1. 4

    DNS Node Server Profile?

    I'm a little puzzled about how the "DNS Node" server profile works I've been unable to find any documentation on it. From what I understand, this will provide a cpanel interface that only allows the end user to manage DNS zones? So I'm guessing the purpose is for clients who do not need hosting...
  2. F

    SOLVED How can I use DNSSEC as part of DNS clustering?

    Hi all, I know DNSSEC is not yet available in a cluster. Now I am wondering if the following will work (and forgive me if its a n00b idea ;) ) : Usually our cPanel clients are created on the server and automatically use the WHM/cPanel DNS cluster. That means we can't enable DNSSEC for these...
  3. T

    Pending Publication [CPANEL-29818] All cluster connections have failed

    We have three DNS Only servers and four WHM servers in a DNS cluster. This morning all of them are reporting that they cannot connect to each other. I have tried setting up the links again but just get the error "Unknown API Error when attempting to contact the remote system". I find it...
  4. S

    Slave DNS Setup

    Hallo liebe Community, ich habe ein kleines Problem. Ich bin noch recht neu in Sachen CentOS 7.6 und Cpanel/WHM deswegen gibt es leider ein paar Probleme. Ich bin derzeit dabei ein dedicated Server bei Hetzner aufzubauen. Das funktioniert auch sehr gut. Normalerweise beschäftige ich mich nur...
  5. T

    Failed to fetch zone file for domain

    I had a old site that just needed to be completely redone so I used a old domain name to build it while the old site stayed live. The plan was to use WHM's domain change utility but it caused some errors. The first was Auto SSL was stuck, the reason is the domain doesn't seems to be missing from...
  6. D

    CNAME getting redirected to /cgi-sys/defaultwebpage.cgi

    Hi! I'm having a problem configuring cname. I have r.dominio1.com located on the X server. I have r.dominio2.com located on the Y server. I'm configuring cname as below: r.dominio1.com. CNAME r.dominio2.com. When running r.dominio1.com I am redirected to...
  7. H

    Domain linking problem

    So let me explain the problem well: - I have been authorized to be full administrator of VPS by my friend *What I want: - Let's assume I have domain name: n1.com - And I have made subdomains as (*), so website can create any subdomain they want - For example user A, have subdomain: a.n1.com -...
  8. D

    You must remove this DNS entry from this server

    I have created an account in my whm and then i terminated that account, by mistake i checked on Keep DNS Zone. Account was terminated and deleted from WHM. But after that i tried to create that account i get this below error. (XID g5q8ze) A DNS entry for “example.com” already exists. You must...
  9. M

    can't open DNS 53 port

    I can't open DNS port 53 although netstat -tulpn showed it's listening netstat -tulpn tcp 0 0* LISTEN 14877/named tcp 0 0* LISTEN 2426/dnsmasq
  10. cPanelResources

    Tutorial Basic Networking Tools

    Introduction Although we do not generally support networking on servers, we want to help you with networking issues that can sometimes occur. Here are some basic server-level tools that system and network administrators can use to troubleshoot networking issues. These tools either come with the...
  11. B

    Assign an IP Address to SubDomain?

    hi, In cPanel one can create a subdomain, which is a directory within the same domain. I am looking for a more separated solution. So I copied all data to a different server. If i create an extra A record in the DNS; like: test.domain.com and point it to the latter server i still get a 404...
  12. B

    DNS hostnames incorrect, cant update

    Hi, I've got a domain with wrong/outdated dns hostnames defined. DNS is running in a cluster. Strangely tho was only on 1 server the DNS set. So i added the DNS on another (which will update it for all other servers). Nevertheless, the hostnames remain unchanged in whois. Changes made ~30...
  13. I

    cPanel/WHM DNS Issue

    Hey everyone, I am facing a problem with cPanel/WHM DNS and I hope to get help I've created a cPanel/WHM image on centOS on AlibabaCloud and purchased a domain name also from Alibaba I'd like to set this domain as the default of WHM with default Nameserver NS1 & NS2 I did all these steps...
  14. N

    Sub Domain MX Records

    I need to create MX / TXT records for a sub domain, can anyone explain if this is possible and if so, what are the steps to make this work. Many thanks
  15. psytanium

    Hiding whois DNS name servers

    Hello, I want to add complete privacy to my domain name, when someone search for it in the WHOIS database. Adding a privacy protection will hide the owner name, organization and other fields. But it don't hide the name servers, NS1.DOMAIN.COM , etc.. Is there a way to Hide it or change it...
  16. M

    Ghost Zones listed in Zone Editor

    I have Inherited a cPanel Instance that has 2 zones listed in the Zone Editor that don't exist. I wan to remove them but when I try, I get "Failed to fetch zone file for “ The Zones don't exist in the '/var/names/' folder. And whm is no help as they aren't there ether.
  17. T

    Best practice for nameserver DNS records

    Hello, I was just wondering, what is the best practice for the DNS records that actually point to the name servers? For example, is it best to setup the DNS zone example.com, then add A records that point to ns1, ns2, ns3, ns4, etc, within that zone? Or, is it best to create separate DNS zones...
  18. T

    Hostname record not resolving on two name servers

    Hello, I recently setup DNS clustering with two additional name servers. These servers are running the latest RELEASE tier of cPanel DNSONLY. So far, everything for the most part is working correctly. Every record in nearly all DNS zones is resolvable from these two new servers. However, the...
  19. D

    DNS Settings for MS office?

    Hello everyone, from last couple of days I am in trouble to route my email from my local DNS to Microsoft office 365. I have added MX but still I am not getting any of the email send in my another account to office 365
  20. N

    Track DNS connection timed out

    Today I try the Track DNS feature in cpanel main page. I fill in the form a valid url, like - Removed -. The result tell me connection timed out. Could any body tell what is happened.