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  1. Michael-Inet

    Added Dedicated IP to new Domain, HTTPS now goes to “Default Web Site Page”

    Hi All, I’ve added dedicated IPs to domains many times (Apache/Nginx), but something seems to have changed with the process since I did it last. This was the go to source, but the cPanel doc it referenced is now gone...
  2. M

    Dedicated IP domains : can MX point to every I'm ?

    Hello, On a server different domains with each dedicated IP. They are sending out mail from their dedicated IP. Question : - For the MXs if each domain, can I point them to every ip of the server, or maybe s'y they point exclusively to the dedicated IP of the domain ? - same question for smtp...
  3. O

    Sending from dedicated IP not working

    I lease a server from GoDaddy. The server has its own dedicated IP, but email always seem to be sent by GoDaddy's IP's which are always flagged for SPAM making my emails bounce. I have even tried turning on "Send mail from the account’s IP address" with the same result. I have...
  4. B

    Assigning dedicated IP address to Cpanel account? Some questions

    Hi As the title suggests, I would like to assign a dedicated IP address to a Cpanel account Just wanted to confirm do i assign in in this section under WHM, Account functions, Change Site's IP Address? Thanks again
  5. H

    order of VirtualHost sections in httpd.conf: loading dedicated ip loads instead of

    Restored a few accounts to a new server with no errors reported, but found one small issue. When I visit the dedicated IP for one of the accounts, it loads one of that domain's addon domain's sites instad of the main domain site. I would like visiting the dedicated IP to show the contents of the...
  6. E

    Sending mail from dedicated IP

    So I've already enabled the option for sending mail with a sites dedicated IP address in the exim configuration. But what else do I need to do? As far as Reverse DNS, I can configure that at our data center. But would the hostname still be the main hostname of the server just on another IP...
  7. R

    Dedicated IP timing out

    Hello there. I've added a new IP address in my WHM under " IP Functions " and created a package with Dedicated IP. In order to test it, I've created a user with this package. However, the website keeps timing out. Am I missing something? Should I create a new nameserver for this specified...
  8. D

    FTP making connection but not listing directory on Dedicated IP only

    I appear to be able to connect according to the connections in Cpanel but cannot list the directory on a dedicated IP address only. All the sites on the shared IP address are working fine for FTP. I have been through this forum several times but cannot find a solution. I have tried Filezilla and...
  9. L

    When changing IP address for domain/account, SSL no longer works?

    I've spent a week troubleshooting this problem. fresh server install. one /30 subnet as root ip, and one /28 subnet installed. all has been running for a week, so propagation is not the issue. ipv4 When I change the IP from the root IP which is created when creating the user's account, the SSL...
  10. N

    Showing previous IP after adding dedicated ip.

    Hello, I have reseller account and in my reseller I have 30 accounts created. yesterday I've ordered dedicated Ip but I can see my Ip changed but not for other 30 accounts and when I create a new account it get created with previous shared IP. How can I solve this?
  11. W

    SOLVED Running Cron Job with Dedicated IP Address

    Dear CPanellers, I have a VPS running WHM and cPanel with multiple accounts, I have bought a secondary IP address for a dedicated account. Let's call this account for this purpose account X. On account X I want to run a PHP cronjob that runs twice daily FROM that specific IP address, I've been...
  12. caisc

    How to install multiple SSL cert on a dedicated IP using SNI

    Hello, I do not want to allow our clients to use server shared IP to install multiple SSL certificates, instead I want them to allocate single dedicated IP and allow that IP to be used for multiple SSL installation. Idea is to allocate a reseller account one dedicated IP, now that reseller can...
  13. M

    SSL without Dedicated IP

    Hi : on our shared Hosting , if any user install SSL without Dedicated IP , all other site when using https:// redirect to website that use SSL . this cause too many complaint . how can prevent this issue ? Regards
  14. D

    Server-sided requests not originating from dedicated IP

    If an account has a dedicated IP address and has a file that makes a request in the background, for example a cURL request from PHP, the IP address the request is sent through is the base server IP address rather than the dedicated IP of the account. Is there a setting in WHM I'm missing? This...
  15. K

    Parked domain: set dedicated IP and install SSL

    Hello, I have a VPS cPanel for,, and I want to install SSL to this Since you cannot install SSL to a parked domain (is that correct?), I need to have this to have dedicated IP first. What's the best...
  16. M

    Assign dedicated ip to addon domain.

    Hi all Cpanel experts! I Have an account with and then i have that is an addon domain. Is it possible to just assign the addon domain an dedicated ip?
  17. S

    mutiple SSL sites under one dedicated IP - how ?

    i recently heard that cpanel offers a way to have multiple domains to each have their own SSL certificate, but all under on dedicated IP, no need for each domain to have a separate dedicated IP what is this new way called? thanks
  18. D

    Dedicated IP and SSL

    For as long as I've used cpanel the tweak settings option to allow SSL install if dedicated IP was enough. For the last 3 weeks I've chased out an issue with SSL wondering why all these sites have SSL certs piled up on the main shared IP. Its fantastic thanks a bunch guys. I don't understand how...
  19. C

    Accessing new CPanel account with its Dedicated IP

    Hi All, I have had a look in the forum but not found an answer to what i'm trying to solve. I have the latest version of WHM 11.50 on a new server. With a range of IP's ready for hosting dedicated websites. I have created a new account (with a dedicated IP) but when I try and access the...
  20. A

    Cpanel is trying to verify the license using our customer's dedicated IP address

    Dear friends Recently we have assigned a dedicated IP to one of our customers and after that our WHM is trying to validate the license using the customer's dedicated IP address and not the main IP address of the server We have checked all of the following paths: /var/cpanel/mainip ( main...