1. J

    Intermittent Dovecot Failure

    Howdy, All, Running cPanel 62.0 (build 16), CentOS 7.3 x64, on a KVM VPS. 4 Cores and 10 Gigs memory, usually don't go above .25 load and three gigs memory in use. The system is not under heavy load. Have ConfigServer's MailScanner installed (they did the installation). Have a particular...
  2. leonep

    Dovecot Quota Error

    I got a lot of this errors in /var/log/maillog: host1 dovecot: pop3([email protected]): Error: quotactl(Q_GETQUOTA, /dev/root) failed: No such file or directory It's quota setup error? this is my etc/fstab: <file system> <mount point> <type> <options> <dump> <pass> /dev/md2...
  3. albatroz

    Corruption of Dovecot index files while migrating account to a new server

    Hello, I have migrated some domains to a new server and noticed the same error reported here Mailboxes corrupting (dovecot.index file) Is there any bug report around this issue? It is the third time I notice the same issue so I discovered the relation. BTW, this is the version of CPanel I am...
  4. M

    High Server Load from checkpassword-reply

    Hello All, I keep getting high server load and when i do top -c i see lots of /usr/local/cpanel/bin/dovecot-wrap /usr/libexec/dovecot/checkpassword-reply Sometimes as much as over processes of /usr/local/cpanel/bin/dovecot-wrap /usr/libexec/dovecot/checkpassword-reply What is causing this...
  5. diegorxmx

    Dovecot issue.

    Hello, everyone. I have a server with this specs: 24 cores. 32Gb RAM 4Tb Disk Space. But to weeks ago I have an issue, the server is high load. By filtering the processes I can see that the process that is most repeated is: /usr/local/cpanel/bin/dovecot-wrap...
  6. M

    Too many dovecot logins by the user dovenull

    Hi, When I checked the current running processes on my mail server I found more than 100 dovecot/pop3-login by the user dovenull. Is it normal to have this? dovenull 16976 0.0 0.0 6272 2344 ? S 03:49 0:00 dovecot/pop3-login dovenull 16978 0.0 0.0 6272 2412 ? S...
  7. I

    Directories with these names are not allowed in Maildir

    Hi, Right now, when someone try to create an email filter, cPanel always show error notification. Directories with these names are not allowed in Maildir directories: [list,and,_*]. The condition: The email account was transferred from another non cPanel server using imapsync. The folders...
  8. J

    Gmail email from cPanel via POP

    Continued from: Gmail email from cPanel via POP I am representing the same problem. I have no problem connecting smtp to any mail client, but I can not connect to Gmail. Some of my clients have the need to connect their email account with gmail. I've tried all possible combinations of opening...
  9. S

    IMAP quota issue

    Hello all, One of our customers contact with me and say that thunderbird has stop to display quota recently. I setup test environment and see that customer is right. If I go to the properties of Inbox dir and click on the "Quota" tab it show QuotaRoot: "cPanel Account", Usage: 0 of 2560000Kb...
  10. D

    SOLVED Valid values are dovecot or courier

    I am a cpanel partner, when I enter the ticket platform the page looks like it does not have CSS and no buttons work. I have problem with the cpanel of a client I try to update and the following message appears [2016-12-13 19:27:21 -0300] W [FATAL] - The mailserver value in...
  11. cpanelinfoseeker

    SOLVED Dovecot trash not deleting

    I have noticed that dovecot is not removing the deleted emails from the trash. I have verified that "Auto Expunge Trash" is checked and "Trash Expire Time" is 1 in Mailserver Configuration. It was working about 3 weeks ago. Running "/usr/local/cpanel/scripts/dovecot_auto_expunge_trash" shows No...
  12. C

    SOLVED Dovecot segfaults in 60.0.27

    Hi, Any update on dovecot issue dovecot- case ID: CPANEL-10225
  13. Mauritz

    Outlook imaps stopped synching

    We have had 2 incidents of late where customers are unable to sync emails using imap to Outlook 2016. I would have considered this a problem with the mail client, but 1 domain (same customer) had 2 seperate employees have this happen to at the exact same time. They have been unable to get new...
  14. S

    Disabling STARTTLS for IMAP services.

    Hi. I'm sorry if this has been asked, I couldn't find anything on the forums or internet here. I have my server audited once a week or so. One of the messages that I want fixed is: The remote IMAP service supports the use of the 'STARTTLS' command to switch from a plaintext to an encrypted...
  15. T

    dovecot failed at step exec spawning

    after a power failure I get this: service dovecot status Started Dovecot Imap Server. Starting Dovecot Imap Server... Failed at step EXEC spawning /usr/sbin/dovecot: Exec format error dovecot.service: main process exited, code=exited, status=203/EXEC Unit dovecot.service entered failed state...
  16. S

    doveadm was terminated because the system is low on memory

    Hi everyone, Suddenly our mail server stopped working and we keep receiving Cpanel email notifications saying: Out of memory: The process “doveadm” was terminated because the system is low on memory. In order to avoid a system crash due to low memory, the kernel terminated the process named...
  17. bloatedstoat

    Dovecot - Account Does Not Exist

    Hello @cPanelMichael, This issue has cropped up again. I'll try and explain the best I can the situation with the first. There was an original cpanel account, "Account A". Account A was removed from the server as the user no longer wanted the domain sitting within it. A new account was...
  18. G

    Dovecot quota checking treats soft limits as hard limits, ignoring grace period

    Just let you know that the CPANEL-8468 in 58.0.30 did not fix the issue with quotas. I reported the issue again on Sept 23 and got a new case number CPANEL-8907.
  19. F

    Disabling POP3&IMAP but still running SMTP

    I don't host email addresses on my server and only send messages (to external email addresses) from online forms. Can I disable POP3 and IMAP services? REASON: I have aliases setup for several clients, forwarding incoming messages to their external email addresses (i.e., gmail, aol, etc)...
  20. F

    Dovecot High Load (brute force?)

    - Removed Please Attach Images to Your Posts - I dont not how to deal with this. Thousand of process: /usr/local/cpanel/bin/dovecot-wrap /usr/libexec/dovecot/checkpassword-reply the only way to stop the server down was this command: pkill -f checkpassword-reply what can i do?