1. USA_Webmaster

    Email Rule to filter (delete or move) all domains except from .com?

    Can you please help me write a rule to delete or move email to a folder for all incoming email address that ARE NOT a .com? Really, what I would love is to just route all email that isn't .com, .net, or .org to a subfolder so I can review them manually. But mostly, all junk / spam mail seems to...
  2. H

    Cant Create New Sub Domains.

    Cant create new subdomains. There was a problem creating the sub-domain: (XID a89x24) The system failed to parse the JSON stream data “” for the caller “Cpanel::Wrap::send_cpwrapd_request” because of an error: malformed JSON string, neither tag, array, object, number, string or atom, at...
  3. B

    Cannot remove addon domains via API2

    Hi there, I'm trying to remove an addon domain using the deladdondomain function from API2: $xmlapi->api2_query($account, "AddonDomain", "deladdondomain", [ 'domain' => $dom, 'subdomain' => $subdom ] ); But I get the...
  4. N

    cPanel Apache Redirects Interface issue | www to non-www not working - main domains

    Hello everybody, I got an issue here with cPanel redirects. First, the issue is the main domain, but i try to understand all the problems and how actually the redirects work. Part1: Sub Domains: I create in the interface redirect to the subdomain to the main domain: # HTTP cPanel | Rewrite /...
  5. E

    Add imap. and smtp. to all newly created WHM domains

    WHM, by default, create a mail. DOT domain record for all new domains. Hurah! Seems like the industry is liking this idea and I see it working in some autoconfig / autodisover wizards. However, Samsung phone email clients and a bunch of other email clients do not support autoconfig /...
  6. K

    In Progress CPANEL-37526 - SECURED_DOMAIN_DCV_FAILURE: One or more currently-secured domains failed DCV.

    Hello, We have about 4 servers with ~100 domains on each server. AutoSSL has been renewing the SSL Certificates just fine till recently. Some customers are using mail external, some aren't. The problem that we are experiencing is that when one or more subdomains aren't pointing to the server...
  7. A

    [EA-9845 ] - WHM turned off PHP-FPM overnight for all domains, brought them ALL down, "File is writeable by group"

    Overnight all of our WHM servers (and a few 3rd party ones we manage) decided that all of their websites will suddenly return HTTP 500. Inspecting the Apache error log at "/usr/local/apache/logs/error_log" I found huge volumes of this: SoftException in Application.cpp:267: File...
  8. D

    OPcache and Addon Domains

    Hi! I'm looking at including OPcache into my set up but I had a couple of questions before I do. Right now, I have php-fpm enabled and I'm on PHP 7.3. One of my accounts has multiple addon domains and each site uses fairly similar code. Would OPcache cause an issue with caching the similar...
  9. P

    Secure 3,500 domains per SSL certificate

    Hello I've had a problem for several years now and simply can't seem to find a solution. I have multiple client cPanel accounts with up to 3,500 domains each. The issue is that I need to have an SSL certificate for every domain (3,500) in each cPanel account. Using cPanel AutoSSL the max limit...
  10. M

    Smarthost SMTP Relay for hosting-provider with 2000+ domains

    Hi guys, We are a hosting provider with about 2.000 active clients placed on four different servers. We are looking for a Smarthost SMTP Relay solution where our clients can send out emails through a relay, so that the reputation on the IP on which their websites etc is hosted does not affect...
  11. F

    PHP scripts can´t send email to non available domains

    Hi, In the last week something has changed / been updated in my WHM. When a script that has PHPMAILER with SMTP authentification tries to send an email where the host doesnt exist, the script DOESNT ALLOW TO SEND THE EMAIL. (Before this, the script allowed to send the email and then the sender...
  12. T

    Smart Host to Selected Domains

    Hello to everyone There are many topics about this topic. I read all topics but a little difficult for novice or intermediate users like me now I'll tell you what I want I have 14 domains in cpanel there are 3 e-commerce sites in them and they have heavy e-mail traffic. I want to use a smart...
  13. R

    Transfer tool missed 2 domains without warning

    We transferred all accounts from a server to another using the transfer tool. Luckily we always doublecheck and it looked like some accounts were missing. Indeed 2 accounts were not transferred and I did -not- see a warning about that as far as I remember. A warning should have appeared imho. I...
  14. H

    SOLVED bind /etc/named.conf should domains be in internal and external view section?

    I have two WHM/cPanel servers running bind as the dns server and functioning as web and dns server. Looking at the file /etc/named.conf I notice the older server has all domains in internal view and external view. (duplicated in both internal and external views section) On the new server I...
  15. S

    Simplify Force HTTPS Redirect for addon domains

    I think it would be a great if cPanel could simplify the 'Force HTTPS Redirect' for addon domains. The current need to click settings > Show Associated Subdomains and then toggle it for the sub-domain of an addon domain isn't obvious for the type of user (skill level) who wants to use this...
  16. J

    SOLVED Any downside in turning on PHP-FPM for domains that do not use PHP?

    I just upgraded my server to CENTOS 7 and as part of that process I set each of my domains to use PHP 7.3 and deleted the earlier versions of PHP. The next issue is deciding whether to turn on PHP-FPM for all of my domains or only the domains that actually have PHP activity. The domains I have...
  17. S

    AutoSSL on addon domains, can I pick the "main" domain?

    I've read all the related AutoSSL threads I could find but didn't find a fix for this. When an account has addon domains, AutoSSL generates a cert that includes all the domains in the account. This sometimes has customers worried, because they check the certificate and they see another...
  18. F

    Determine domains using Site Publisher

    Is there any way to determine what sites/domains are using the cPanel Site Publisher? Based on the doc that I can find, the answer seems like "no". If there isn't, is there a more or less unique fie that it installs that we can look for?
  19. J

    domains do not inherit the rules from whm phpini manager

    Hello, CLOUDLINUX 7.9 kvm [server1] v92.0.9. several domains do not inherit the rules from whm phpini manager. my whm phpini manager - SCREENSHOT Upload and share screenshots and images - print screen online | where should I look for to enable inheriting the whm phpini ruells? Thank you
  20. D

    Is it right to put several domains on one cpanel account

    Hi. just consider next steps. im for sure going to use some cpanel accounts for "big" domains (massive i ment). cpanel for each site or domain. but for some static little sites, do you think i still need cpanel for each one? Do you think this has a serious advantage?