1. E

    Can't get DMARC records to stick

    Hello- I'm running the latest version of cPanel WHM on CENTOS 7.6, hosted on a DigitalOcean droplet and am having a hell of a time getting my DMARC setup. Pretty much all of my e-mails going to my gmail are getting sent to the spam folder. So far I've gone to: DNS Functions -> Edit DNS Zone ->...
  2. I

    Domain redirecting to default web page on DigitalOcean

    Hello, Just registered and came here to complain how absurd this issue is for God sake, it was easier for me to learn how to setup LAMP stack and install Cpanel from SSH, with ZERO issues, then try to fix this issue, while using OFFICIAL Cpanel Droplet on DigitalOcean.: cPanel & WHM by cPanel...
  3. jonh

    Can't change ipv6

    Took a snapshot of a droplet that has cpanel and all settings how I need them after initial setup. Created another droplet from the snapshot. Created all the DNS records/nameservers at registrar/dns provider then made sure the ipv4 was correct in the Basic WebHost Manager® Setup. Thats good, but...