1. D

    Addon domains, subdomain options missing for Jupiter

    Hi, today I need to create an addon domain for a customer but couldn't find the option In whm, i'm in the customers cpanel. using Jupiter theme, these options are missing. I switched to paper lantern and the options are there cpanel 106.0.1
  2. bellwood

    How are you dealing with remote domains and cloudflare

    Just wanted to ask the community how they are enforcing "Allow Remote Domains" being turned off while still permitting domains using remote nameservers to be added? In my case, domains being added have an A and AAAA that resolve to addresses on my server, however, unless I add seemingly endless...
  3. I

    Too many SSL errors reported across domains

    ISSUE: SSL errors reported every few days showing same issues. PREAMBLE: I have a reseller account. A clients site keeps reporting SSL errors. Host said "Ignore it". Not a acceptable answer for client. I do have WHM, but it is limited to being a bit more useful than cPanel. Unable to change...
  4. C

    Help displaying visitors from multiple domains

    Hi Guys, I have asked my hosting provider who says its isn't possible but i'd like to check here just in case. I have a root access VPS & I'm wanting to pull the number of website visitors (monthly or yearly) from each domain name and then rank it from most visited to least visited. The...
  5. M

    Exim localdomains contradicts MX records

    When a domain i transferred to cpanel, typically first step is that a new user and the domain is configured in cpanel. Then a welcome message with account information is sent by email to the new user. If the user has registered a contact email address belonging to the domain that is about to be...
  6. U

    SOLVED Addon domains stopped working

    Hi one of our clients server has 2 addon domains Both have no DNS issues, autossl issues the certificates, both were working until recently. Now we get a 404 error. I've removed, cleared all dns zones completely, including the sub domains of the main domain. Added again, still 404. It will...
  7. PeteS

    In Progress CPANEL-40619 - Where is "Manage Redirection" in the new Domains interface?

    In cPanel > Domains > Subdomains there is the "Manage Redirection" link where you can *modify* a redirect. Where in the new Domains interface is this feature?! I the old Subdomains panel it encourages us to use the new CPanel > Domains > Domains interface, but clicking the Manage button in...
  8. C

    AutoSSL failing for domains with external DNS but hosted and resolving to cpanel server

    AutoSSL failing for domains with external DNS but hosted and resolving to cpanel server. Domains using the local server DNS are working with AutoSSL, but not domains that are using an external 3rd party DNS server. The domain in question does resolve to the server IP. Running the following...
  9. M

    Dedicated IP domains : can MX point to every I'm ?

    Hello, On a server different domains with each dedicated IP. They are sending out mail from their dedicated IP. Question : - For the MXs if each domain, can I point them to every ip of the server, or maybe s'y they point exclusively to the dedicated IP of the domain ? - same question for smtp...
  10. M

    Force AutoSSL to renew when not all domains pass DCV

    I have a domain that I have added to a client's account but the domain is pointed at another server. The cpanel server is being used as the primary and secondary dns, and another dns server that his host controls as the tertiary dns. The issue is twofold apparently in that none of the...
  11. 000

    where we create/edit TEMPLATE for ALL the files "/var/named/domain.tld.db" ? (new requeriment from ISP)

    hello, our ISP send this requeriment to yours customers: we can't edit one by one "/var/named/domain1.tld.db" , "/var/named/domain2.tld.db", etc... also what about NEW accounts/domains ? then: exists some COMMAND/FILE/TEMPLATE for we EDIT all the files "/var/named/domain.tld.db" and some...
  12. P

    Enable Apache SpamAssassin Spam Box for all domains

    Hello, Is there a way in WHM settings to enable Spam Box (Move New Spam to a Separate Folder) to all cPanel accounts. I have enabled it from Tweaks Settings, but I need to login to every cPanel account ir order to enable the "Move New Spam to a Separate Folder" option. Thanks in advance.
  13. M

    Get all add on domains from single user via API

    Hi Guys, We are using WHMCS and we would like to be able to show the add on domains created by our users on their accounts. We have been looking into Return all domains information · cPanel & WHM Developer Portal And this is working fine, but we feel that it is overkill (and too resource...
  14. S

    Autoresponder filter allowed domains

    Hello, Myself and my clients use the autoresponder as an out-of-office auto reply. This feature could need an update regarding to whom it will send the emails. With the spam email increasing and bypassing all filters (they are that good nowadays), I really don't want to send auto-replies to spam...
  15. S

    parking and unparking domains - API function

    I see in the latest API docs a function to park a domain called "create_parked_domain_for_user". However, I don't see an obvious counterpart to "unpark domain for user". I do see "delete_domain", but it doesn't mention the terms "unparking" anywhere in the docs for that function. I tried...
  16. L

    As I have applied auto HTTPS:// for some other domains and worked WITHOUT HAVING SSL???

    SSL cert for expired? Is it really needed? As I have applied auto switch to HTTPS:// - with .htaccess file - for some other domains and worked WITHOUT HAVING SSL??? Please provide cPanel/WHM Documentation URL/REFERENCES for Linux Auto SSL...? My VPS server is CentOS 7.9 - cPanel/WHM - LAMP
  17. N

    Domain showing another website on the server

    Hi, Having am issue with one domain, it is now showing another domain website that is on the server. I was in the process of updating the cpanel SSL certificate on the domain, and removed the expired one, so that the new new would install as it is still pending in the queue. Since that was...
  18. B

    How to setup SPF record on entire server for all domains?

    Hi, This will be a long post. Anyway, I am planning on moving my cPanel accounts from my old provider to Linode. It looks like Linode keeps port 25 closed, so per request they opened it, and my domains can send emails. I talked to their support on how to setup cPanel shared hosting environment...
  19. R

    Create an AutoSSL Certificate for just the domains not covered by the Standard SSL I just bought

    Hello, recently I upgraded the SSL certificate on one of my domains (let's call it to a Standard SSL. However, this domain only covers and Basically these domains are not covered by the Standard SSL and there may be more: cpanel. cpcalendars. cpcontactacts...
  20. A

    AutoSSL uses different domain SSL for all newly created add-on domains

    When I setup a add-on domain for example, AutoSSL uses a HTTPS certificate from a different domain thats on the account ( or sometimes it uses the My client thought that he was hacked by my other client site when he checked and saw...