1. G

    Password protect site

    Hello, Is there a tutorial somewhere on how to do the most basic password protection for a website. Sorry I know only enough to be dangerous so I don't know the difference between protecting the directories and a website (which is what I found when I searched for this topic. We have multiple...
  2. CBG

    htaccess not working correctly

    Hi, I install cPanel on a fresh server yestarday and noticed today that .htaccess don't appear to be working as it should. When Password protect is being used, I need to put 'RewriteEngine off' above it, for it to work. However this then breaks the Rewrite rules and they don't work. I just...
  3. D

    How can I export Private Directory Users

    Hello, I have been using Directory Privacy for a certain folder on my server. I would like to export those users I have created. How can I do this? Thanks, Derrick
  4. K

    Directory Privacy: don't print password during confirmation

    In the v62 change logs, the following was changed: Fixed case CPANEL-9262: Directory Privacy: don't print password during confirmation. I have a customer who misses this. Is there an option to re-enable this feature? I told him probably not because displaying passwords like that is generally...
  5. G

    SOLVED Directory privacy password timeout

    I use directory privacy on some folders. How do I increase the timeout so I'm not constantly having to input username and password? Thanks.
  6. A

    SOLVED Directory Privacy Popup Customization

    Hello good afternoon First of all I am from Argentina and I use google translator to write. My query is: Can you edit the pop up window that generates cpanel when ciphers with a password a directory with a username and password? I would like to make it more aesthetic. Is there any file or...
  7. B

    password protecting a sub category not working

    In CPanel i have setup password protection via "Directory Privacy". I have a website which is live and within the root folder i have a subcategory which i am trying to password protect. I open Directory Privacy and go to Public_html and then click back and then go to the subcategory and then i...