1. petersphilo

    Constant messages about dovecot/indexer-worker

    Hello, i am running a VPS with Cpanel 68.0.33 on CentOS 7 x64 with 8GB dedicated RAM. My server does not have all that many mail accounts -- probably no more than 30, all told, but some of these accounts are stupidly huge (like, over 45GB -- customer's always right, right?) Anyway, i...
  2. T

    Dovecot concerns

    I'm sorry but I am being charged £10 per month for cPanel only to find that your using dovecot, the thing that prompted me to leave vesta behind after an update to vesta meant a reinstall of dovecot with a bug. So we are paying people to integrate buggy freeware stuff together? why don't you...
  3. W

    Delete Emails Doveadm

    Hi guys, An email address today got hit with over 50,000 emails from Mail Delivery System as they got hacked and the hackers tried sending thousands of spam emails. Currently trying to delete all those Mail Delivery System emails in cPanel, but I think I'm doing the Doveadm commands wrong...
  4. T

    Dovecot: no shared cipher

    I have a new install, and some devices aren't able to check their email (not accounts, devices). For example, I can check my email on my laptop, but my phone can't login. Another client can check his email on his phone, but not his computer. This is an example of the error in the mail log: Dec...
  5. D

    SOLR Dovecot Update error

    Hi. I am getting this error after 10 mins on non-stop basis. How can I stop or fix this? Cpanel::Exception::HTTP::Network/(XID 8r4cfb) The system failed to send an <abbr title="Hypertext Transfer Protocol">HTTP</abbr> “GET” request to...
  6. N

    Services cpanel-dovecot-solr

    What does Services cpanel-dovecot-solr ? I get Services cpanel-dovecot-solr are not enabled and Monitor. Can we Enable this Services cpanel-dovecot-solr and what benefits get from this Services?
  7. keat63

    Failed Dovecot Logins

    My users don't use webmail, and all have static configured office PC's, so have no requirement to know thier own email password, for this reason I'm utilising CSF, where I have IMAP, SMTP or POP3 login failure configured for 1 strike and your'e blocked. This works, and i see IP's being blocked...
  8. C

    Dovecot error after recent kernel update for CVE-2017-1000364

    Hi, After kernel update for CVE-2017-1000364, dovecot fails to start with following error Starting Dovecot Imap: doveconf: Fatal: execvp() failed: No such file or directory [FAILED] Also /var/run/dovecot does not contain usual link...
  9. pujiarahman


    Hi, I see in our monitoring Mail Queue Manager, the email use information like this Recipient(s) [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]/dovecot_virtual_delivery But some email use information like : dovecot_virtual_delivery...
  10. N

    dovecot: auth: Error:

    Hello, I have a strange problem - error! I have 1 server with DNS Cluster enable and 2 other vpses dnsonly server to write-only configuration. In my main server I have for example the domain! I use for my main server the hostname I have dns records as...
  11. N

    SOLVED Dovecot Login or pop3 method PLAIN

    Hello, I have a question about how a user can login to exim/dovecot without pop3/imap/webmail login! I see from logs: /var/log/maillog that users connects as: pop3-login: Login: user=<[email protected]>, method=PLAIN,,, mpid=SOMENUMBER, TLS...
  12. N

    Dovecot syscall failed

    Hello, I have a strange error and I can't understand what is! The error below: dovecot: pop3-login: Disconnected (no auth attempts in 5 secs): user=<>,,, TLS: SSL_read() syscall failed: Connection reset by peer, session=<SOME ID> Can anyone explain that...
  13. K

    Dovecot customised config main.local overwritten by update

    I read in Configure Dovecot - Documentation - cPanel Documentation and Dovecot Custom Configuration. that I should be able to make permanent changes to the dovecot configuration by creating and modifying a 'main.local' file. Last week, after the update to 64.0 (build 15) I noticed some...
  14. M

    Error with cpanel_dovecot_solr_maintenance cron

    I just logged in to my whm for the first time in about a week. There were a bunch of new options available from the last update, which I went ahead and enabled (nothing extraordinary), and then I got what I had assumed was my normal "someone has logged in to your whm" email. However, this one...
  15. H

    Huge increase of Dovecot Brute Force

    Anyone else getting bruteforce notices against dovecot? I am up to about 1 per 3 minute. Its coming from a botnet, so no way for me to just block a single IP. There is only a minor mention of a timing vulnerability that i can find online. Is cPanel folks aware of this, or have any...
  16. K

    SOLVED Dovecot policy server HTTP error 9002 after cPanel upgrade

    Hello After upgrading cPanel to cPanel & WHM 64.0 (build 12) customers experience time outs connecting to mail server. In / var/log/messages I see multiple instances of Apr 18 11:25:17 SERVER_NAME dovecot: auth: Error: policy([email protected],,<xxxxxx>): Policy server HTTP error...
  17. R

    SOLVED Individual Mail Directories dovecot files

    Within individual mail directories within domains on my vps are dovecot.* files. Are these created as a part of cpanel? Or might these be hack files? - Removed -
  18. A

    SOLVED cpanel-dovecot-solr not working on Amazon AMI

    For those running cPanel on Amazon Linux and having trouble getting solr to work (continuous failed service checks). This is probably due to the fact that java 1.7 is still default om Amazon Linux. On the commandline check if the service is running [email protected] [/]# netstat -an |grep 8984...
  19. J

    SOLVED Dovecot doesn't like %

    Many of our clients use % as an email login delimiter between local part & domain, so: [email protected] logins in using Not sure how this got started, but it has been going on for years. Now with the upgrade to 64.0.2, this ability has gone away. How do we restore this "feature"?
  20. B

    Dovecot Auto Expunge Trash not deleting

    We have some accounts on one box (latest stable) that have rather large Trash boxes, and the "Dovecot Auto Expunge Trash" function doesn't seem to be dealing with these. They're really old emails, and having set this to 90 days to start, it didn't do anything. Set it to 30, and ran...