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    No databases on cpanel

    Cpanel is not showing absolutely nothing on Mysql manager, no users and no dbs, however i can see them perfectly through phpmyadmin. What can be causing this problem and what i need to do to solve it? All suggestions are welcome. Regards.
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    Do the backup scripts backup postgres databases

    I know the cpanel backup/restore feature allows customers to backup their mysql databases but how do clients backup postgresql databases? Also does the WHM backup script back up these databases like they backup mysql databases?
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    postgresql databases disappear

    I finally got postgresql working with php and two days later our client using this database sends me a message telling me all his databases are missing from cpanel and his scripts can no longer connect to them. I was obvsously very unhappy to read this after all the efforts to even get...
  4. V

    It's too easy to delete MySQL databases via Cpanel!

    You click on the Delete button once and the database is immediately deleted without a warning of any sort... Anyone found a way to solve this? Maybe using JavaScript or something... It would be good if there is a confirmation page that appears like when you delete a POP account.
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    CPanel Not Restoring Databases

    I've had the roughest evening trying to do CPanel restores. Currently, I can't get any of the databases to load. I know they're there, because I can see the mysql.sql files and the mysql/ dir in each user's backup. When I do a "restore user" or "restore multiple users" it says that...
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    phpbb creation does not work with unlimited databases

    topic says all phpbb creation does not work when you got a web setup with unlimited databases
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    cPanel demo mode allows creation of mysql databases and users!

    Shouldnt it be not allowed in demo mode?
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    Where does cpanel keep it's mysql databases.

    Problem is when rebooting my server the drive can only be mounted in single user mode becuase of some problem with mount. My hosting company will be mounting it as a secondary drive so I may transfer my data off of it. What folder(s) are the mysql db, what files are they, because I was going...
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    databases gone!?!?

    I just tried to log in to my forum and got an error... only to find that all my databases have been removed from CPanel and that I don't have permission in mysql anymore. What the heck happened? (and how did it happen?) I wasn't doing anything when this happened. I wasn't even near a computer...
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    Cannot create or delete databases

    This message appears any time someone tries to create or delete a database through cpanel. Database Created Added the database test. /usr/bin/mysqladmin Ver 8.23 Distrib 3.23.56, for pc-linux on i686 Copyright (C) 2000 MySQL AB & MySQL Finland AB & TCX DataKonsult AB This software comes with...
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    Problem with mysql databases...

    I have a problem with mysql. Created accounts dont have priviliges to create databases even if I give them rights to create a few. How do I fix this?
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    Upload mySQL Databases

    I am looking for some suggestions on moving mySQL databases. I have 3 sites on a non-cPanel host and I am moving them to my new VPS with cPanel. Each site uses at mySQL database for phpBB forums. I can use phpmyadmin to download the databases from the 'old' site, but I can't get them to...
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    MySQL Databases

    Is it possible to rename a mysql database (ie turn domain_x into domain_y)? Support Ticket Number: Renaming them?
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    MySQL Databases Question (Help!)

    How do you use downloaded MySQL client to convert MYD/MYI files to .SQL files that could be uploaded via PHPMyAdmin? Particularly, what are the command lines? Thanks!
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    Moving mysql databases

    Hi, Currently I believe the mysql databases are in the /var partition. This is almost out of space. Would like to move existing and any to be created databases to /usr/mysql or /usr/home/mysql for example. Has anyone attempted this, or if anyone has some instructions on doing this, would...
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    Set up databases for addon domains

    Mon Oct 20 00:02:20 EDT 2003 8.5.4-BETA_16 --------------------------------------------------------------- don't strip the - from the username when setting up a database for an addon domain That's the first I've heard about this. How do you set up databases for an addon domain?
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    Databases do not show in cpanel

    We had to run db repair on a few databases today. Now those db's do not show up in cpanel, yet they are fully operational. Any ideas how to get them to show back up in cpanel? Thanks for any help. Support Ticket Number: Panel ID# 26053
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    MySQL Databases all missing

    All of the MYSQL databases are missing on my server. I read a thread that told the you need to update it to the newest release instead of the newest stable s92. However I have done this on all my servers, 7 servers went fine, however 1 server they did not come back and actually i am having...
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    Why Are MySQL Databases Not Being Deleted?

    I just checked my MySQL databases directory and noticed that there's a lot of databases still on the server from accounts that have been deleted. Why aren't these removed when the account is terminated? Will you please fix this in a future version and also make sure any log files are deleted...
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    MySql Databases

    Has anyone ever tryed to delete a User in the Mysql Databases that have a Hyphen in their user name? Thats right you can't delete it. Anyone have a fix for that? Very annoying! Support Ticket Number: