1. M

    Better destination Type in Backups

    Hi, I'm configuring a new remote server for backups. I need know: Which is better cPanel "destination type" for do backups: FTP SFTP Rsync Which you recommend me for have better backup's integrity?. Thank you very much.
  2. A

    GDrive Backup Additional Destination Validation Error

    Backups to GDrive settings are correctly configured and validated successfully. But after few hours the validation disconnect automatically and show a warning message. Error: Validation for transport “ovhserver” failed: Could not create path directory “/ovhserver/”: api_test failed at...
  3. httpdocs

    Remove Home Directory From Fullbackup Destination

    hello i need to remove only home directory from Backup Destination in cPanel account. I don't want cPanel Users back up Files at home directory.But the other options don't matter. (FTP,SCP...) This may be?
  4. B

    set backup destination

    hello in new 84.0.19 when we want set backup destination in custom or ftp there is new box script what is this? how can we check this
  5. C

    Migration : Set destination partition

    I'm trying to migrate an account using pkgacct and restorepkg scripts. Is there a way to set the destination partition name before migrating? for example: my account is in /home1 and I would like to restore it in /home2 in the new server. Is there a config file where you can set the "homedir"...
  6. speckados

    Change default destination for add-on domains

    Hi. I know modify default destination for add-on, way to modify /var/cpanel/userdata/user/ and after rebuild /scripts/rebuildhttpdconf But I'm looking or edit template of Cpanel for this. When user try to add a new addon domain, Cpanel show by default...
  7. sneader

    Trouble using Secure Copy (SCP) destination when generating a Full Backup

    On just one of our cPanel servers, I seem to be having this odd problem. When a customer logs into their cPanel, then chooses Backup Wizard > Full Backup, and selects the "Secure Copy (SCP)" as the destination... the backup looks like it's working, but then the customer will get an email that...
  8. U

    Login destination in cPanel using automatic login link (with user and pass)

    Hi, Does someone know how i can add a destination after login? I mean : an automatic login to the File Manager for example (or any other... mail, ftp, etc..) using a link like this / Is this possible with cPanel? I'm sure there...
  9. D

    Tell Me It Isn't True...No Control of Account Transfer Destination.

    I need to move 600 accounts to a new server tonight. It's important these accounts maintain their location path in /home because of some scripting not easily altered. The server we are moving to has multiple drives partitioned as /home /home2 and a backup drive. During a test move, all...
  10. S

    Specifying a destination target for pkgacct

    Hello, We have a situation where we need to copy over 11+ GB of account to another server and we have only 7 GB /home on our drive as free. I understand that pkgacct script will create the archive in /home. Is there any way where we could specify another location as the target ? Thanks...
  11. C

    PHP unable to move uploaded files unless if the destination folder permission is 0777

    I just installed rhel4 on one of my servers, now I'm not able to use move_uploaded_file() function it ends in a failure, if the uploads folder is set to 0666 file permission. :confused: It works in 0777, but that's not very good as its gives out execute permission to the folder which is a...
  12. I

    cp: missing destination file

    when i install an account in whm i got this error: cp: missing destination file and when i login in the cpanel, it is empty. also, Tweak Ftp Settings and server status sections in whm are empty. Please help Support Ticket Number:
  13. R

    cp: missing destination file

    just checking here: when ever we create or make changes to any domain, and the process runs, this is displayed: Try `cp --help' for more information. cp: missing destination file Try `cp --help' for more information. *** as in this: Changed all instances of [XXX.XX.XXX.XX] ->...