dedicated ip

  1. S

    Wrong document root after giving dedicated IP to an account

    Hello, I'm trying to assign a dedicated IP to an account on my cPanel/WHM installation and I get the default cgi-sys/defaultwebpage.cgi showed when I try to access the website... When I ping the domain on both my server and at home, I get to good IP (suppose it's I take a look...
  2. vespera

    SSL and dedicated IP for VPS hostname

    I've been trying for some time to figure out all this DNS, nameserver and IP stuff, and I think I did, for the most part, but now I've come to install an SSL certificate and I'm just stuck. I have a VPS with 2 IPs, the is set to NS1 and is set to be NS2 (I also use some secondary...
  3. E

    Account Copied from a Dedicated IP to a Shared IP and SSL Certificate Issues

    I have searched and didn't find any answers that were any time recent and if I did I may not have fully understood the answer. Anyway, my scenarios is I have an account on another cPanel server that has a dedicated IP address just for the one account. This was so it could have an SSL...
  4. G

    FTP: Domain in username even with Dedicated IP

    Hi! Since I changed one of my website to a dedicated IP, all FTP with the format [email protected] don't work, I have to remove the for it to work but all my customer already has the username with the @... Is it possible to enable the use of domain name in username (ex...
  5. G

    Redirecting dedicated IP to specific domain name on account

    Hi there, I was wondering if anyone can help me with this. I have a dedicated IP assigned to a cpanel account. When the dedicated IP is entered in the browser, it redirects to one of the domains on the account. It is always the same domain, an addon domain on this cpanel account. What I...
  6. T

    SSL dedicated IP to shared IP with SNI

    I have moved an account between two cPanel servers using the account transfer function in WHM. This particular account has been using an SSL certificate with a dedicated IP on the old server. On the new server it is on a shared IP and it should continue to use the SSL certificate using SNI...
  7. A

    Website not working on dedicated IP

    Hi guys, I'm running Cpanel with nginxcp and Cloudlinux. around 14 hours ago I allocaed a dedicated IP address to an account and to this moment I can not access the corresponding website. THe IP was allocated from WHM, "Change site's IP address". I've restarted Apache, rebuilt nginxcp...
  8. M

    Setting up Primary server IP be dedicated ip

    Hello, I've just setup a VPS. The VPS has one domain, and it will remain that way. The VPS has only 1 ip allocated to it, and shows as 'shared' when I check the ip's of the server. My question is, can I make this primary IP a dedicated ip address for my only domain on this VPS somehow? I will...
  9. M

    Dedicated IP workaround (WHM with 1 IP)

    Hi Everyone, I know this was possible before as I did this with quite a few dedicated servers (Not VPS though!) before (About 2 years ago I believe). The issue I have a VPS which I am very happy with. The problem is I cannot purchase another IP from this provider as they do not offer this...
  10. M

    setup Dedicated IP for Addon Domain

    Hello : How Can setup dedicated IP for 1 addon domain on Cpanel host ? not Global . thanks
  11. M

    Accessing the site directly using dedicated IP.

    Hi, If I understand it correctly, once the site is assigned with its dedicated IP you should be able to access its site using the IP. eg - I have 3-4 sites with dedicated IPs. Only one isn't working. I just can't make a particular site to be accessible when using its IP...
  12. J

    change shared ip address to a dedicated ip address

    Hi I have a vps which we're using to host an eCommerce site and this is the only site that will be hosted on this vps. In order to install the ssl certifictate it needs to be on a dedicated ip address so my question is can i chnage the default shared ip address to be a dedicated ip...
  13. M

    Possible bug with dedicated IP in Package Manager in WHM 11.34

    I haven't submitted this as a bug report yet because I'm not entirely sure that it is one, but it looks to be. After just recently upgrading from 11.32 to 11.34 (release) I've discovered a problem in the UI (which also affects package files). In WHM > Packages > Edit A Package: If I...
  14. L

    Site broken after changing site to a dedicated IP

    So, I modified the IP of a site hosted on my VPS to a dedicated one (after un dedicating another site using the IP). Now, when I go to the site, I got loads of 404's. I hard reset, and now I get the default webpage? When I went to cpanel.mydomain.tld, I got my main site, but a hard reset...
  15. A

    Multiple Domains in Single Dedicated IP Address?

    Hi and Good Day! I am new here. . . I have a WHM account with 50 dedicated IP Address (C-Class). I created a new domain then set the dedicated IP address to e.g. Then I would like to add new domains to that IP address e.g. but there is to options or ways on how...
  16. M

    Can we install SSL in shared hosting, without dedicated IP ?

    Hello, I have a lot a requests from clients to install SSL in shared hosting. But they don't want to spend extra money to buy a dedicated IP. My question is, can we install SSL in shared hosting, without a dedicated IP ? Thanks
  17. M

    Added Dedicated IP - Domain Times Out

    I wanted to put a domain it on its own dedicated IP as I have an SSL Certificate I need to use. I contacted my host who sold me a new IP and I changed my zone records to reflect the IP change. Shortly after that, I got the blue-ish WHM splash screen which said "You are seeing this because ..."...
  18. R

    WHM Dedicated ip

    Hi all, I have a pc with 2 network cards. They are both static ips. My WHM is installed on *.*.*.100, and i added the other ip to the pool which is *.*.*.200 (this IP is not being used by anything else). I created a site and assigned it to have a dedicated ip which is the *.*.*.200. Now I...
  19. N

    providing dedicated IP to a domain

    One of my clients on this server "" requires SSL to be installed. In order to do it, I ordered an additional IP from the data center and added it into my cpanel by using "ip functions" from WHM. Now when I assign this new IP to the domain, the website stops resolving. As soon as I...
  20. H

    FTP username with @ on dedicated IP

    Hi! We have a customer who have a dedicated IP. He reported he cannot use FTP users with @ sign, just with plain usernames. Is there a way to enable log in with usernames formated like [email protected] even he has a dedicated IP?