1. craigedmonds

    DNSOnly api connection through a production Cpanel server - ANY DOCUMENTATION OUT THERE?

    I have 8 Cpanel production servers linked into 6 Cpanel DNS ONLY which are all clustered together. What I want to do is this: 1. create an external PHP application (ie my own API) that connects to the DNSonly system through one of the production server 2. query the cluster DNS to get a list of...
  2. C

    SOLVED Best cluster config for 8 DNSOnly Server

    Hi, need some help with 2 web servers connected to 8 DNS Only servers. Below is what I plan to do, is it ok. Can I sync between DNS Only?
  3. F

    DNSOnly Query

    does cPanel DNSOnly server already has Add DNS Zone, Zone Editor, etc via WHM? Thanks in advance
  4. W

    DNSOnly wp-toolkit

    Starting with the update of DNSOnly to v92.0.5 the following entries occur hourly in the secure log: /var/log/secure: Dec 16 00:28:39 hs5 sudo: wp-toolkit : TTY=unknown ; PWD=/usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/wp-toolkit/scripts ; USER=root ; COMMAND=/bin/test -e /etc/passwd Dec 16 00:28:39 xyz sudo...
  5. M

    In Progress [UPS-291] cPanel DNSOnly: SAD DNS / DNS Spoofing protection

    Hi, Today KernelCare writed a post in her blog where talk about SAD DNS. I have various web servers (with WHM/cPanel) and one Cluster DNS (whith cPanel DNSOnly). "WHM/cPanel" and "cPanel DNSOnly" have protection against SAD DNS / DNS Spoofing?. Or I need do anything for protect the domains...
  6. E

    Problem with message on dnsonly for unknown root login from cpanel

    Hello, I have a version cPanel&WHM v90.0.17. Yesterday evening I received this message: ⚠ Root Login from an Unknown Network IP Address (ip address from my cpanel) Domain: dns.*..ba Service: whostmgrd Local IP Address: ip adress from dns Local Port: 2087 Remote IP Address: ip...
  7. T

    Zone Manager vs Edit DNS Zone missing SOA MX SPF records with DNSOnly

    Hi All I have battled an issue over the last week, although it was existing for longer and I cannot pinpoint when it started. Background: WHM servers all feed to a cluster of 3 physical DNSOnly servers. Each DNSOnly server is stand-alone, each WHM server feeds to each of the stand-alone...
  8. M

    cPanel DNSOnly basic questions

    Hi, I configured a Cluster DNS with: -1 Master server (WHM/cPanel) -3 slave servers (cPanel DNSOnly): dns1.mydomain.com -> VPS 1, dns2.mydomain.com -> VPS 2, dns3.mydomain.com -> VPS3 But some things not work properly: 1- When I open cPanel DNSOnly hostname in my browser...
  9. E

    Uncompressing cPanel & WHM Installer (dnsonly). Extraction failed.

    I am trying to install cpanel DNS-Only on a new VPS instance running CentOS 8, but I get an error when trying to run the installer: Any ideas what might be the problem? Thanks.
  10. J

    How to manually enable ipv6 on cpsrvd for dnsonly

    I want to be able to browse to [my.ip.v6.address]:2087 and access the whm interface. However, in dnsonly, there is no tweak settings to enable listening on ipv6. I have manually changed the cpanel.config file with ipv6_listen=1 and rebooted, but that doesn't actually seem to cause cpsrvd to...
  11. M

    cPanel DNSOnly correct configuration

    Hi, -How can I disable automatic updates in cPanel DNSOnly?, I not want have any problem or error, and the web hosting servers cannot load the webs. I think maybe it's better update each day only one "cPanel DNSOnly" for be safe (and not all Cluster DNS). -Which command I need use for update...
  12. M

    cPanel DNSOnly info

    Hi, -How many RAM and Cores/Threads need for work correctly cPanel DNSOnly?. -Can i install him in VPS with CentOS? or need dedicated server for work correctly?. -cPanel DNSOnly work with CentOS 8 or need CentOS 7?. The DNS will load aprox. 700-800 domains. Thank you very much.
  13. N

    License file is not complete. dnsonly

    Hi Guys I cant log into one of my Dnsonly machines this morning. It throws the error "License file is not complete. [7713,31,433,7760,5537959]" cPanel & WHM License Verification | cPanel, L.L.C. says the license is verified with has no issues as well. [[email protected] ~]#...
  14. M

    DNSOnly Updates / Auto reboot

    Hi Everyone, I have a DNS cluster with 6 members. (geographically diverse) They update automatically (good) but then sit there waiting patiently for me to log in to see if they need to reboot. At the very least, couldn't they send an email when the need to restart? Email works from the boxes...
  15. I

    SOLVED [CPANEL-30418] SSL for DNSOnly Server

    How can I install SSL for my DNSOnly server? I heard in other topic that it's not important to install for the DNSOnly. But I don't care about it's cost and just to be in a safe zone!
  16. J

    Failed Installing cPanel DNSOnly on Centos 7.6

    Hi, I just trying to install cPanel DNSOnly on fresh server but always got error like this. 2019-07-02 15:47:27 1397 [3341] (DEBUG): Using MyIp URL to detect your IP 'http://cpanel.net/myip/'. 2019-07-02 15:47:29 1467 [3341] ( INFO): Checking for existing active license linked to IP...
  17. 4

    Can't update DNSOnly server due to EA4?

    NOTE: A system upgrade was not possible due to the following blockers: [2019-06-12 14:19:01 +0100] W [FATAL] - You must migrate from EA3 to EA4 before upgrading to v78 or newer. You can do so by running /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/migrate_ea3_to_ea4 or via WHM’s EasyApache 4 Migration interface...
  18. T

    DNS Propagation on DNSOnly name servers

    I'm having an issue on our 2 name servers with WHM DNSOnly installed. There is a DNS cluster on our main WHM to ns1 ans ns2. As far as I can tell, this replication is working but each other the name servers are not propagating normally, and when you attempt to resolve the A record for ns1 or ns2...
  19. equens

    SOLVED [CPANEL-25575] Post to a URL on DNSONLY

    I can't use the Post to a URL on DNSONLY servers: The system was unable to send the Post to a URL notification because of the following error: The API request failed with the following error: 500 - Internal Server Error.: Permission Denied: verify_posturl_access Do I need to config something...
  20. inteldigital

    SOLVED [CPANEL-23845] cpsrvd fails after 76 upgrade when running a custom Apache service

    At around 0700 hours this morning, we were alerted to one of our redundant DNSOnly servers had failed, it has been trying to restart itself for the past 9 hours and we have tried everything to get it restarted but nothing is working. On running the command "/scripts/restartsrv_cpsrvd" we get...