disk space

  1. M

    Disk Space Usage NA / ∞

    How to resolve this problem /scripts/fixquotas not working for this i searched in google but no working solutions . thanks .
  2. K

    Cannot upgrade due to insufficient disk space

    Hi guys, I know this has been asked before but our scenario is different: Basically when trying to update whm, we get: Please correct these issues and rerun updates. fatal: Cannot upgrade due to insufficient disk space. Detected 0.26G. You will need at least 1.6G to install a new version of...
  3. W

    Determine Disk Space

    Hi. I'm trying to figure out missing disk space on CPanel. I've attached a photo on how the usage is being shown, but can't figure out where the other space being used up is. How do I find those missing used up space?
  4. S

    Disk Space Issue

    Hello! I'm getting a problem is with the cpanel! its showing different diskspace usage! total sites data is 14GB approx. but its showing 87% disk usage. /i.imgur.com/F2Cr1U0.jpg My Primary SSD is 120 GB but I also have a TB Backup HDD. I'm not much familiar with linux and Is this the separate...
  5. F

    Running out of Disk Space (MySQL growing!)

    Hi, Cpanel informed me; The account with the username 'xxxxxx' (xxxxx.co.uk), is running out of disk space. This account has used 90.02% (675.12/750.00 MB) of its allocated disk space. Please see the attached screenshot ot the 'disk space usage' within cPanel. It shows the MySQL database...
  6. J

    Freeing Up Disk Space on DNS Only

    I've been running 2x cPanel DNS Only servers for a few years with no issues. However, recently they've started refusing to update to the latest cPanel version, stating a lack of disk space. They are each 10GB servers and have about 3GB free. My main query is what could have filled up these...
  7. S

    fatal: Cannot upgrade due to insufficient disk space ... You will need at least 1.6G to

    I have new install of cPanel using the vmdk download from cloudlinux. I am an experienced linux user, programmer , and network engineer. I have 9.7G free following updating the ip address and dns server and activating the server license. 9.7 GB free yet I get this disk space message...
  8. M

    DISKWARN / DISKCRITICAL Increase Disk Space

    Dear Experts, Please help me instantly, I am using OVH dedicated server the default partition was 20GB while I have 2TB Disk. I am not advance server expert to reallocate this space. Now 20GB is almost full. Please help me so that I can increase default partition space without losing data...
  9. Y

    User Disk Space Usage

    Is it normal for the user to have the email as "free" space? The user file storage is: 4.8G The users email storage is: 3.9G For a total of 8.7GB But in the cPanel it shows a total of 4.77 G that small difference between that and the 4.8G would be their database. So why isn't the...
  10. G

    Disk space usage "Other usage" very large and df and du give different results

    Hi everybody, I would love your help on the following issue... I am not really experienced so any help would be great. When I go to the CPANEL disk space usage page for a certain user I see that their "Other usage" is 27 GB out of a total 46 GB used by this specific user. When I do a...
  11. W

    disk space usage

    Hello, when I delete files from cpanel, the disk space is recalcule in real time or after 4 hours or one day? I have cpanel version : thank you
  12. M

    Disk Space Usage NA / ∞

    any reference to resolve this problem please ? /scripts/fixquotas not working for this i searched in google but no working solutions . thanks .
  13. upsforum

    Disk space usage wrong

    I run fixquotas but a specific account is wrong, actually used is: [email protected] [/home/ijkhqdzz]# du -sh /home/ijkhqdzz 1.1G /home/ijkhqdzz ...while in cpanel/WHM show 2.1 GByte space used
  14. P

    users disk space

    Hi is their a command i can use that will tell me where all the space is being used on a customers account please
  15. J

    Disk space usage

    Hi All! I have a question about the disk space usage. How big about the system of WHM and Cpanel? My sever plan is 80GB, I use around 300MB of my website. The disk space usage checked from WHM and Cpanel as follow: 264MB total disk space usage in Cpanel Size 79GB, used 12GB,Avail 64GB from...
  16. R

    Reduce disk space in cPanel

    is it safe to delete backup in home/sfidevel/backup-2.27.2013_03-11-33_sfidevel i am 90% of my disk space., i need to reduce some files. is it safe to directly delete the backup folder?
  17. C

    Disk Space Issue

    Hi, I have come into work this morning and our whm server is telling me that the /dev/mapper/vg_h3722021106-lv_root is full. Web pages appear to be working fine, but no one can send and receive email and when i try to do certain things within WHM im told to delete some files. Please...
  18. H

    How much disk space needed for CentOS 6 and cPanel?

    I plan on ordering a Virtual server with CentOS 6 and cPanel and want to know if a 25GB First Disk is going to suffice for the OS and cPanel and necessary packages to run a LAMP stack. I will put the /home and other data on a second disk. This server will have 4GB RAM. What I've found so far...
  19. M

    Find out what takes all the disk space

    Hello, I have a vps with a 40GB SSD harddrive. cPanel WHM shows 35G used under Disk Usage. When I check the accounts the combined disk usage is 3517 MB. How can I find out what takes those other 30GB? I think the system itself and cpanel takes some space but not 30GB right? Thanks
  20. W

    Disk Space Usage

    Hello I have some issue with - Removed -. Here is the screen shot: Already run /scripts/fixquotas but still not help. any advice?