disk space

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    Disk Space Available Resets to Unlimited Space

    1.) I created a package with lets say 50 MB and then create a domain and put it on that. 2.) When I login to the Cpanel and look at the Disk Space Available it says unlimited when it should say 50 MB. 3.) I am able to log back into the WHM and edit the package without making changes, Just...
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    Disk Space

    Hi how do I fix hard disk space showing nil in c/panel thanks bazz
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    Inaccurate Disk Space Usage Stats and Backup Download FileTy

    [b:6e9bffd517]Incorrect Disk Usage:[/b:6e9bffd517] Amount shown in the control panel is usually more than twice the actual amount utilized. http://aletiaforums.com/showthread.php?threadid=177 [b:6e9bffd517]Incorrect Backup Download FileType:[/b:6e9bffd517] Although the download link...