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    How to serve media files for Django website

    I have a Django website set up on cPanel that is working fine - pages are served on my domain Any images etc uploaded through Django's admin are saved to a directory I created at ~/example-org-media/. That's good, but I'm not sure how to serve those images. For example, an...
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    Django and Gettext on Cpanel

    This question was asked by one of our users. Cpanel v90.0.14, Cloudlinux 7.8 on Centos 7. User configures and installs his project on Django according to the instructions: django-admin and | Django documentation | Django In place, after the "django-admin compilemessages" command, it...
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    Django app configuration problems

    Hello, everyone: I really need to properly configure a Django app on Cpanel. I followed a lot of tutorials and after try and retry I always get an error. Can anybody help me, please?
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    Django environment on cPanel

    Community, I would like to ask you about the correct deployment of Django environment + PostgreSQL on my cPanel site. I have Django site and I want to host it on cPanel. However, I heard that using mod_python is not secure. Could you please give me the right direction. Thank you!
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    how to deploy django project in amazon ec2

    hi, I'm finding some difficulties in deploying django web application project with MySql db as backend, plz help me.
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    Can anyone help me fix a broken http service after python / django install attempt?

    Hi all. I have: - dedicated server - RedHat - cpanel / WHM - 4 cpanel accounts set up - apache2 - administrator root access I tried: - installing python v.2.7 into /opt/python2.7/bin - installing pip (/opt/python2.7/bin/pip) - installing mod_wsgi - configuring virtualenv The...
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    Python, Django and WSGI Support

    Hi I have a Centos 6.4 server running WHM/cPanel. Wanted to know the best setup would be in order to support and offer python (including all their frameworks such as Django) support ? I have mod_wsgi installed by following this...
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    Trouble setting up Django 1.4 Stable on cPanel Server

    I have been following the "Knowledge Base Article" posted by shacker23 in another thread. It has been a very long time since that was active so I hope there's still a chance of getting some help with this. Everything goes good until it comes time to create the foobar project. Even though Python...
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    Python, Django install help please

    We are a small software/web/app shop and maintain this server for our clients and are not so hot at server admin. After attempting to install python, django, mod_wsgi, and a couple of related pkgs and failing, we hired someone who has always done great work in the past to do this, but we just...
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    Django installation

    Hi, We have a client that need to use django, someone know how to install this in a cpanel server? Thanks a lot. Jonathan J.
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    Using Django and Ruby on Rails

    Guys, I wonder how best to use Ruby on Rails and Django on Linux servers that use cPanel. Talking with some Django and Ruby programmers, it was commented that the best use is the mod_wsgi, which from what I know, there is interwoven with the cPanel. How do you suggest using Ruby and...
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    Does cpanel support "Python Django web framework"?

    Does anyone know if this is possible? Is it recommended for a shared hosting server? Or is it more suitable for a VPS/dedicated server? We have one customer who wants this, but I don't want to kill our server just for a single customer... Thanks!
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    Any experiences with Django?

    Hi guys! I desperately want to set up Django on my cPanel CentOS 4.6 box, but I am just not able to. My problems include: installing MySQLdb, installing mod_dav_cvn and just plain getting the damn thing to work. Could you please share your experiences? Has anyone managed to install...
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    Django / Python with cPanel ?

    Is it possible to do Python via cPanel? And if so, would there be any potential issues (security / performance)?