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  1. A

    How to use php curl with account's dedicated ip? (not use main shared ip)

    I'm using cpanel on vps with 10 ip address. I created an account with a dedicated ip and I build a php application with curl on that. When curl access to an url, curl come from main shared IP. I want it use dedicated ip which I set on account. How to config to do that? Help me, please! Thanks
  2. R

    Cannot Set Dedicated IP to a Domain name

    I have a domain name,for example : and a dedicated IP, for example : i m unable to set this IP to to Changing ip for (XYZ) to Setting up for ip change..... Done Sorry, is in use by another domain name and is not a shared ip...
  3. F

    Block /~user from Google + Bing on dedicated IP domains

    Hi guys, I disabled /~user option or actually Enable[ed] mod_userdir Protection but for sites with dedicated IP I can still see the I need to block it via apache, rewrite and robots. I am not sure if /user is an actually directory (other than the obvious one) but I added I...
  4. JayFromEpic

    Average Time for Dedicated IP Propagation

    Hello everyone, I have been in the hosting business for quite a while and I noticed, when you assign a dedicated IP to an account, dns propagation can take a bit. How long does it normally take for your sites to allow access on the new dedicated ip?
  5. capoinfra

    How to assign a dedicated ip to number of addon domain?

    Hello, I'M reading the cPanel documentation about the procedure to assign a dedicated IP to an addon domain/sub domain: Assigning Dedicated IPs to Subdomains What I need is to put a dedicated IP for a number of addon domains. For example:
  6. inetbizo

    add-on domain OR sub-domain dedicated IP for SSL

    Reference thread Can Cpanel update the /scripts necessary to update cached data?
  7. O

    Default vhost for dedicated IP address

    Seems many of the questions here are about default vhosts, but I have looked and am unable to find an answer for this one. The following similar questions didn't get any answers...
  8. J

    Domain not working after assigning to the dedicated IP?

    Hi, My server has 2 ips, and I have added the ips to my whm, everything was fine. Since I need to get the SSL for one of my domains, I have assign it to my secondary IP. But since then, my domain no longer works, the funny thing is, I can't even access my secondary IP from web. ie if I type...
  9. P

    Addon Domain with dedicated IP Address

    This has been a longstanding request but is it yet possible to use the Addon Domain function and assign a dedicated IP address to the addon domain? Also, is it possible to have separate SSL certificates for each addon domain?
  10. paulkoan

    UserDir for Resellers Shared SSL Dedicated IP

    Hello, Is there a supported (ie won't get lost by upcp) way of allowing a reseller to share their SSL so that their customers can access their sites via the reseller shared SSL rather than our one? (all the reseller accounts would hang off their dedicated IP). So https://<reseller SSL...
  11. T

    Dedicated IP not being used

    Requests to a remote host from all of my accounts that have a dedicated IP's do not show as coming from the dedicated IP assigned to them. They show as coming from the main shared IP of the server. How do I fix this? On a user's web site when I execute echo $_SERVER['SERVER_ADDR']; it shows...
  12. H

    Recreation of deleted account (dedicated IP, with addon domains)

    I am still recovering from a recent upgrade that did not go well. I upgraded to php 5.3 with SuPHP and apache 2.2. The Php upgrade broke many sites due to multiple difference between 5.2,x and 5.3. I had to revert back to 5.2.17 and without the SuPhp and the sites were functional again. This...
  13. S

    Account With Dedicated IP: Prevent Direct IP or Reverse Record Access

    Ever noticed when you set up an account with a dedicated IP that you can access it via a) the IP b) your reverse records e.g. When you set up another account on the same IP that is no longer possible. I would like to to redirect all users accessing either IP or...
  14. A

    Migrate from shared IP to dedicated IP

    Hello everyone! I'm going to migrate an account from shared IP to a dedicated IP address. I wonder if it is possible to let an account be available on two IP addresses at once, for a while, until the DNS-changes has replicated out in the world. I can see that I can change the IP-address for an...
  15. X

    Dedicated IP on hosting account

    Hi, I've tried using the dedicated email for a site a few times before, assigning and IP I of course have on my box. I tried with the IP I also use for my second nameserver. For some reason it doesn't seem to be working even after waiting two days. I find this odd because my DNS always...
  16. J

    SSL Certificate issues on Add-on Domain with Separate Dedicated IP address

    Okay, so let me tell you where I am right now. I have successfully changed the ip address of an add-on domain. I have also successfully installed an additional SSL certificate to that add-on domain. So now I have two domains that have an SSL certificate, they both share the same folder on the...
  17. capoinfra

    How do convert a dedicated ip on a shared ip?

    Hello, How do convert a dedicated ip to a shared ip? I have an IP that is dedicated to a single site. I need another site shares the same IP But I do not understand how to add the site to the dedicated IP (and, convert this dedicated ip in shared ip) I can't do it from "change site's ip...
  18. K

    Disable web page for dedicated IP

    Hello! I have this situation: Cpanel/WHM dedicated server with one public IP. On that IP I am hosting 3 domains. What I want to find out is how can I disable the default web page when someone tries to browse the dedicated IP address? Basically when I enter the IP in browser I want to...
  19. B

    forcing php script to run with dedicated IP

    Hi there In WHM, I created a test account called "" which I assigned a unique IP(ip manager). I also fitted a self-signed certificate to it. I have a php script in the account which makes http "GET" requests to a remote website. These requests are still being made from the main...
  20. H

    Cannot unassign dedicated IP

    Hey all, I recently migrated a virtual server from ip A to ip B (actually a new machine) - now one of the accounts has the 'main shared ip' and I can't use it for any others! The main shared ip appears as 'Main Shared IP (dedicated to' - being the domain...