1. M

    DNSOnly Updates / Auto reboot

    Hi Everyone, I have a DNS cluster with 6 members. (geographically diverse) They update automatically (good) but then sit there waiting patiently for me to log in to see if they need to reboot. At the very least, couldn't they send an email when the need to restart? Email works from the boxes...
  2. I

    SOLVED [CPANEL-30418] SSL for DNSOnly Server

    How can I install SSL for my DNSOnly server? I heard in other topic that it's not important to install for the DNSOnly. But I don't care about it's cost and just to be in a safe zone!
  3. 4

    Can't update DNSOnly server due to EA4?

    NOTE: A system upgrade was not possible due to the following blockers: [2019-06-12 14:19:01 +0100] W [FATAL] - You must migrate from EA3 to EA4 before upgrading to v78 or newer. You can do so by running /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/migrate_ea3_to_ea4 or via WHM’s EasyApache 4 Migration interface...
  4. T

    DNS Propagation on DNSOnly name servers

    I'm having an issue on our 2 name servers with WHM DNSOnly installed. There is a DNS cluster on our main WHM to ns1 ans ns2. As far as I can tell, this replication is working but each other the name servers are not propagating normally, and when you attempt to resolve the A record for ns1 or ns2...
  5. inteldigital

    SOLVED [CPANEL-23845] cpsrvd fails after 76 upgrade when running a custom Apache service

    At around 0700 hours this morning, we were alerted to one of our redundant DNSOnly servers had failed, it has been trying to restart itself for the past 9 hours and we have tried everything to get it restarted but nothing is working. On running the command "/scripts/restartsrv_cpsrvd" we get...
  6. leonep

    SOLVED Use AutoSSL certificate on another server?

    Hi, I have WHM/Cpanel production server and other backup server with CPanelDNS Only. I want access whm in CPanelDNSOnly server using certificate generated on WHM/cPanel main server. i setup an account with domain and working dns on main server. the certificate issued no error but whm on backup...
  7. L

    AutoSSL for services on a DNS only server

    Hello, I currently have a self-signed cert for the services on my DNS only server. The cert expires in 3 days. I am getting the following email: The SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate for “cpanel” on “dnsonly.mydomain.com” will expire in less than 30 days. You need to install a new...
  8. CBG

    DNS Only and TeamSpeak 3 - Do they play nice together?

    Hi, I am thining about setting up a TS3 server on my DNS Only server and wondered is this will all play nice together? As I am sure I read a post in the past about cPanel and TeamSpeak not playing nice together (can't find the post now). They would go on a OVH Public CLoud server, with the...
  9. I

    Two servers using the same domain name

    I am actually kind of trying the same thing. Can somebody please give you thoughts if I am doing this properly. Basically, I want my 2 cPanel servers to share DNS for redundancy instead. Here's the setup I am trying to achieve: vps1.webserverone.com server with the ff nameservers: -...
  10. C

    SOLVED Manage Plugins on DNS-Only

    Hey, Installed two DNSONLY servers this morning - both installed fine on fresh CentOS 7.x installs - went to the finish the setup wizard after installation, no problem either. Next I went to install the Munin Server Monitor (cPanel > Manage Plugins) and got this error immediately: The API...
  11. J

    cPanel DNS Only High CPU (queueprocd)

    Hi, I just installed cPanel DNS Only on a new CentOS 7 64bit machine. Since I have installed cPanel DNS Only I have been seeing CPU usage of 3-4. When I looked at top/processes it shows this. 771 root 0 91.27 1.23 queueprocd - process next scheduled task For some reason queueprocd is using...
  12. T

    DNS Only disk usage warning

    I am using WHM DNS Only and getting disk usage warnings. Since the DNS Only version of WHM does not include tweak settings what file do I need to edit so I can change the threshold that triggers the warning?
  13. T

    DNSonly Question

    Hello, Just i wanna ask for DNSOnly cpanel product. Simple as well i have 2 servers, in one i want to install cpanel/whm (already installed) ex ip and in server 2 i want to install DNSOnly srv 2 ip . so can i set up 2 nameservers on server 2 which will reach ip of server 1...
  14. C

    How to restart DNSOnly and all services??

    For crying out loud!?!?!?!? I can't find a way to restart DNSOnly server. GUI do not have place for it and for some reason I can't find answer from Google.. So, how do I restart DNSOnly server with all services and so on??
  15. C

    Changing IP address on EC2 instance running DNSOnly

    Hello All, I have 3 of 4 of my DNSOnly servers running on EC2 (the fourth is on one of my servers in colo). If I change the EIPs on the DNS servers, will that cause the DNS to break? I was thinking they wouldn't, as they are using hostnames and not IP addresses. Thanks :)
  16. W

    Migrate cPanel DNS-Only Nameservers

    Hi all, We run a 4 nameserver cPanel-only DNS cluster. Those nameservers were installed on a 32-bit OS, which of course affects the updates now. What is the best means of reinstalling the nameserver boxes (OS and cPanel) whilst avoiding downtime? Thanks!
  17. A

    How to remove unneeded cPanel services from cpanel DNSONLY

    Hello, I have a dedicated server I installed cPanel on, at the same time I installed a virtualization software on it, in order to have another cpanel running on a vps in the virtual container. After I discovered that there is no much difference between the cpanel license for a VPS and...
  18. MajorLancelot

    SOLVED Let's Encrypt For cPanel DNSOnly

    Since cPanel doesn't offer SSL for DNS servers, can Let's Encrypt be installed on cPanel DNSOnly using the same script?
  19. T

    SOLVED DNS Only - How to clear all records

    I have a new DNS Only installation and something is not working right and I would like to remove all zone records and re-sync from another DNS server. Is there a procedure for doing this? The DNS Only admin does not have the option to remove zone files. Would I just remove all zones from...
  20. HollyRidge

    DNSOnly - Failed update

    DNSOnly server will not update to It fails with the following error... [2016-10-11 22:55:24 -0400] W NOTE: A system upgrade was not possible due to the following blockers: [2016-10-11 22:55:24 -0400] W [FATAL] - Your system does not support [output,abbr,SNI,Server Name Indication]...