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    Google DMARC

    Hi, @cPanelMichael and all Seems google is now starting to reject emails with no valid dmarc record. Appears to be a requirement now. Cpanel really needs to add support for this. in the meantime. if you get the following error, Technical details of permanent failure: read error...
  2. S

    Update all zones with dmarc record

    How can i do to bulk update the zones on my server to avoid edit one by one? Additionaly how cand i set on the Zone templates the option to add dmarc register, automatically to new accounts. Thanks
  3. Z

    Exim blocking DMARC reports from Gmail

    Hi, I have set up DMARC records for some of the websites I host on my server. I have noticed that EXIM is blocking reports being sent from Gmail. The generated error message is: " [email protected] This message has been rejected because it has potentially executable content...
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    Dmarc authentication

    I have problems setting the dmarc i'm using this format "v=DMARC1; p= quarantine; rua=mailto:[email protected]" but when i test it the dmarc does not appear in the original message in gmail. is it a problem with the format of the dmarc i'm using ?