1. J

    Moving mysql databases

    Hi, Currently I believe the mysql databases are in the /var partition. This is almost out of space. Would like to move existing and any to be created databases to /usr/mysql or /usr/home/mysql for example. Has anyone attempted this, or if anyone has some instructions on doing this, would...
  2. G

    Set up databases for addon domains

    Mon Oct 20 00:02:20 EDT 2003 8.5.4-BETA_16 --------------------------------------------------------------- don't strip the - from the username when setting up a database for an addon domain That's the first I've heard about this. How do you set up databases for an addon domain?
  3. E

    Databases do not show in cpanel

    We had to run db repair on a few databases today. Now those db's do not show up in cpanel, yet they are fully operational. Any ideas how to get them to show back up in cpanel? Thanks for any help. Support Ticket Number: Panel ID# 26053
  4. T

    MySQL Databases all missing

    All of the MYSQL databases are missing on my server. I read a thread that told the you need to update it to the newest release instead of the newest stable s92. However I have done this on all my servers, 7 servers went fine, however 1 server they did not come back and actually i am having...
  5. J

    Why Are MySQL Databases Not Being Deleted?

    I just checked my MySQL databases directory and noticed that there's a lot of databases still on the server from accounts that have been deleted. Why aren't these removed when the account is terminated? Will you please fix this in a future version and also make sure any log files are deleted...
  6. F

    MySql Databases

    Has anyone ever tryed to delete a User in the Mysql Databases that have a Hyphen in their user name? Thats right you can't delete it. Anyone have a fix for that? Very annoying! Support Ticket Number:
  7. M

    Upload exisiting Mysql Databases

    Hi guys, I have been testing mysql database apps on my home computer and would like to be able to upload to my website for testing purposes ... 1. how to confirm if PHP_ADODB is enabled on PHP server? 2. How can I best upload to server without having to recreate database using...
  8. casey

    Where are the postgresql databases?

    MySQL databases are in /var/lib/mysql , but I can't seem to find the postgres databases. Anyone know where they are? Also, do they get transfered over when you move an account from one server to another? Support Ticket Number:
  9. K

    MySQL databases not listed in cpanel

    We tranfered a website from one cpanel server to a new cpanel 7 server. The site is working correctly but the mysql databases and users are not being listed in the "MySQL Database" section in the cpanel page for that site. The databases are in /var/lib/mysql. We no longer have access to the...
  10. W

    Can't create postgresql databases

    Installation went smothly ... I logged into my client's account and tried to create postgresql database. Cpanel said it was created, but in the list of databases it is now shown. So I clicked on the phpPgAdmin link, logged in and tried to create database there. ----- SQL error...
  11. cyon

    [BUG] mySQL Databases undeletable

    hi, one of the last updates (I guess to 7.2.1) renamed all mysql databases. if a user with a hyphaneted username (like 'user-name') created a database in the older cpanel, the database got the name 'username_xyz'. the update changed it into 'user-name_xyz', which appears logical, but now...
  12. G

    Cpanel + MySQL 4.0.13 = Corrupted databases?

    Is this a bug with mySQL or Cpanel? I had problems a few weeks ago with mySQL databases getting corrupted on my new server at XXX... Someone helped my diagnose and fix it by adjusting a higher setting for my mySQL connections... from 500 to 5000... it helped... and the databases quit...
  13. cyon

    new mysql databases aren't shown in latest edge

    I've upgraded to the latest edge. When I want to create a new mysql database, that works, but this new database isn't shown in the list. When I create the same db, I get an error that this database already exists.. Downgrade to mysql 3 and the latest stable fixes that. greets, dave...
  14. V

    moving mysql databases to create space on var

    My Server Admin has moved the MysQL databases from the default place in /var/ to /usr/lib/mysql However, an error has occured like this: Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock' (2) in...
  15. S

    Where are user databases store? What Directory?

    We have a client who has the binary data for his site but not the actual exported .sql file. Can any reccomend an easy way to restore this database? It has the FYI AND FRM files and such. I have tried restoring it on Windows and Linux and have been unsuccessful. Thanks for your time, Chris...
  16. Z

    Upgraded from Ensim to Cpanel - Clients have access to all databases!

    / edit fixed /end panic attack
  17. C

    Moving mySQL databases

    I have a customer who is moving from one host to mine, and they need to move their SQL tables. How can they move them? Thanks.
  18. S

    databases with an underscore in their name

    I am quite anxious to ensure that our Plesk server Clients transfer to CPanel without problems. Therefore I am trying to have a much setup before we actually begin transferring. We have some databases that are named with an underscore. Example: name_name When I set up this type of name...
  19. M

    langauges and databases ?

    ok here a question i have on a cpanel server can we install these things: sybase, pgSQL, python, mSQL all this will be on a red hat linux 7.3 system 1 ghtz processor and 512 megs ram
  20. A

    Databases & mysql

    Databases & mysql Can WHM do this? Anyone know if its possible? 1. If we create a MySQL database on your server, do we have access to the actual database file so that we can download it off your server? My client will need this database locally to run reports and use for other purposes...