1. R

    SOLVED Synchronize DNS Records error

    Hello, this is the first time I have encountered this problem on cPanel. I'm trying to sync dns records to all servers (I am using 4 cPanel dns only servers connected to the main WHM server) when I get this error. Synchronize all zones to all servers dnsadmin failed to answer a request that...
  2. E

    How to setup secondary dns in cPanel

    Hello, I have a cPanel&WHM 98.0.8. My user who have domain on my cPanel wants to set secondary dns for his domain. Primary dns is cpanel dns. How to do that? Best regards, Elizabeta
  3. E

    DNS record autodiscover

    Hello, I have a cPanel&WHM server v98.0.8. Some of my users are asking to add an autodiscover to the dns record. In settings on WHM are option for autodiscover: When a user goes to add an autodiscover record via DNS Editor, he does not see that he has managed to add an autodiscover record...
  4. Kent Brockman

    Can I uninstall MySQL on DNS Only servers?

    Hey guys. I'm wondering if it could be healthy to disable MySQL in the DNS Only's Service Manager, cause it is not being used, even by cpHulk at all, and yet it does use a lot of server memory. I lurked thru the /var/lib/mysql folders and didn't found recently modified folders nor data files...
  5. L

    SOLVED Problems Exist (Reverse DNS)

    I have problem when login cPanel > Email Deliverability, i see "Problems Exist (Reverse DNS) " I contacted my support but they didnt fix it, they said because of cloudflare, so i disabled it but still problem exist how can solve this problem? Thanks
  6. V

    Error with force sync dns records

    When i force synchronize our dns records to the dns cluster i get the following error. A fatal error or timeout occured while processing this directive dnsadmin failed to answer a request that it accepted. at /usr/local/cpanel/Cpanel/DnsUtils/AskDnsAdmin.pm line 130. at...
  7. D

    Express transfers to linked mailnode breaks DNS zone

    We're currently migrating accounts from one obsolete server with cPanel v86 to two brand new with cPanel v98. The new servers are a standard role linked to a secondary with mail only role. They are all in a DNS Cluster and we've changed TTL to 1200 before starting transfers. Transfers are going...
  8. E

    DNS Only Replication to 4 name servers takes extraordinary long holding up the WHM User Interface, > 75 seconds

    We have a few primary WHM/cPanel servers that are integrated with four independent WHM DNS Only Servers spread on three continents. When we do anything in the DNS it takes extraordinary long, around 75 seconds for any change, e.g. an addition, an update, a deletion. The infrastructure and all...
  9. M

    Cannot set dns TTL entry to anything other than 14400

    I tried adding a new TXT record inside of the Zone Editor today, and for some reason if I used a TTL other than the default of 14400 seconds, I got the following error: Error: The request failed. (Error ID: xf846e) Ask your hosting provider to research this error in cPanel & WHM’s main error...
  10. G

    DNS Zones

    When I click Edit DNS zone, I see 4 zones: mydomain.com, ns1.mydomain.com, ns2.mydomain.com, and hostname.mydomain.com. 1. I know the needs for the first 3 but what is the hostname.mydomain.com zone for? 2. If I would to use remote dns , say with godaddy where mydomain.com is registered, can I...
  11. G

    Mail Deliverability Error: Reverse DNS (PTR) Problem Exist

    There is only 1 domain. Dedicated server is hosted at hostgator and 2 months ago I moved the DNS to another hosting provider. Everything was fine. SPF, DKIM could be verified. 5 days ago I ran Mail Delivery and received this error: However email delivery is working fine. SPF can be verified...
  12. J

    DNS Management

    Hi guys, I currently manage the DNS of some domains on Amazon, however when I add a complementary domain, a DNS zone is automatically created in WHM. In this case, I remove all created entries, leaving only the SOA entry. I would like to know if this practice is correct and if it is possible to...
  13. M

    AAAA records API failure - DNS Zone Manager.

    I can no longer add or edit AAAA records in the new DNS zone manager. its like the actual IP address is missing from the api command fails with the following error code. Error: API failure: (XID 7s3wg9) “xxxx.yyyy.com.au. 14400 IN AAAA ” does not form a valid DNS resource record. (Syntax...
  14. C

    DNS question

    Hello We have a cpanel server that uses a cpanel DNS only server as it's backend (I think). However, as far as I can tell, when a site was removed from the cpanel frontend, it still has a zone on the cpanel dns only backend server. I see the zone DB file, is there a way to edit it or remove it...
  15. T

    Google DNS advantages?

    Are there any advantages/benefits of using the included cloud DNS services that Google domains provide over powerDNS in cPanel?
  16. anton_latvia

    Can we please have old DNS zone editor back?

    Hello Community. I have just posted feature-request about it - but I really would like to ask you - how do you feel about new DNS zone editor? We find it really hard to use, especially for large zones or zones, where we have to edit a lot. It looks fancy, but for old geek - it is too modern and...
  17. J

    Failed to parse DNS zone (at or after line 29): Syntax error,

    I have just realized that I cannot access Zone Editor on all domains in WHM / cPanels. I get an error: Failed to parse DNS zone (at or after line 29): Syntax error, could not parse the RR's rdata at /usr/local/cpanel/Cpanel/ZoneFile/Parse.pm line 229. Enviroment: CENTOS 7.9 [****] WHM version...
  18. S

    Unable to update ttl

    One of our clients was setting up a new MX zone for a domain they're managing, and they noticed the TTL box was grayed out. It was set to 14400, and they were unable to change it. I tested it myself, and I couldn't edit it either as root in WHM. I even tried changing the server default from...
  19. W

    DNS only Server upgrade

    I have an independent DNS cluster setup to connect to other hosts The cluster consists of two DNS-only hosts Due to the long establishment time The operating system version used is CentOS 5 Upgrade is not currently supported The old DNS server runs CentOS 5 + WHM 56 The new DNS server runs...
  20. T

    mail.domain.com with different IP for Cloudflare DNS

    I use Coudflare for my website and therefore configured the Cloudflare DNS for my domain's mails: A domain.com xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx A www.domain.com xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx A mail xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx MX domain.com...