1. A

    Why hosting space is almost full

    Hello, I am a newbie in the hosting administration, so please suggest me some easier process to resole my issue. I am using aws ec2 instance to run my websites and using WHM and cpanel to manage it. I have 79 GIB space for my ec2 instance which is almost full (94%). Now, when I go to my cpanel...
  2. D

    cPanel packages and additional disk quota

    Hi What is the best practice in this situation: We are selling a hosting package, let's call it "Package A". Package A has 20 GB of disk space. We are also selling additional disk space in blocks of 1 GB. So we might have a customers: - Customer 1: 20 GB (from the Package A) + additional 10...
  3. J

    Moving SQL to another drive

    Hello everyone. I'm on a VPS with everything running off /dev/sda1 except my www (/home) which is on /dev/sdb. I'm running low on disk space due to growing databases and was wanting to move my SQL (maria) over to /dev/sdb which is my second drive. Has anyone successfully attempted to move...
  4. J

    diskspace and sql space limits

    Hi all, Noob question: how and where do i check the packages limits (max xx diskspace/sql space/total space) and how does whm handle things when the limits are reached (100% full) does the system block all actions on that account or do email etc keep working? Q is where do i configure the...
  5. D

    Increasing VPS Disk Size for cPanel?

    My VPS provider allows me to increase the disk size of the main disk used for WHM. What considerations or issues would I face with WHM and CentOS 7.5 (default settings for WHM install)? Should I not do this at all?
  6. Ishware

    Running Out of Space on Root Partition

    So for the past couple of days I have received emails from cPanel warning that `/` and `/var/tmp` are running out of space. Here's a screenshot of the email alert, which shows the same numbers for the two locations:- Removed - - note I have redacted the ip and servername, of course. But here's...
  7. J

    SOLVED root partition running out of space

    Hello, My Disk pace is 40 GB cPanel users are using - 11326 MB and for weakly Backup Maximum- 11326 MB But still when I am looking for free space, centos showing this Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on /dev/vda1 40G 30G 7.8G 80% / tmpfs 939M 0 939M...
  8. PPNSteve

    Max out inodes issue

    Disk usage warning The filesystem “/usr” mounted at “/usr” reached “critical” status because you currently use 99.74% of its available inodes. Notification Type: critical Server: crz01.[redacted] Primary IP Address: [redacted] Filesystem: /usr Mount Point: /usr Percent Used: 99.74%...
  9. JIKOmetrix

    Disk usage incorrect

    Hello, When viewing 'List Accounts' -> 'Disk used' the 'Disk used' is very low or zero. For example account example.org with username ndpresby shows 11mb disk used however if I go into the account cPanel and run 'Disk Usage' I see it is using 1,065.17 MB of 2,048.00 MB quota limit (0.02 MB...
  10. T

    virtfs eating up diskspace

    Somehow the /home/virtfs folder is growing bigger and I´m soon out of diskspace. What is it for? Look at the screenshot that is attached.
  11. G

    SOLVED Reducing inodes on VolGroup-lv_root?

    have been trying to fix this for hours, think I read every inode thread on here, but couldn't find a solution df -i Filesystem Inodes IUsed IFree IUse% Mounted on /dev/mapper/VolGroup-lv_root 3276800 3276442 358 100% / tmpfs 1001872...
  12. H

    SOLVED Temporary disk full in backup

    I have a new dedicated server for 2 days, CENTOS 7.3 x86_64 standard and cPanel & WHM 64.0 (build 29), but I had a backup problem in the first days. I have a 1 TB disk and here is the partitions; /home /home 10% (81,044,696 of 816,777,564) /var/tmp /var/tmp 19% (10,169,972 of 52,403,200) / /...
  13. J

    disk usage problem

    Greetings All. I am a website owner and not super techy. I use cpanel to manage the site and I have never had any problems with going over my allocated disk quota until recently. I found the problem to be multiple files with the following names and was wonder what they are. I deleted them...
  14. A

    server root partition is full

    Hello, when i want to login in my cpanel i get this error Sorry for the inconvenience! The filesystem mounted at / on this server is running out of disk space. cPanel operations have been temporarily suspended to prevent something bad from happening. Please ask your system admin to remove any...
  15. S

    var folder is full

    var folder is full please help me for fix problem ------------------------ df -i Filesystem Inodes IUsed IFree IUse% Mounted on /dev/mapper/vg_s-LogVol03 5120000 16819 5103181 1% / tmpfs 2041732 6 2041726 1% /dev/shm...
  16. B

    var/tmp disk warning

    Hi folks I am getting Notification Type: critical ⛔ Server: **************** Primary IP Address: ***.***.***.*** Filesystem: /var/tmp Mount Point: /var/tmp Percent Used: 94.06% Disk Block Usage: Used: 43.01 GB Available: 2.87 GB Total: 48.32 GB ChkServd...
  17. B

    Out of disk space but plenty of space on another drive

    Hey guys, so I'm out of diskspace on sda2 mounted on /, but have plenty of diskspace on sda3 mounted on /home/ How can I tell WHM/cPanel to utilize that space as well?
  18. P

    Disk full?

    - Removed - Server Information states: Disk / (/) 38 % Disk /boot (/boot) 95 % Disk /var/tmp (/var/tmp) 38 % So for some reason /boot is about full. I don't know what part of the system uses that "drive", but... fdisk: /dev/vda1 * 2048 514047 256000 83 Linux /dev/vda2...
  19. A

    SOLVED Sent emails are not reflected in the account space

    Greetings I have a very serious problem with cpanel I do not know why but the space of the hosting accounts are not being calculated correctly. For example a customer sold 10gb of space and only in emails sent and received has consumed 40gb and in his account says that he has 0 mb consumed...
  20. A

    Out of Disk Space Issue

    On 15th April, when i login to my hosting account and found that my all 30GB Disk Space is finished suddenly. I got shock and check the disk usage utility and found that one of my site is using 29GB alone. When i further explore the file manager i found that there are more than 100 Core files...