1. E

    mySQL databases won't create on remote server

    mySQL databases won't create on remote server I create a database in cpanel and it says its created ok however its not on the remote server. Is the remote server suppose to have a mysql password?
  2. E

    How can I get cpanel to use another server for the mysql databases only?

    How can I get cpanel to use another server for the mysql databases only?
  3. G

    How to backup + restore large databases?

    Using the cpanel method sucks because it crashes my browser when I try restoring large databases since it outputs the entire input file to my browser, and I don't have SSH access. Any other methods to backup and restore?
  4. Domenico

    databases missing in cpanel, root can see them.

    Users can't see all there databases in cpanel/phpmyadmin while root can see all. Is this a permission error? Thank you!
  5. B

    All MySQL databases disapeared

    Please help me out here. Suddenly all the databases on this server cannot be found. All customers that have forums or and DB based websites are getting a message that the database cannot be found! I have just upgraded to the Current release yesterday, would this be the reason? What can...
  6. U

    Importing HUGE Databases using CPanel

    My host is running CpanelX I have a 50.7MB Database I urgently need to import yet my Host wont let me have Shell Access, Ive tried using the Backup tool's option various times, it takes a while to upload, when it says Database Restored, I go to PHPmyAdmin it just shows me a dash where the...
  7. cyon

    Access MySQL Databases via Shell?

    A customer needs to install a new database with a .sql file of 15 MB! He can't upload it via phpMyAdmin and wants me to install it on the server for him. How do I do that? How do I manage the DB's with root access in the Shell?
  8. cyon

    Merge Horde Databases from different servers

    I have the following problem: We transferred several hundreds accounts to a new server where there are already accounts installed. Now I want to merge the old horde databases with the existing ones on the new server. Any tips? If I would know where to look for the DB password, I think I...
  9. R

    MySQL databases are all hidden in Cpanel

    Since the latest update all MySQL databases in Cpanel are now hidden! The databases and sites are working fine but you can't see them in Cpanel, only through PHPmyAdmin! Does anyone have a fix for this or suggestion to fix? Thanks
  10. anton_latvia

    How to view all databases in PostgreSQL?

    Hi, I need to view all PostgreSQL databases on my server. But I don't have any experience with it at all. I have downloaded phpPgAdmin, but I still can't log in. I've tried "root" and "admin" as a loginname (putting that PostgreSQL password, that I defined in WHM). I got "Access denied"...
  11. D

    How to make sure your MySQL Databases restore/move

    Well, I found it. Read a lot of threads here and the cause if very simple. cPanel/WHM doesn't know how to parse special characters, unlike mysql itself. So, if you have special characters in your root username/pass it won't restore or move. Just thought I would let people know.
  12. B

    Flush databases, hosts, tables

    flush databases, flush hosts mysqladmin flush-logs mysqladmin flush-tables mysqladmin flush-hosts
  13. R

    Postgresql databases not being listed...

    Hi; We're using cPanel 9.4.1-STABLE 65 and PostgreSQL 7.3.4, on a RH9 system. For some reason, cpanel stopped listing psql databases and users. If someone create a pgsql db, although it says 'database created', this database won't show up in the databases list on cpanel. Those that were...
  14. J

    Limit space in MySQL databases?

    Hi all, I _know_ this issue must have been addressed somewhere. One of the boxes I'm managing has no limits on the user's db area. Actually, it started with no quotas at all, but I know how that works and got that to work properly with cPanel. Now, I need to do something similar for the user...
  15. S

    Restoring databases WITHOUT a cpanel back-up

    Sorry if replicated but haven't really seen an answer after searching forums here. Situation - Server crashed doesn't reboot, new os install. All data is on old drive. I have no back-ups of anything (stupid I know, lesson learn hardway). Have access to data via secondary drive mounted as...
  16. S

    How do I view contents of databases?

    I'm sure this is a dumb questions, and it's so obvious that even I will think I'm an idiot after it's answered, but I give up looking. I dont' know if you need all this stuff, but here's all of the versions my cpanel is using PHP version 4.3.3 MySQL version 4.0.18-standard cPanel...
  17. C

    Cannot add MySQL databases - serverwide

    Hi there, Recently, I've got this problem: I cannot add any new MySQL via cPanel -> after adding nothing shows up. Also, cPanel does not display any installed MySQL in cPanel for any account. Also, when trying to connect to PHPMyAdmin with correct account's password (virtually clicking on...
  18. N

    postgresql is not installed but cpanel says there are 3 databases

    We have postgresql not installed, but for one of our users Cpanel says there are 3 Postgresql databases. Any idea how that's possible?
  19. J

    SOS!!!!Can't add MySQL DataBases!!!

    hi, i run this tools: Initial Quota Setup it's ok, but when i add DB in Cpanel, i get the error msg: Added the database fdsa. There was an error setting uids. Please have the admin check permissions on: /usr/local/cpanel/bin/mysqlwrap what can i do ?:(
  20. N

    No databases on cpanel

    Cpanel is not showing absolutely nothing on Mysql manager, no users and no dbs, however i can see them perfectly through phpmyadmin. What can be causing this problem and what i need to do to solve it? All suggestions are welcome. Regards.