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    Hi , I have migrated all my data from DirectAdmin. But those all users got and different IP then the server were they were migrated so how to change that and Question number 2. I have bymistakely added the IP of the same server to an User now how to remove. it got attached like a dedicated IP...
  2. J

    Outbound connection IP issue with dedicated IP

    hello, We have allotted dedicated IP to a domain. The domain need to access a remote mysql server to sync data with it, however, remote server allows connection on the basis of IP only. Here problem is that, whenver we try to connect to remote server from this domain with unique IP, the...
  3. M

    Remove dedicated IP

    Hi, if we go to " List Domains ->IP ADRESS" and add a dedicated IP, how can I remove this IP after. Supose the client don't want anymore a dedicated IP, how do we revert back the client to the IP of the server (shared IP) instead of the dedicated? Thank you
  4. K

    SSL without dedicated ip

    Hello, does someone tell me how i can use ssl for accounts without dedicated ip? I had already before ssl as shared one but now i must change it because of other accounts which aren't owned by me and they shouldn't use my ssl. I had read before anywhere a tutorial for it but don't know where. I...
  5. Z

    Do I need dedicated IP to SSL123?

    Hello! I would like to add Thawte SSL123 to one of my domain. Do I need dedicated IP to this domain or can I use this domain on shared ip? thanks Zoltan
  6. C

    Dedicated IP per account not working!

    Hi, I setup a reseller account and gave him IP delegation to use any IP available through the reseller panel. I then login to his WHM to create a new account and select a package that has predefined values and Dedicated IP option checked, but it is still creating all of his new accounts on...
  7. WebHostPro

    How do you set a dedicated IP to a second nic card?

    I have a server running one nic for several IP's but I have a account that needs lots of priority so I would like to have the second nic just for this one IP. I added the IP in WHM and the second nic is set to: DHCP I tried to use the setup command via centos / fedora but that seems to...
  8. C

    Reseller wants his customers under his dedicated IP

    I have a reseller client that wants his sub account to use his dedicated IP address. He showed me a sceenshot, of his current cpanel host that is doing this. How is this done. as far as I can see, cpanel only maps the IP to one domain and non dedicated IP accounts share the server IP
  9. A

    Dedicated IP

    I have a newbie-ish question. I gave my account (I have whm access) an ip address. I have three add-on domains in my account, plus my account domain. The IP address that I gave myself is resolving to a subdomain that I have hosted for someone (in my cpanel), rather than the account domain. Is...
  10. A

    I lose dedicated IP address after Change Site's IP Address

    It's true..... cPanel 11.25.0-R42404 - WHM 11.25.0 - X 3.9 CENTOS 5.4 i686 virtuozzo Easy::Apache v3.2.0 Build 4990 PHP5.2.12 Apache 2.2 I used VPS and have 2 dedicated IP address, Main >> IP Functions >> Show or Delete Current IP Addresses XX.XX.72.188 venet0:0 Active [Main...
  11. B

    /scripts/pkgacct does not export SSL cert and dedicated IP

    Hi Today i have tried to migrate 1 dedicated IP account with SSL cert to another CPanel server manually by running /scripts/pkgacct. However , after export and import to the new server , the hosting account setting on the new server doesn't change to dedicated IP mode and SSL cert is not...
  12. Z

    Do I need another dedicated IP?

    I have transfered a cpanel full backup website to a new VPS, My new vps have install cpanel/WHM,My vps hostname is VPS IP is, my main domain is . old site have a dedicated IP and SSL, Do I need purchase another dedicated IP for SSL? thanks.
  13. E

    Dedicated IP in, Shared IP out

    Hi, On my server running WHM/cPanel, one of my customers have dedicated IP, however, when he goes out from this account (or do a lynx -dump, he gets the shared IP.. Is there a way so that he gets his dedicated IP? Thanks in advance.
  14. N

    remove dedicated ip option

    how do i remove the dedicated ip without having to create a new package and move account to it? (ive got too many custom edits on accounts) problem:
  15. J

    Dedicated ip

    I have searched the forums but did not find an answer for this. I have a 100 domain cpanel license through Superb Hosting where I co host my box I have obviously had to assign a dedicated ip for an SSL cert. Do I need to assign additional Name servers for this particular dedicated ip or...
  16. D

    Mas dedicated IP allocation

    Hello! We have recently completed work on our own little datacenter and we are now in the process of migrating all our servers in house. The problem we are facing now is in regards to dedicated IP distribution. We want to give accounts that have a certain hosting plan a dedicated ip. It...
  17. K

    changing dedicated ip to shared ip

    I have one shared ip and two dedicated ip. I want to change the dedicated ip to shared ip so that i can add many domains in shared ip. How can i do this?
  18. P

    Dedicated IP to Shared Breaks Site

    I established a site on a dedicated IP, now I want to move it to the shared IP on the same server. Everytime I change the ip of the site it goes down, I receive the "Great Success ! Apache is working on your cPanel® and WHM™ Server" message. When I view the site I receive a "404 not found"...
  19. Solokron

    Dedicated IP Dropping on eth0 from Time to Time

    I am having an unusual problem on a server with dedicated IPs. For some reason every once and a while the dedicated IPs drop off of eth0 and I have to rebuild them with /etc/init.d/ipaliases start It has come to the point where I am now monitoring one of those dedicated IPs as this occurs...
  20. G

    Dedicated IP for SSL

    I need to install a SSL on my server for one of my accounts. Rigth now all accounts have the same internal IP( and external IP (206.254.XXX.XX) Do I just need to setup the account with a new dedicated internal IP or does the external IP need to be different as well?