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    All databases broken after username change, IBD error

    For all tables on all databases in one account it always gvies this error: SQL query: SHOW INDEX FROM `appointments` ; MySQL said: #1016 - Can't open file: 'appointments.ibd' (errno: 1) How can I fix this?
  2. R

    How To Repair Databases with Cronjob

    I'm hoping someone might have an easy solution with an issue I repeatedly have. I have a few servers where I have cronjobs that add new news to drupal sites periodically through the day. That works fine and dandy. The problem that comes up from time to time is I get a database error that...
  3. C

    Pregenerated Databases

    One thing i noticed when adding new accounts is that a mysql database with their username is created. What is it for? it's always empty....and remains that way.... Can we use this as the default DB for the user instead of having them create one when they need to? Thanks for any insight. :)
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    Whats best way to Backup all CPanel accounts and databases to my PC

    Hi Before I start, my home PC is Windows XP... I want to backup all my CPanel accounts and databases to my home PC (in addition to my hosting provider making backups). Now I can see various software out there. I tried Site Backup CP and it looks good. BUT the software, and Cpanel iteslf...
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    I can t see the databases after migration from Ensim

    Hi I have used the new facility in WHM to migrate some accounts from my Ensim old server Main >> Transfers >> Copy multiple accounts from another server Things look ok so far (files mails accont), But I can t see the databases using Cpanel nor PHPMyadmin,and the sites those need database to...
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    databases dont add

    Hey i try to add a new database or a user it tells me on the next screen it is added however when i return to the databse to add the user on the drop menu its not there.
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    Backup databases and files

    I have a customer with a WHM account that wishes to backup his data daily. I'm trying to work out the best way to incremental (to save bandwidth) backup user accounts (files and databases) onto a remote server. What is the best way to achieve this? (Please don't be afraid to be too...
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    How can I transfer a mysql databases ?

    Brother first im very proud to be member of this wonderfull forum i have Q for smarty helper guys ... How can I backup a mysql database ???? since i have dedicated server i want to know where is the mysql users database saved ?? .... i want to transfer those databases to another server...
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    cPanel 10.9.0-C28 - UNLIMITED MySQL Databases Broken For All

    There may be a problem with the latest cPanel 10.9.0-C28 that prevents everyone from adding addiational databases. Problem 1: All current accounts setup with a package that has "unlimited" mysql databases can't add databases. Problem 2: Everytime you setup a new account that has a package...
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    how to disable Anonymous access to databases ???

    wondering if any on have any idea about this coz i think that will increase the security of the server witing :rolleyes:
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    Moving a site with large databases

    I've recently bought a popular paintball website, and I'm wanting to move it from one server to one that I've leased. WHM has a transfer function, but I'm a little reticent to use it because I'm seeing that large databases may or may not transfer over correctly. Furthermore, I'm not an...
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    Restoring MYSQL databases from Fresh install

    We had some technical difficulties with our old 7.3 box that required us to add a second HDD and install FC3 fresh. I have most of the sites backed up but some arent. I still have access to all files on the old box. Can I somehow transfer the old databases over? Even if it's just the...
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    Not adding databases or users to mysql through cpanel

    Basically what the title says, I try and create a database within cpanel. it says it's done it but when i go back to the screen nothing's there and there's no database in phpmyadmin. i'm using sql version 4.1.18. if anyone could offer some insight that would be great as I tried searching but...
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    MySQL databases NONE

    Ok well I have three forums on my website, now two. So I get one error that says, Warning: Too many connections, or Cannot Connect to MySQL then in another one it comes u[ with a lot of PHP coding. So I go to my MySQL and I see that I have no users or databases :eek: I am freacked right...
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    backing up Databases

    Hi, I am using MySQL on my server. How can I back them up in SQL format?
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    CPanel and users' databases

    Hello, I'm trying to configure cpanel like this : when a new account is created, a database is set up with : db name : cpanel account username db user : cpanel account username user password : cpanel account password + rights for this user on the database which is created How can i do...
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    PostgreSQL Databases Icon?

    Just setup a new whm/cpanel install and cpanel is showing an icon for "PostgreSQL Databases" yet as far as I can tell PostgreSQL is NOT enabled anywhere in WHM. How do I get rid of this icon - I must be missing this setting somewhere.
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    backup mysql databases

    I will be upgrading from mysql 4.0.25 to mysql 4.1. WHM shows a warning that "Updating from mysql 4.0 to mysql 4.1 is not automaticlly reversable. You should backup your databases if you think you might wish to downgrade in the future." I would like to backup all mysql databases on the...
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    Create mysql databases without using cpanel?

    Externally create mysql databases from a script? I dont have access to create databases with phpmyadmin, I need to use cpanel for that. But I'm writing a script that needs to create a database, is there a way to externally tell cpanel to make a database? My host suggested this, but wasn't sure...
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    Mysql Databases missing in cpanel for one user

    I have one user that all of their databases are missing in the cpanel. However, they all show up normally in phpmyadmin? the user hasn't changed usernames or anything like that? Anyone know how to get these back listed for my user?