would like to move a couple of databases there. Could i just move the database dir (user_vbulletin ) to new drive and put sym link to it in /var/lib/mysql/
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    mySQL Database size

    Does the size of a user's mySQL databases count towards their space quota? If not, is there any way to do this? thanks - Omar
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    Remote Database Access

    In the MySQL section of cpanel, under &access hosts& there is a form field which has this note next to it: &Host (% wildcard is allowed)&. Does this mean that I could allow remote database access to, say, IPs from to by entering 1.1.1.% in this field? Or...
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    Problem in CPanel adding user to database

    In the user end of CPanel a database can be created without a problem, however when a user is created and you try to ad that user to the database it fails. In CPanel I get this: Connection Strings Perl $dbh =...
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    Delete Account and Database Still Lives

    I delete an account with WHM that had a database associated with it today then I recreated an account with the same name and the old database still lives. Should the database associated with an account be getting deleted when the account is deleted in WHM?
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    Connecting to Database

    A little help would be very much appreciated. We\'ve changed the mySql root password. It was previously NULL. Well, it seems that Cpanel is connecting to the database as root, because I get the following error on the main user screen where it lists the number of databases, and also on the...