1. Worsin

    Trying to addon domains

    I have correctly pointed my domain to my dedicated server and when i try to add the domain after i get the following error. Error from park wrapper: Using nameservers with the following IPs: (lists my servers IPs not the old one) Sorry, the domain is already pointed to an IP address that does...
  2. T

    Newbie SSL question/problem. Cert for one domain is affected to other domains.

    Hi! I have been using Cpanel and WHM for a while now and I have to say it is simply great! But now I have this little problem with SSL certificate. I created one free cert at to one of my domains. I installed the cert and it works ok with that domain (let's say but...
  3. C

    Move domains from my old environment

    Hi there! I recently bought cPanel and have set it all up now. Running smoothly etc. Tryed to move my first domain into cPanel today.. When I first added it it sayd it was added to another NS, which is thru. I'm having it added to my old NS's. My "fix" was to "Add a DNS Zone". But...
  4. L

    Max Domains & Backup

    Hi, Can anyone give a realistic number of domains hosted on a typical Cpanel server? I am currently hosting around 900 domains per server on Plesk. Each server has the following (MINIMAL) spec. Dell PowerEdge 1750 Xeon 2.40GHz 2GB RAM 146GB Drives Also, is the Cpanel backup...
  5. cPanelDavidG

    Parking domains on addon domains

    At this time, that cannot be done. Here's the feature request for that which you can vote on:
  6. K

    Parking domains on addon domains

    As I found in search, the only way to park a domain name onto an existing addon domain is to use some cool feature in the WHM. Could anybody explain me how it's done?
  7. I

    AWSTATS says there are no domains

    just got my server, for some reason all my cpanel accounts get a "There are no domains which have awstats stats to display." when clicking on their awstats in cpanel. ...and yes awstats is enabled in the "tweak settings" in whm webalizer seems to work fine, just not awstats. and yes...
  8. C

    PHP processing problem - particular domains

    Hello, I had problems on some domains on my WHM server. Only some domains don´t process PHP, when I try to access the PHP scripts ONLY in these domains, I get the download screen showing me "application/x-httpd-php" at download popup screen. One of the domains with problems...
  9. G

    How to view webalizer stats for all domains (300+) on a dedicated server?

    I have a dedicated server with few hundred domains on it. How can I automate to view all traffic stats for all of the domains in the server. Currently, I have to manually view the popular domains one by one to see the stats. Ideally, I want to view daily visitors/per domain by a email...
  10. P

    Park multiple domains?

    I've been searching and searching and so far found no solution :( Is there really a script that could do this for cpanel?
  11. D

    proxy domains using Hostname

    Is it possible to setup the proxy domain feature using a subdirectory (NOT subdomain) on the servers hostname. e.g server1.mydomain/webmail1 reason I ask is I have an SSL certificate for server1.mydomain and I'd like to do the proxying there to avoid SSL errors using the webmail proxy...
  12. A

    LOCAL domains?

    hello, Is there a way to point local domains to an account? THe reason is , we use a cpanel server for internal websites as well which are also accessible from home. When people type in domain at work it will resolve to our server, and the same however, the apache cant see...
  13. S

    Promlem with Add-on Domains on Dedicated IP accounts

    I have recently moved clients to a new machine and have been experiencing many problems. so far we've encountered many DNS and Email related problems that seem to have finally been resolved but are now having problems with new add-on domains. This seems to be a 2 fold problem 1) cpanel is...
  14. D

    How-to combine two domains?

    I have a situation where two domains need to be consolidated under a single account (one domain as the primary, the other as a add-on). I'm not seeing a way to do this through the control panel, does anyone know how to do this? douglas
  15. C

    Managing Addon Domains Privileges

    Hello, I use WHM/cPanel and I just found out a problem with my customers. Some of them have access to create unlimited Addon Domains, other have this feature disabled. I want them all to have this feature disabled. I searched through the WHM documentation to see where I could disable it, but...
  16. P

    Main Domain and Addon Domains

    Hi I have a Cpanel configured so I have my main url just off the www folder. I am also hosting clients with addon Domains off the www folder, in their own folders. Is there a way I can put my own domain's files into a folder off the www folder so I can not mix my clients folders up with...
  17. D

    Prevent primary domain name from appearing on add-on domains?

    On error pages for, we receive the message "Please contact the server administrator, [email protected] and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error." The problem is that I do...
  18. S

    2 domains reference same files

    How do I get 2 domains to reference the same files. I have 1 domain, the main one with files... I also want to reference files, but be presented in the address bar as files. How do I accomplish this? In my old server it was called a domain...
  19. G

    More than 50 domains of their Zone records missing in named.conf

    Hi guys, My named.conf is left with 5 zone entries though i have about 100+ domains hosted on the server. Anyway to repair this problem and get the missing zones back ?
  20. big_bull

    unable to locate addon domains in cpanel

    Hello, I have added 6/7 addon domains through cpanel, all are working fine but today I noticked that some of the addon domains are not listed in addon domains list in cpanel (they are working fine but not in the list of addon domains).I don't want to readd them, how can I correct it and get...