1. T

    Filezilla settings to transfer file before changing DNS ?

    Hello, I am going to transfer my affiliate boutique via FileZilla. However I haven't pointed the DNS to the destination server yet. How shall I set host and login to make sure I can send the files to the destination ? Tanks in advanced.
  2. N

    Error Parser while Configuring DNS Cluster

    I'm keep having an error whenever i try to established reverse trust for DNS Clsutering manuallya (automatic reverse trust setup doesnt work). THis is the error that i have : Syck parser (line 13, column 22): syntax error at...
  3. Hedloff

    CPANEL-36392 - Bug in Dynamic DNS

    When you create a new DDNS domain and enter domain manually, it's not saved with any IP address. You have any eta for this fix?
  4. R

    WHM / Script to Auto Generate DNS records?

    Hey Friends, can WHM or a script update all DNS records or set them back to the defaults??? I'm having probs connecting with an email client and I'm suspecting DNS to the the problem here.
  5. 000

    new.IP/whm going to cprapid.com:2087 why? and worst: my DNS no load

    hello I rent new.IP + new.VPS my OldDomain load fine by years but this week I config in registrar: ns1.OldDomain -> new.IP ns2.OldDomain -> new.IP also we config: OldDomain with: ns1.OldDomain ns2.OldDomain we are waiting "propagation DNS", but now is more of 5 days with OldDomain...
  6. T

    Migrating a wordpress, how to access admin before changing DNS ?

    Hello, The free migration service could not help me, as my old OVH VPS does not authorize SSH access. Nevermind, I am now trying to migrate with UpDraftPlus, as they explain here : How do I migrate to a new site location? - UpdraftPlus. I have alrady installed Worpress toolkite Lite, I have...
  7. ribo

    SOLVED Power Dns issue after update

    Hello, yesterday i updated in my centos 7 vps cpanel from 92.0.11 to 94.0.2. The power dns was updated to 4.3.1 After that power dns was down and it couldlnt restart So to can have my domains up i use Bind. Why happened that?
  8. M

    Reporting-MTA: dns

    This message was created automatically by mail delivery software. A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its recipients. This is a permanent error. The following address(es) failed: XXXXXX The mail server could not deliver mail to XXXXX. The account or domain may not...
  9. R

    Account migration to another server in the same dns cluster

    Hi, I've got 2 cPanel/WHM servers (cloud1.server.com and cloud2.server.com) and 2 cPanel DNSonly servers (ns1.server.com and ns2.server.com). This is the way I configured the 2 servers in the clusters: cloud1.server.com --> ns1.server.com. (synchronize...
  10. B

    DNS - point to specific domain

    Hello, I'm trying to work out the the best way to redirect a website hosted elsewhere to one hosted on my server. The clients current site is something.com, and I'm hosting their something.com.au website. Now we cant do anything in their current host, so no .htaccess redirects or the like...
  11. Spirogg

    Using a sub domain on another server

    Hello, This is my example IP’s and configuration below I have cPanel on server1.domain.com And setup nameservers: ns1.domain.com IP ns2.domain.com IP I setup in my registrar google domains to use my nameservers instead of googles. ns1 ns2 for domain2.com This...
  12. D

    point to cpanel from another dns managment

    Hi. my domain dns still manage in the old place. i have an a record point to the cpanel server. i guess i had to change the mx record too? is it true? if so. what exactly should i put in the mx name? and value? I would be very grateful if it is possible to be precise, it will also...
  13. anton_latvia

    DNS response time improvement

    Good day community! I have came across the following issue. A customer complained, that our DNS servers are much slower comparing to another provider. We are serving our DNS zones from 2 DNS-ONLY small boxes (1 core, 2gb ram) and there's no load on them, but speed-test from DNS Speed Test to...
  14. jmginer

    Catch-all DNS zone in cPanel

    Hello, I want to configure my Named as a catch-all, This is to redirect domains that do not have a DNS zone to a parking page, like this: Wildcard DNS zone in bind – ServerOK zone "." IN { type master; file "/var/named/catch-all.zone"; }; I thought about doing it with an...
  15. M

    use SPF template on dns templates

    since 2015 (Missing include from spf record in dns zone template) until now anything changed? does cpanel allow using SPF records in DNS template if I want to use single SPF for all of my new hosted domains for example I want to set it as example.com. 14400 IN TXT "v=spf1...
  16. G

    SOLVED FQDN problem when install cpanel / whm trial

    Hello, I am trying to install the trial version of cpanel, but when trying to do it I get the following error, which I try to fix according to the indication that appears by typing hostname www.web123.com But then I get another error where it states that it cannot have www. How do i solve...
  17. Jim Evans

    ET DNS Query for .su TLD (Soviet Union) Often Malware Related

    Started noticing suricata alerts based on this ET. Has anyone else been seeing this? network.data.decoded .............ns2.magicgenericmart.su..... UDP traffic (..5.?._X..............ns2.magicgenericmart.su..............W."[email protected] Exploring tcpdump to pcap...
  18. Bashed

    DNS Delegation on IPv4

    I use my own ns1/ns2 for DNS delegation with ARIN. I edit rDNS per /24, per zone file via cPanel/WHM or SSH console. The zones are created via WHM interface, easily for me. Now, recently I acquired a legacy block of IPv4 from an ISP. Because it's legacy, they're only able to do a...
  19. S

    SOLVED CSF country block but allow DNS

    I've searched everywhere but couldn't find a solution, hopefully someone here knows a way. When using ConfigServer Firewall and configuring via WHM to use CC_DENY to block various countries, is there a way to whitelist a port or service such as DNS or exclude it from the country block? I've...
  20. P

    cPanel Not Signing DKIM for Sites with External Name Servers

    I have a series of sites that use cPanel for email. The ones that are hosted on the cPanel server are working just fine, but the ones that only use the cPanel server for email are not having the DKIM signature added to messages by cPanel. The way these sites are setup are with the sites...