disk space

  1. Jafar Muhammed

    cPanel update blocked due to disk space available issue

    Hello all, I am getting this error notification. cPanel & WHM cannot update due to insufficient disk space in the staging directory, '/usr/local/cpanel'. The system requires 3 GB to update; this directory only has 2.61 GB available. The system failed to find a new staging directory with enough...
  2. R

    Disk Space Usage Issue

    I am getting diskspace usage emails and it states: The filesystem “/var/tmp” mounted at “/var/tmp” reached “warn” status because you currently use 83.67% of its available blocks. Now when I look in this folder there is only some .flag files. Can they be deleted? I am working through a...
  3. Rodrigo Gomes

    Disk space Critical in "/" and "/var/tmp"

    Hello, Often I'm getting two emails like the ones below: However, when I check the server I do not find anything abnormal. And I suspect it might be something creating a large file and erasing soon then, but I do not know how to check this out. Is there anything I can do to check this?
  4. postcd

    Can i get warned when my server disk space is low?

    Hello, please is there anywhere in WHM or in /scripts/ a way to get notified when my WHM server disk space is low? I am not talking about cpanel account disk space quotas, but server disk space. Thank you
  5. V

    SOLVED Disk space at / running out

    I received an email from my server earlier today indicating that the "/" directory mounted at "/" is getting full. It stated it's at 85% capacity (7.18 GB used of 11.62GB available). Though the server has an 80GB total limit. I've used du -ch --max-depth=1 to check each folder, one level at a...
  6. S

    The filesystem mounted at / on this server is running out of disk space.

    I've looked and looked for ways to fix this issue but none of them have worked. I'm trying to find a way to fix this problem without having to reinstall cPanel all together. As i'm sure you guys have seen this issue a lot, if someone could point me in the right direction it would be great...
  7. M

    Issue in Disk Space Usage

    Hello all cPanel Users I have issue in cPanel "WHM 11.50.0 (build 29)" I tried on the themes "X3 , paper_lantern" and the same issue oi65.tinypic.com/2079aud.jpg This page loaded without any results. This issue on this account only and working fine on other accounts on the same serve. the...
  8. BlueSteam

    Disk space not recovered after account moved to different partition

    Hi, I moved an account from one partition to another using the rearrange accounts method. After this I was hoping to see the disk space recovered on the old partition but alas this is not the case. The disk space usage is still the same and when looking at the account now in ssh, there is now...
  9. G

    Running out of disk space.

    Sorry for the inconvenience! The file system mounted at / on this server is running out of disk space. cPanel operations have been temporarily suspended to prevent something bad from happening. Please ask your system admin to remove any files not in use on that partition.
  10. Z

    Quotas - Accounts Created With Unlimited Disk Space (XFS only?)

    Installing Default Quota Databases......Done journaled quota support: not available with vzaquota (disabled) checking out /backup checking out /backup Quotas have been enabled and updated. Reading package Pixel No filesystems with quota detected. Can't locate object method "new" via package...
  11. V

    Problem disk space.

    How to solve this? Print - i.imgur.com/honY4Og.png Disk Space - NA/Unlimited I did not find the solution to this, If someone can help me thank.
  12. L

    Disk Space Usage in cpanel just hanging

    Hi I am hoping someone could give me an ideas on how to fix my Disk Space Usage issues. I have a site that is about 10 gig and when i go to cpanel/disk space usage it just sits on Wait while your page loads. I have other sites on the server and it works fine for them but for some reason it...
  13. akust0m

    Does my disk space usage look right?

    Hello, I am currently trialing cPanel on a VPS, does my current disk usage look correct? It seems quite high, but I'm new cPanel so I'm not too sure. Total disk space usage at the moment is 12.91 GB. Here is what is installed: cPanel 54 CloudLinux 7.2 with CageFS & PHP Selector LiteSpeed...
  14. akust0m

    Allow clients to use over their disk space quota

    Hello, I am still learning cPanel, how do I enable clients to be able to use over their allocated disk space quota?
  15. O

    quotas and disk space usage problem

    Hi, My server was reporting quota and disk space usage correctly, until yesterday when I had the crazy idea to run /scripts/fixquotas. Since then, the disk space usage by all hosted accounts is reported by WHM either 0 or with very low values, that are untrue. I searched the Internet and this...
  16. T

    Reseller Disk Space Usage

    Hello. As I know via ACL can be restricted the DISK and BANDWIDTH. When I add 3 MB Disk in the ACL the user can still upload. Why is this? s21.postimg.org/pb9dnha4n/acl.png
  17. G

    Disk space usage doesn't match

    I have an account that had a MySQL database that was a little over 2G in size. I deleted that MySQL database, and double checked by SSH that it no longer exists under/var/lib/mysql/. WHM still shows that the account is using over 2G of storage, though! What's really odd is that when I log in to...
  18. J

    Disk Space History?

    Howdy, I know in WHM you can track disk space usage going back two weeks but is there another way to see further back than that? I see bash scripting options w/ a cron > space.txt via a google search but are there any existing cpanel scripts (haven't seen any) or linux commands that will see...
  19. A

    Disk Space Issues

    I have a linux vps with 40gb disk space. And it's almost full. I had the same website on another host and it has only 14GB now for only 1 month already 35 GB (35-14=20gb for only one month) HOW THAT'S POSSIBLE. Did I configure it something wrong. How to fix this issue. Is that error from...
  20. B

    The filesystem mounted at / on this server is running out of disk space

    Suddenly few hours ago mysql not working & cant open cpanel & whm, get this message : then i try reboot from ssh now whm can opened but cpanel still get above message & mysql still not working in WHM > Service Status is like this, Mount Point of / and /var/tmp are 100% : can you please...