1. S

    SOLVED Unable to remove zone issue

    Hi, I'm facing an issue, in WHM, zone of domain exists but blank, and when I try to delete it I'm facing Unable to remove zone: domain.com error. When I try to delete it from the command line but there is no file in /var/named/ folder and also there is no entry of domain.com in the...
  2. G

    DNS zone auto added by WHM even when using remote DNS

    Hello, when I create a new account on WHM for somedomain.com it also automatically adds a full DNS zone for somedomain.com on local server. Is this DNS zone necessary if I use a remote DNS for somedomain.com? Let's say I use an external DNS to manage somedomain.com and I also use a remote...
  3. H

    Edit dns zone page not loading

    Hello! We have an issue with "Edit DNS zone". After I select an account the page does not fully load and there is no scroll down. The browser says that the server is running a script: scripts/editdnslist. We have this issue on 3 different servers with different configurations. It occured after...
  4. V

    Repair Mailbox Permissions remotedomains / localdomains issue

    Here's the scenario. Hosting a domain that has DNS handled elsewhere so there is no DNS zone file on the server at all. Mail is handled remotely as well. By hand I made sure the domain was not in the /etc/localdomains file and made sure to enter it into the /etc/remotedomains file. Then...
  5. I

    Dot at the end of a record

    Hello, I am using cpanel which is provided my host, so the problem is I am trying add an A record in DNS zone editor, but it add's a "." (Dot) at the end of domain name (play.mydomain.com.) and its a cancer to be honest as I am trying to use domain name for my game server's IP. (I want it to be...
  6. S

    How to Enable DNS Edit option.

    Everytime I try to edit DNS ZONE, the following message appears "This screen presents raw, undecoded DNS zone records. To make changes to these records, you must follow the quoting and escaping conventions described in RFC 1035. Can anyone help me?
  7. S

    Reset ALL DNS Zones

    I've tried to follow the guidelines at;DNS Zone Reset ALL However, I get an error when trying to add the dns after deleting. I'm logged in as root; [email protected] [~]# /scripts/killdns abccc1111.org abccc1111.org => deleted from root. abccc1111.org => deleted from root. abccc1111.org => deleted...
  8. C

    How to change owner of DNS zone?

    I have several domains that were manually added by clicking "Add DNS Zone" in WHM. These zones/domains are now all owned by root. How do I manually change the owner to another cPanel user, so that when I migrate that user (ie make a full cpanel backup and restore it elsewhere) it also migrates...
  9. caisc

    SOA record retry value change

    Hello, please have a look at following SOA record retry value - postimg.org/image/72vp0mcsj/c32df1a2/ For all accounts on this server this values is set to 7200 can someone guide me how to change this value to 3600 for all accounts hosted on this server? Also where do i change this value to...
  10. I

    SOLVED DNS Zones if you don't run a DNS Server?

    Hi guys, I've copied all the config from my cPanel DNS Zones page into my domain provider's "Advanced DNS" control panel and things work fine but do those records in cPanel do anything if thats how I have it all set up? I'm having trouble with "550 No User Here" response when i email the...
  11. Y

    DNS management doesn't add new record

    Hi i using cpanel Accelerated 2 I want to add new record in dns management, I сlick in "add new record" it's don't work but show me "success dns saved Changes to your DNS have been saved successfully!" why or how to solve a problem?
  12. B

    API ZoneEdit edit_zone_record TTL Update

    I have a home server with a dynamic IP. A subdomain points to this IP. As it's dynamic, the following API2 (my first such attempt at doing this on cPanel) command is called via SSH as part of some wider (non-CP related) processing: cpapi2 --user=$USER ZoneEdit edit_zone_record Line=$LINE...
  13. E

    DNS Entry Already Exists Error

    Hello, I try to create a new account on my WHM then get this message: Account Creation Status: failed (XID x68mdc) A DNS entry for “example.com” already exists. You must remove this DNS entry from all servers in the DNS cluster to proceed. Also, when I try to delete the DNZ zone in WHM, I...
  14. R

    ns2.* zone corrupt, unable to reset the zone

    When I edit my ns2.* zone I am getting a message there are errors, it's outlined below: cPanel first: (update_time):1481592994 Cpanel::ZoneFile::VERSION:1.3 hostname:server01.someserver.com latest: ; Zone file for ns2.nameserver.us $TTL 14400...
  15. S

    SOLVED Enable DNS zone transfers?

    Hello, I started looking through /var/log/secure* and found some worrying stuff, like this: Dec 3 22:24:09 franklin pdns[4717]: AXFR of domain 'mydomain.com' initiated by Dec 3 22:24:09 franklin pdns[4717]: AXFR of domain 'mydomain.com' failed: cannot request AXFR...
  16. S

    Disable default www entry for all subdomains and hostname

    Hello, How would I turn off the automatic entry for the www in the DNS records? I'm running PowerDNS and in cPanel, I don't see anything listed. Here's what it shows: ; cPanel first: (update_time):1480148618 Cpanel::ZoneFile::VERSION:1.3 hostname:franklin.example.com...
  17. Jeff P.

    Reset DNS Zone causing duplicate entries.

    I added custom DKIM, SPF and DMARC to my zone templates. When I reset a zone, it duplicated those entries each time it is reset. What can I do to prevent this? My Custom Entries: %domain%. %nsttl% IN TXT "v=spf1 mx include:send.aweber.com -all" default._domainkey IN TXT "v=DKIM1; k=rsa...
  18. D

    CNAME getting redirected to /cgi-sys/defaultwebpage.cgi

    Hi! I'm having a problem configuring cname. I have r.dominio1.com located on the X server. I have r.dominio2.com located on the Y server. I'm configuring cname as below: r.dominio1.com. CNAME r.dominio2.com. When running r.dominio1.com I am redirected to...
  19. P

    Can´t create a new Addon Domain or Redirect Domain

    Hi, since yesterday we had a problem with our Cpanel Server. If an customer want´s to add a new AddonDomain or Redirect Domain, there comes an error message: (XID 89wfvw) Es ist bereits ein DNS-Eintrag für „objectcrew.at“ vorhanden. Sie müssen diesen DNS-Eintrag von allen Servern im...
  20. I

    SOLVED v58 to v60 Upgrade and now "Failed to fetch zone:" error

    I had 2 of my 3 servers update to v60 over the weekend and now when I try to "Edit DNS Zone" on either of them it says "Failed to fetch zone: domain.com.db" If you go into their cPanel and they the "Advanced Zone Editor" you also get a "Failed to fetch zone file for domain.com" Looking at the...