1. A

    Current Databases only shows 1 DB

    hello guyz, i guess i have a challenging problem which i really started getting fed up with, i have a Cpanel on RHEL3 and remote MySQL anyhow when i create a DB (let say called TEST1) using MySQL Databases in the cPanel its created and shown in the Current Databases Table (TEST1) but when i...
  2. hostmedic

    remote mysql server import of Databases?

    When setting this up - will it automatically copy all of the databases or do we need to do this one by one? ? We are looking to take all mysql databases onto a monster db server cluster (3 db servers using htproxy. Anyhow - my concern is if we will need to copy each database manually...
  3. H

    Can not add users to the databases

    Hello, I can create databases and users in cPanel, but I can not add users to the databases, though cPanel says the users were added. This started to happen just a few days ago. Can anyone help me? Thank you, Best regards
  4. gertiebeth

    Need to convert databases

    Can anyone point out a tutorial link or tell me how to convert my existing mysql5 databases back to mysql4.1? (I already know how to convert the server) From what I have gathered by searching Google is that the databases need to be saved then deleted then recreated and then restored. Is that...
  5. D

    Large mySQL databases

    Large MySQL databases are not being backed up fully. They are pretty much losing all of their tables. Any ideas around this or hints? This seems to only happen on larger databases. Thanks ahead of time
  6. D

    Restore Backups not Restoring Databases

    My server suddenly has decided to terminate 52 accounts every day. I go into WHM and restore them but the databases are not being restored. I checked in the backup folder and they are the databases are there. How can I force WHM to restore the databasesand what shell commands can I use to...
  7. G

    Changed account username and now databases locked

    I changed the username on one of my accounts and now all the databases associated to this account are "in use". They cannot be modified or deleted. How can I delete them? I went into phpMyAdmin and set the privileges of the database to the new username and root but I still cannot edit or...
  8. F

    MySQL databases and quota.

    Does the space of the MySQL databases count in the total user disk quota? It's a newbie question, sorry :D Thanks, fedlerner
  9. B

    How to restore mysql databases from /var/lib/mysql/user_database/ files only

    Hi, as the title asks. I recenlty had a hardrive failure and luckliy I can still access certian directories on this drive. I can still access the /var/lib/mysql/ direcoty which holds all the users databases and have backed all these up using tar. Now what I need to know is how do you...
  10. Y

    I\'m unable to add db users to my mysql databases using cpanel.

    Hello All, I\'m unable to add db users to my mysql databases using cpanel.Which are the possibilities to fix it.I have run #/script/upcp ...Please tell me another possiblities for fix the issue Thanks in Advance
  11. Y

    I\'m unable to add db users to my mysql databases using cpanel.

    Hello All, I\'m unable to add db users to my mysql databases using cpanel.Which are the possibilities to fix it.I have run #/script/upcp ...Please tell me another possiblities for fix the issue Thanks in Advance
  12. S

    cpanel current database list is showing .sql.gz files as databases

    Hi, I've recently noticed that in cPanel > MySQL databases that in the list of 'current databases' cPanel appears to be listing the .sql.gz files corresponding to each actual mysql db - AND counting these files towards the total of dbs being used by the hosting account. This is...
  13. X

    Removing MySQL databases and users

    My WHM is stuck on "Removing MySQL databases and users" when removing a user. What do I do ?
  14. G

    Shift Postgres's databases to another bigger partition

    Hi, Sooner or later our Postgres's databases going filled up the current partition. Is there a way to reconfigure Postgres to store the database at another location on the server? Probably another bigger partition like /home or / Appreciate your guidance. Thanks alot.
  15. W

    Tie existing MySQL databases to existing users

    I've dug around in the /scripts directory to no avail. The problem I'm having right now is that a customer of mine has several databases in this format: customers_database1 customers_database2 customers_database3 Note the "s" at the end of "customers". I manually migrated these over...
  16. M

    Shared MySQL databases and php files for several CPanel accounts

    Hello! My client is moving his sites from one host (VDS) to another (CPanel based). The problem is that all sites (5+) use (a) two shared mySQL databases (b) common include files. And I don't have an idea what's the best way to move such a structure on CPanel. Is there any posibilities to...
  17. L

    WHM backup not backing up all my databases

    Hi, I'm a newbie here and new to cpanel. I use the cpanel backup to backup all my databases to a remote drive and this all works fine except that it does not backup all the databases. It has been set to back up user accounts and entire mysql directory All the databases that are created...
  18. sehh

    Disk Space Usage doesn't include MySQL databases size

    The "Disk Space Usage" bar on the left side of the cPanel, doesn't include the size of the SQL databases. As a result, my users complain why they hit their over quota limit when the displayed usage is only showing 30% or so (user has 1gb quota with a 700mb database). Is there a way to...
  19. R

    Default character set for new databases

    Hi. Can one change default character set used for NEW databases created by cPanel? I know I could change the default one in my.cnf, but then it corrupts data returned by my clients databases - their websites use old charsets. The idea my friend came up with is to find, where cPanel creates...
  20. K

    Databases suddenly dissapears / get corrupted

    Hi We are having a problem with one off our server. Our server management company are not able to find the cause yet. During the last 2 months we are having the issue that suddenly databases becomes corrupted, and will have to be restored from backup. This can also suddenly happens to files...