1. P

    SMTP TLS , DMARC Record and some mailing related issues.

    Hey Buddies ! I want to improve my mail delivery , please help me. In MXtoolbox , when I tested my Server's SMTP then it shows some issues - SMTP TLS Warning - Does not support TLS. SMTP Banner Check Reverse DNS does not match SMTP Banner SMTP Transaction Time 15.578 seconds - Not good! on...
  2. BlueSteam

    DKIM, SPF and DMARC all Pass, IP not blacklisted but still ends up in spam!!

    I am at a complete loss for words here. I have sat troubleshooting this issue for the past 2 days straight and I am so frustrated with this. I have a client that is complaining that some of his staffs emails are always ending up in Spam on the recipient side and he is losing business. So I ran...
  3. W

    Automagic Dmarc on all cpanels

    I am new to a full fledged WHM and not used to server config but getting there. I know how to add a dmarc per cpanel but can this be automated so that a new cpanel account automagically just has this? Really dont want to have to do this on 100 cpanel accounts...
  4. B

    DMARC Record

    I can not seem to be able to edit the DNS zone to add a DMARC record neither in Cpanel or in WHM. I've searched several other posts here and none of them have provided the answer to this issue for me... Please help...
  5. E

    Can't get DMARC records to stick

    Hello- I'm running the latest version of cPanel WHM on CENTOS 7.6, hosted on a DigitalOcean droplet and am having a hell of a time getting my DMARC setup. Pretty much all of my e-mails going to my gmail are getting sent to the spam folder. So far I've gone to: DNS Functions -> Edit DNS Zone ->...
  6. Steve Kemp

    Mass Dmarc update

    I am currently adding dmarc records to all domains on our servers and have been following the suggestion in Update all zones with dmarc record Now this seems to write the correct record to the dns Now I know this is an old post but as im running thru adding dmarc records to my servers i...
  7. W

    Sign generated bounce messages

    Dear community and support team, I'm sorry if the question was already asked - I coudn't find it. Recently, I've implemented DMARC to analyze aggregate reports from prominent ESPs. I've found that exim doesn't sign outgoing locally generated bounce messages, as I result them don't pass...
  8. P

    DMARC record keeps breaking by itself

    I have setup a DMARC record for the domain - Removed - and tested it with various online DMARC tools to ensure that its syntax is valid, which all pass okay. Then, a short time later, the DMARC record is showing as an invalid record in all these tools, even though I've not touched it. If I...
  9. knightmare

    my domain E-Mail go to gmail spam folder

    Hello , I am using Centos 7 on degital ocean . I installed whm&cpanel in server . I am using Exim mail server on centos cpanel . I send mail from my domain than gmail receive all mail in spam folder . last few days i face this issue . how to solve it ?
  10. W

    DMARC for all domains on server?

    Hi CP team It would be great if the server generated DMARC email authentication for all domains with a click of a button :) DMARC seems to be the only one missing as SPF and DKIM have been taken care of. Is there any reason not to be able to have this? I guess DMARC does require a bit more...
  11. J

    Email failed because of DMARC policy

    Hello, Can you help me what can i do to prevent this error for the future. Some of the email failed because of this error. ECDHE-RSA-AES128-GCM-SHA256:128 CV=yes: SMTP error from remote mail server after end of data: 550-5.7.1 Unauthenticated email from is not accepted due...
  12. S

    Problems with DMARC and e-mails from cPanel

    I'm not sure if I should create a new topic for this or not. If I should have created a new topic, maybe an admin could move it to a new thread? It's related to DKIM. It involves DMARC. I setup my DMARC record properly. I received a report from google today. I'm a bit confused and I...
  13. Rizwan Ghzzaal

    Generate DMARC record on multiple cPanel accounts

    Hi, I was wondering if there is a way to generate multiple DMARC records from cPanel. Since I have like thousands of accounts and cannot generate them manually. Please guide thanks.
  14. bloatedstoat

    Attached Google DMARC reports sent as domain rejected

    Hello, Our server is rejecting DMARC report emails sent from Google. Rather than zip up the XML file like many other services they appear to be sending the report attached to the email as "!" Our server has .com in the banned attachments list for good reason, as such the...
  15. D

    Google DMARC

    Hi, @cPanelMichael and all Seems google is now starting to reject emails with no valid dmarc record. Appears to be a requirement now. Cpanel really needs to add support for this. in the meantime. if you get the following error, Technical details of permanent failure: read error...
  16. S

    Update all zones with dmarc record

    How can i do to bulk update the zones on my server to avoid edit one by one? Additionaly how cand i set on the Zone templates the option to add dmarc register, automatically to new accounts. Thanks
  17. Z

    Exim blocking DMARC reports from Gmail

    Hi, I have set up DMARC records for some of the websites I host on my server. I have noticed that EXIM is blocking reports being sent from Gmail. The generated error message is: " [email protected] This message has been rejected because it has potentially executable content...
  18. K

    Dmarc authentication

    I have problems setting the dmarc i'm using this format "v=DMARC1; p= quarantine; rua=mailto:[email protected]" but when i test it the dmarc does not appear in the original message in gmail. is it a problem with the format of the dmarc i'm using ?