dedicated ip

  1. P

    dedicated ip ssl question

    First of all the forums here are stupid. I would of done a search for dedicated ip but since ip is too short I cant find my porblem. Well i have assigned a domain a ip that no one else is on. How do I make that dedicated or just by nothing else being on it does that make it dedicated...
  2. P

    Assigning Dedicated IP to customer

    I have give a customer with reseller rights only access to the ip I want to be dedicated to their account. I have assigned this ip to only their account. It is assigned to their hosting. But when pulling open this ip it forwards to the shared ip with /~their user How can i make...
  3. P

    Assigning Dedicated IP to customer

    I have added a customer with resell rights. I have given them access to their static ip only. I have assigned this ip to their account only. When pulling up the ip it forwards to the shared ip with /~their username How can i make this ip pull up thier site straight from the ip
  4. Z

    Give "Addon Domain" dedicated IP.

    Hello! I have a problem. Here is my situation. I have a reseller. He created some accounts. And one of that account's has many "Addon Domain"'s. Now, that user want's to give ONE of his "Addon Domain"'s a dedicated Ip. Throw "reseller center" I assigned new dedicated IP to my...
  5. A

    website with dedicated IP

    how to create website with dedicated IP? not IPless.
  6. Radio_Head

    shared ip >>to>> dedicated ip

    As discussed on another 3rd , I have some user on a shared ip . Since they want to install a digital certificate for their domain (, I need to move their accounts on a dedicated ips . Which is the procedure to move an account from shared ip to dedicated ip ? Is it...
  7. W

    Need help desperately! dedicated ip

    Hi there, I've just got my cpanel server and I'm pretty much a newbie. I've few questions that I hope you could help me with. How do I assign dedicated IP to a shared / reseller hosting account? If I didn't remember wrongly, I could assign a specific IP to a certain of packages, which...
  8. H

    Dedicated IP

    Hello all, How do I assign a static or dedicated IP to a domain? What are the step? How do I use it? For accessing cpanel, FTP, and browsing of website, etc...? Do I need to change it to if I am using only 1 IP address?
  9. S

    Does cpanel allow more than one account on dedicated ip?

    Im wondering if this is possible. We gave our reseller his own dedicated ip. He has created his own sites, all resolving to his own ip. Problem, none of his sites can ftp. Is this the reason why? thanks
  10. D

    How to make shared and dedicated Ip ?

    Hi, how do I make ns1 as the shared Ip for my Reseller's name based accouns and use ns2 as a ADedicated Ip for the Reseller ? I dont see any option to do that. Can you please help me step by step ? I had 8 ip block I just created 2 accounts and I am left with no more ip. Please help...
  11. N

    Dedicated IP

    Hi There, When i click on Edit Packages, i would like to change the value of the IP field ... currently this field show NO, but i would like to see YES ... When I say yes, my resellers cannot add accounts, EVEN THOUGH they are allowed to use all available ips on the machine Someone else...
  12. N

    Reseller dedicated ip

    Hi there, First of all sorry for my english, it's not my first language : I currently use : Cpanel 5.2.0-S109 RedHat 7.2 All of our hosting package have a dedicated IP address ... i add a reseller account with these privilege : - Unlimited Amount of account - Account Creation...
  13. M

    Reseller Dedicated IP - 2 serious bugs!!!

    RE: Reseller accounts using their own dedicated IP to setup name-based accounts etc.. 1) NameVirtualHost &ip&:80 is not added to the Apache configuration, hence causing all name-based accounts setup on the reseller IP to point to the reseller's main account rather than the correct...
  14. O

    Changing a shared IP to dedicated IP

    Hi, How does one go about changing a user account from a shared IP to a dedicated IP. In other words, changing a user from one IP to another IP. [Edited on 10/26/01 by oSM]