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    dnsadmin testing

    Hello, I'm in the process of writing a plugin for dnsadmin, and I'm having trouble in making sense of the documentation. In particular, how can I test the remote module? the "example calls" return command not found as there's no such file (tried in dnsonly and regular servers). Perhaps it's...
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    Custom DNSAdmin module - What are companyids

    I'm developing a custom DNSAdmin module as per Guide to Custom dnsadmin Plugins and I'm looking at the existing implementations to help guide me. I note in /usr/local/cpanel/Cpanel/NameServer/Setup/Remote/SoftLayer.pm line 134 within get_config, it references: 'companyids' => [ 150, 477, 425, 7...
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    How to point, forward domain name to new server

    How can I point or forward a domain name to new server IP address please? Moved domain to other server within DNS cluster, DNS is correct, TTL = 14 days. After 2 days very few nameservers picked up the new IP address so far. (since still using same nameservers) Instead than waiting for up to...
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    SOLVED dnsadmin has failed to restart.

    Hello team I have an issue when creating an account it gives me this error "The system failed to connect a UNIX domain socket to “/var/cpanel/dnsadmin/sock” because of an error: Connection refused" And I have noticed all services status in PENDING I have tried to restart DNS admin using this...
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    SOLVED AutoSSL update script throws dnsadmin error when renewing

    Hi, Our main domain (also used for the host) suddenly won't renew whereas subdomains used by WHM are working ok. So: example.com - Old certificate (expired) host.example.com/whm - New certificate Both are AutoSSL certificates. AutoSSL throws this error: # /usr/local/cpanel/bin/autossl_check...
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    Dnsadmin Not working

    Dnsadmin not working. Service Error (XID xucm5w) The “dnsadmin” service failed to start. [2021-03-02 18:35:04 +0530] info [dnsadmin] Recovering from dormant or doing hot restart listen fd=4 [2021-03-02 18:35:04 +0530] info [dnsadmin] Accepted connection on fd=5 [2021-03-02 18:41:09...
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    Cannot start dnsadmin due to PID file issue.

    I'm using cPanel 88.0 (build 9). The status of dnsadmin is DOWN. I am trying to start it, but getting PID file error. Here's results of a status check: [root@dev scripts]# systemctl status dnsadmin * dnsadmin.service - cPanel DNS admin service Loaded: loaded...
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    Spamd, dnsadmin, and tailwatchd issues

    Hello, I'm not sure what has happened, but suddenly I am having issues with spamd, dsnadmin, and tailwatchd. First, my environment: /etc/redhat-release:CentOS Linux release 7.7.1908 (Core) /usr/local/cpanel/version: /var/cpanel/envtype:virtuozzo CPANEL=release Everything was...
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    BIND deferred reload time DNSadmin question

    Could any one clarify below query? Under Tweak Settings ================= BIND deferred reload time This setting allows you to specify the time (in seconds) that the dnsadmin service waits before it restarts BIND. The system silently discards additional restart requests in this time period...
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    Can't Create New Account in WHM

    I'm trying to create a new account for my customer. But I encounter this error. Account Creation Status: failed (XID v394db) The system failed to connect a UNIX domain socket to “/var/cpanel/dnsadmin/sock” because of an error: Not Found How can I solve this? Thanks.
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    recurrent dnsadmin defunct/zombies

    They don't seem to be causing an issue. On Sep 20, I killed the dnsaadmin process itself to get rid of about 20-30 of them. It recovered itself ok, but is still leaving a zombie or 2 every day ?? Is this normal/expected with the new way it works ? # ps -efwww|grep dns root 1838 9862 0 02:09...
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    Uninstall dnsadmin

    How do I completely unisnstall dnsadmin from the cpanel /whm server. It wqas in dormant mode but now I want to make sure that it is completely removed from the server.
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    DNS Functions Stopped Working in WHM

    I recently logged into WHM to set up a parked domain for a client and I can't seem to do anything that requires WHM to write to DNS zone files. In fact when I try any WHM function that even requires the program to pull a list of DNS zones such as "Delete a DNS Zone" or "Edit DNS Zone" WHM hangs...
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    Dns Admin failing

    For a while now I have had dns admin restarting at night. Sometimes just once, sometimes several times in a row. Any ideas why would this be happening? It only started occurring when I tried to do an SDF record on a domain. Thanks
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    Nightly dnsadmin failures after update

    After the recent update to 56 one of my servers reports dnsadmin is reporting frequent failures during the night. It always recovers quickly and is fine during the day time. I am guessing that dnsadmin is now run as needed by the server and when requests are low during the night it stops. Is...