dedicated ip

  1. C

    New Server. Can't Assign Dedicated IP To new account. BUG?

    Hey, I just got a new server with CentOs 5.0, and cpanel 11 installed. I just tried adding my first account, but when I select dedicated ip address, the only ip address that comes down from the list is "Auto Assign". I can't actually choose an ip address to assign. I'm pretty sure the ip...
  2. S

    Dedicated İp Problems

    Hi; Last week i found a serious problem, which i couldnt find any solution.. Firstly On WHM, i have main shared ip! 91.102.XXX And also i have dedicated ip's which thise ip users have SSL Sertificates and sell products, problem is requests to Bank for card informations ip is main...
  3. J

    Problem when switching domain to dedicated IP

    I have one domain that is giving me troubles. When I switch it to a dedicated IP, it starts giving the standard "Great Success !" cpanel and apache page. But when I change the sites IP address back to the servers shared IP adddress it works fine. It is only this one domain that is causing the...
  4. persianwhois

    Dedicated IP

    Hello, How can set dedicated ip for a host name with ssh? Fore example when type, show.
  5. D

    Having dedicated IP address

    I have a client who now wants to have dedicated IP address for his website on my server. On this account he has several addon domains and parked domains (cPanel server) so he wants to know what kind of impact, adding dedicated IP address to his account, can create. When I say impact I mean...
  6. Manuel_accu

    Wildcard SSL question regarding dedicated ip address

    Hi, After a long time I have been here to post this question. I am really confused, I have just wildcard SSL crt is ready with me and have to install it. But I don’t know whether each separate sub domain have a separate IP? Or I could have one IP address for all subdomain in order to...
  7. dory36

    Transferred pkgs have dedicated IP

    I set up a new server by transferring a number of accounts and packages from another server. For some reason, all the packages came over with the Dedicated IP address option set to true, unlike the originals. When I try to edit the packages, that option is not editable -- it just shows the...
  8. jugo

    Dedicated IP for SSH access - how?

    did you restart the ssh service after you made the change?
  9. S

    Use Dedicated IP as Shared in Reseller

    I thought this was done automatically, but apparantely it's not. I set the cPanel account of a new reseller to have a dedicated IP, then added reseller rights. I thought that the reseller account would then use the user's dedicated IP... but I was wrong. How do I setup a WHM reseller to use...
  10. R

    Change client to a dedicated IP

    If after I set up a new client's account as a shared ip type is there a way to change it to a dedicated IP account? I can't seem to find a way to do it in WHM.
  11. S

    Problem with dedicated IP

    Just wondering if anyone is having this same problem. I was a reseller using the site's main shared IP. However I have recently changed my main reseller account's IP by using the "Change Site's IP Address" feature. Although I'm using this IP for my main domain and for myself, the "resold"...
  12. J

    dedicated IP assignment defaulting to shared

    I have a problem occuring with my servers with the resellers. When they try to assign a dedicated IP to a site, even though all the parameters are correct, the site will still get setup on the shared IP for their account. For weeks I have had to move sites manually for each of my clients. I have...
  13. Z

    SSL with Dedicated IP (Page Not Found)

    I've added a dedicated IP for a FQDN through WHM. nslookup confirms that this FQDN is pointing to my added IP. Typing in the FQDN using http:// shows also that it is pointing to my server. However, typing in the FQDN using https:// returns page not found. I have installed the ssl crt, key...
  14. mike25

    exim relay on a dedicated IP

    I must have missed something obvious, but when I setup a domain on its own dedicated IP address it seems it is no longer permitted to relay through exim. the /etc/relayhosts file simply does not store the IP address after the user has connected via POP. restarting services has no effect and my...
  15. A

    Dedicated IP for reseller issue

    I have just moved servers and I never paid much attention to this, but a client of mine had a dedicated IP address assigned to his main reseller domain. Now, will this IP extend to all of his accounts that he makes? Or will those be on our main shared one? If they can extend, how do I set...
  16. H

    Problem when changing site from shared to dedicated IP ?

    Hi all I will explain my problem: First I had an account om my server, let's say This was created as namebased on the shared IP of my server. The DNS for this domain was done by another firm and the A record pointed to my shared IP, everything was working great. Yesterday I...
  17. S

    Stop site from using main shared IP as dedicated IP

    Hello, On one of my cPanel boxes one of my clients sites has randomly started using the main shared IP as a dedicated IP. It never used to do this. How can I stop it from using it as a dedicated IP and just make it act like it should do? So that the site doesn't load at http://my.shared.ip...
  18. E

    Domain not working, but dedicated IP is

    I have a website set up and can be accessed by using the dedicated IP, however using the domain name I get the "No Website is Configured" cpanel page. On the dns is set up correctly. What else could be causing this problem.
  19. M

    cPanel telling customers they have dedicated IP when they don't

    I have a server that's telling customers on the main shared IP (xx.xx.xx.117) that they have a dedicated IP address. Also, the account that is at the first IP on the server (xx.xx.xx.116), which is running with a dedicated IP, says it has a shared IP. If I change an IP for an account, the IP...
  20. D

    Giving Dedicated IP to AddOn Domains?

    How would I go to assign a Dedicated IP address to an AddOn Domain (for SSL) under an account while leaving the parent account on the Shared IP? Thanks!