1. P

    Databases of a few accounts keep on getting hacked

    Hello everyone, Quite a few accounts on my server was compromised, the admin username are changed to Anonyous_fox_xxx. I managed to revert all of those back to the original version, but the hacks keep on coming back. (all WP sites) I think the hack is not ROOT compromised, because only Google...
  2. R

    WHM Search All Databases for specific emails/phrases

    Hi, Our server has a lot of WordPress installations installed across different cpanel accounts and I am looking for a way to search all of the databases to find certain emails/phrases. For example, search 1: - Search all databases in the table "wp_options" and/or "*_options" for the...
  3. A

    phpMyAdmin not open databases (expand and collapse function does not work)

    Hi, for a few days, probably due to a WHM update, I can't open the databases in phpMyAdmin (expand and collapse function does not work, i attach screen shot). How can I fix the problem? Thank's a lot for support! Alex
  4. C

    bugreport: manage databases doesn't show every database on system

    Hello, When you click on manage databases from the list on the left (main cpanel home interface) .. it doesn't show all databases on the system. I'm guessing it only shows databases activity tied to an account. However, if you use the transfer tool and transfer a site, and it messes up in...
  5. K

    Which Databases Active?

    Hi, is there any way to tell which databases are active? I know I can look in each wordpress config php file but I was not sure there was a way to look at the WHM or Cpanel and know which ones are actively attached to a website. Thanks
  6. A

    New installation fails: Waiting for (SQL Databases and dependent apps)

    Hi, I'im trying to install cpanel, but after of some minutes, the following messages appears every second in the console: (INFO) Waiting for (SQL Databases and dependent apps). I tried with a clean CentOS 7.3 clean installation and with a CentOS 7.8 clean installation too. I need help asap...
  7. N

    Cpanel MySQL® Databases Error

    Hi, when I am accessing Cpanel > MySQL® Databases (See the image Imgur) I am getting the following error message: The MySQL server is currently offline. (See the Image Imgur) But everything works fine - I have multiple Wordpress installations on this server and they are connected to SQL...
  8. Spirogg

    cPanel & WHM version 88 and Mysql 8 question?

    Hello, I have 2 quick Questions for the next release of cPanel & WHM ver. 88 I've read that it will support Mysql 8 1st question : if we have already updated to MariaDB 10.3 is there a way to upgrade to Mysql 8 or not possible ? 2nd question : is there a huge speed difference between Mysql...
  9. P


    Somewhere in the cPanel file structure is a couple of my.cnf examples. I can't remember where. Any help appreciated.
  10. G

    Purging bandwidth databases

    Hi, I'm fighting with low free disk space on my server and one of the things that uses allmost 3G of space are sqlite files in /var/cpanel/bandwidth and one of the files is 2.6G. I have deactivated all the stats tracking services (awstat and similiar) but this files keep on growing. Since I...
  11. I

    Waiting for SQL Databases and dependent apps info?

    Hey everyone, we just bought a new server and we'd like to install cPanel as well, but during installation, we got a problem which never meets us which is : [2019-09-30 12:40:06 +0000] [2234] ( INFO): Waiting for (SQL Databases and dependent apps). it's stoping just like that. - Removed - hope...
  12. D

    How to remove clamav additional databases

    Hi Team, I initially amended this file /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/etc/freshclam.conf and added for example additional cdb / databases example: DatabaseCustomURL http://LinkRemoved/sanesecurity/foxhole_js.cdb DatabaseCustomURL http://LinkRemoved/sanesecurity/foxhole_js.ndb DatabaseCustomURL...
  13. A

    SOLVED No File Manager or MySQL Databases Tools?

    Hi I just took a server linux centos 7. In the Cpanel I can not find the file manager and the ability to create a new database. How to do ? Thanks
  14. M

    MySQL databases missing but they exist in phpadmin

    MySQL databases missing but they exist in phpadmin. it happened when I updated Apache 2.4. How can I fix it?
  15. postcd

    MySQL databases missing but they exist in phpadmin

    Hello, I found today that in cpanel i no longer can se emy mysql databases in databases section, but they do exist in phpmyadmin, i did not deleted them. in cpanel error log is: [2014-11-15 16:13:40 +0000] info [cpses_tool] MYSQL: Remove dbuser cpses_reC18qF1u9 for owner recenze on 107.*.*.*...
  16. A

    All SQL Databases 0/0

    Hi, I have problems with the new version of cpanel In my pack I put 4 database but when the client connects it this here are my errors logs: [2014-06-06 11:36:51 +0200] warn [cpanel] Cpanel::Wrap::send_cpwrapd_request The adminbin “cpmysql” in the “Cpanel” namespace call to...
  17. kray

    Terminating User Stuck on "Removing MySQL databases and users."

    I went to create an account from a cmove file and while it was importing databases my internet connection dropped so I went to terminate the account from WHM. It performed a bunch of operations and now hangs on Removing MySQL databases and users. So I went to the command line and used...
  18. T

    Copying account transfers databases even though option checked

    When copying an account from another server also running whm, I'm checking the 'Skip account databases' box. However, when I go to copy the account the databases are still copying. I've been on 'Restoring MySQL databases' for a really long time now. Any insight?
  19. 000

    Command MYSQL to SHOW databases + owners ??

    Hi, in MySQL how we can show the list of databases and owners in all server ?
  20. J

    viewing all mysql databases at once instead of limited to 10

    I'm not really new to cpanel, as I've used it for years. But the answer to my queston is so simple, I figured it belonged in this section. When viewing the list of my databases, the view is limited to 10, which is too small for me. I'd rather it display all that I have, like the Current...