dedicated ip

  1. D

    Mas dedicated IP allocation

    Hello! We have recently completed work on our own little datacenter and we are now in the process of migrating all our servers in house. The problem we are facing now is in regards to dedicated IP distribution. We want to give accounts that have a certain hosting plan a dedicated ip. It...
  2. K

    changing dedicated ip to shared ip

    I have one shared ip and two dedicated ip. I want to change the dedicated ip to shared ip so that i can add many domains in shared ip. How can i do this?
  3. P

    Dedicated IP to Shared Breaks Site

    I established a site on a dedicated IP, now I want to move it to the shared IP on the same server. Everytime I change the ip of the site it goes down, I receive the "Great Success ! Apache is working on your cPanel® and WHM™ Server" message. When I view the site I receive a "404 not found"...
  4. Solokron

    Dedicated IP Dropping on eth0 from Time to Time

    I am having an unusual problem on a server with dedicated IPs. For some reason every once and a while the dedicated IPs drop off of eth0 and I have to rebuild them with /etc/init.d/ipaliases start It has come to the point where I am now monitoring one of those dedicated IPs as this occurs...
  5. G

    Dedicated IP for SSL

    I need to install a SSL on my server for one of my accounts. Rigth now all accounts have the same internal IP( and external IP (206.254.XXX.XX) Do I just need to setup the account with a new dedicated internal IP or does the external IP need to be different as well?
  6. D

    Assigning dedicated IP via API

    When will it be possible to retrieve IP's from a server, and have the API be able to assign a dedicated IP to a shared hosting account (or set it as the reseller shared IP)?
  7. S

    Unable to Edit Package for Dedicated IP?

    I have made several packages and would like to enable Dedicated IP's for each package. However when I go to Edit Package all it says is "no" and does not allow me to make it "yes" or check mark it so that with every package created the client get's a dedicated IP. Does this mean I need to delete...
  8. D

    Cpanel and Modernbill Dedicated IP

    Hi, First of all sorry for my bad english writing its not my first language ... We currently have Cpanel / WHM : WHM 11.15.0 cPanel 11.18.6-S24255 ModernBill : Version 4.3.2:B-6:PR:Z:22 Description of the problem : Interface WHM with Modernbill broke since few weeks,maybe in the...
  9. S

    Promlem with Add-on Domains on Dedicated IP accounts

    I have recently moved clients to a new machine and have been experiencing many problems. so far we've encountered many DNS and Email related problems that seem to have finally been resolved but are now having problems with new add-on domains. This seems to be a 2 fold problem 1) cpanel is...
  10. T

    multiple site , each dedicated ip under 1 cpanel account

    i want to know multiple site that is differrent from ip address under 1 cpanel account.. namely dedicated ip address for example if cpanel account is Newuser2008 /home/Newuser2008/site1/public_html --> - ip address : /home/Newuser2008/site2/public_html...
  11. I

    Dedicated IP yes

    Ever since upgrading to the newest stable build, when I try to create an account on a shared plan using a predefined package, the ip is always set to dedicated. when i try to edit, it dont have a check like some of the newer packages I created. Anyways around this or do I need to create new...
  12. H

    Dedicated IP Address - Uses wrong root folder?

    Hi everyone, Since about November, my host switched my package to one that includes a free dedicated IP address. However he seems to not be able to assign the ip address to the correct directory. So if I typed in http://ipaddress/ Instead of it using my document root of my main domain, it...
  13. H

    Assigned dedicated ip, site not working

    The domain I assigned the dedicated ip to is the same domain used for the hostname. It is coming to the default cPanel page, but it is not displaying the webpage. But if I go directly to the dedicated ip the web page does show up. The hostname does work, and if I go to...
  14. Kailash1

    Dedicated IP address to Addon domain

    Hi, Is it possible to assign the dedicated IP address to Addon domain? Thanks, Kailash
  15. C

    Dedicated IP confusion

    I'm a bit confused when creating a new account as to when to use the dedicated IP option. I understand that if you are going to use a security certificate that you only want one domain on that IP. Is there any other time a domain needs a dedicated IP? If not making a secure domain...
  16. X

    Dedicated IP address default virtual host

    Hi, Is there a method for which I can set the default vhost for a dedicated ip address within WHM or do I need to edit the httpd configuration file?
  17. D

    give a dedicated IP to an already create account

    hi i got one account using a shared IP and i want to give to this account an dedicated IP so i can access with how can i do that!?
  18. S

    Slow FTP connection on sites with dedicated IP

    Hi! I am hoping for some pointers on where to start troubleshooting my problem. The problem is as follows: FTP connections on sites that have dedicated IPs are very slow; the actual transfer speeds are fast, but it takes 5-10 seconds to establish new connections. So every time I would like...
  19. F

    Cannot access sites by dedicated ip?

    ON the new ea3 I notice that you can no longer access sites that were on dedicated ip by using the ip only. Why did they do it this way? And how do I fix it back? UPDATE: got it fixed, was that unbound ip virtual host thing
  20. handsonhosting

    Dedicated IP nubmers not being allocated automatically

    Hey Folks, Not sure where to document this as I think it's a BUG, but wanted to see if anyone else is experiencing it and not just us; Basically we have a server which had the latest RELEASE version runnnig on it (11.15.0-C17827) We have packages setup on the account with the DEDICATED...