1. F

    Dovecot High Load (brute force?)

    - Removed Please Attach Images to Your Posts - I dont not how to deal with this. Thousand of process: /usr/local/cpanel/bin/dovecot-wrap /usr/libexec/dovecot/checkpassword-reply the only way to stop the server down was this command: pkill -f checkpassword-reply what can i do?
  2. M

    Disk Quota Delivery Failure Response

    Hello, I upgraded all of my machines to WHM 58. Under Mailserver Configuration I have the following option checked: Disk Quota Delivery Failure Response - Defer Delivery Temporarily I have a problem with the new way this is handled compared to previous versions of WHM. On my systems, with...
  3. anton_latvia

    How to stop bounce-back emails?

    It seems that recent update has changes something in how bounce-back emails are being created. Now we are getting blacklisted, because of some user's email account being full - our server sends out a lot of emails : A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its...
  4. MediaServe

    AutoSSL not so good for email

    I'm just noticing that not many, (if any?), email clients are recognizing the certificates installed by AutoSSL. They seem mostly fine in browsers, but the auto-configuration area of webmail is instructing users to use their domain as the incoming/outgoing server in the secure details, but email...
  5. Rizwan Ghzzaal

    Email over quota errors

    Hi Do we still have to open a ticket as I am facing this issue consistently.
  6. bloatedstoat

    Dovecot Auto Expunge Trash errors.

    Hello, The following account does NOT exist, the email address was deleted via the control panel, after deletion these errors now appear in the midnight log watch. [dovecot_maintenance] Setting I/O priority to reduce system load: none: prio 0 Expiring trash for “[email protected]” in the...
  7. O

    dovecot: dict(15979): Error: sqlite: [...] failed: unable to open database file

    Hi. just noticed this error has been repeatly shown for a while in /var/log/mail_log: Aug 15 16:30:38 snoopy dovecot: dict(18287): Error: sqlite: exec(INSERT INTO lastlogin (login_stamp,username) VALUES ('1471296638','[email protected]')) failed: unable to open database file (14) I checked...
  8. B

    what does the .Sent folder do?

    Can anyone tell me what the .Sent folder does? I was told "The messages in the Sent folder will stay there indefinitely unless deleted manually" This doesn't sound correct, I can't see this working for POP account but maybe for IMAP account?? Can anyone help, or point me to any documentation on...
  9. F

    sqlite3 database is locked

    Hello all, i want ask. Sorry if my english is bad I got this error message "Error: sql dict: commit failed: database is locked" "failed: database is locked (5)" What should i do ? Thanks for the answers :)
  10. I

    Dovecot authorization and cpHulk problem

    Out of nowhere one of the servers start to getting those error messages: dovecot: auth: Error: dovecot-auth: Brute force checking was skipped because connecting to cphulkd failed. Any clue what is going on? We are on WHM 56.0.25 and cpHulk is enabled. Thanks
  11. S

    Dovecot - Sql Dict Locked

    Hi, I really need some help here. I have problem with email delivery to local account, very huge queue and slow delivery rate, And server load alos awful high. This is error log from maillog Aug 10 17:42:28 m001 dovecot: imap(): Error: dict-client: Commit failed...
  12. P

    Root forward to locally forwarded email "user doesn't exist" despite forward working

    So, this is kind of a weird one. I've been forwarding all root email to [email protected] for a domain and email hosted on the local server. However, instead of having an email account for [email protected], I've been using a mail forward from [email protected] to [email protected] This has been working...
  13. Y

    Mailserver Selection doesn't show

    Hey, I have a server in which I enabled the dovecot mail service, and I wish to disable it. I tried to look for "Mailserver Selection" and I couldn't find it in our panel, though it exists in other panels we have. Any idea how to disable the mail server on our system? Thanks a lot!
  14. C

    Dovecot - Cannot allocate memory

    Hi, tonight the service lmtp stop working. I try restart service, system reboot, force upgrade ... service still down MAILLOG Aug 4 09:50:24 srv08 dovecot: lmtp: Error: dovecot/lmtp: error while loading shared libraries: failed to map segment from shared object: Cannot allocate...
  15. A

    How to interpret IMAP logs

    Hello there, I have some problems for interpret IMAP logs, an acoount was violeted and the client ask if some messas was deleted via IMAP, someone here knows how can I see thet in IMAP log log from maillog? Jul 16 09:52:02 host dovecot: imap-login: Login: user=<[email protected]>, method=PLAIN...
  16. G

    Dovecot Auto Expunge Trash errors.

    Hi Michael I'm still having this problem under WHM V56.0.24 with CloudLinux. I've read through the above thread but am a little unsure as to the correct procedure to follow to fix the issue. Should I open a support ticket?
  17. M

    Webmail Login Failure

    after cpanel transfer now i cna't login in my webmail error The login is invalid. i check this commend tail -f /var/log/maillog the result is as below spamd[2743]: prefork: killing failed child 76573 fd=7 at /...
  18. O

    Dovecot POP3 Server

    I recently disable Dovecot POP3 Server in Service Manager, how do I find out from shell if Dovecot POP3 Server is actually running or not? what's the command? same goes for exim. thanks.
  19. PCZero

    Dovecot Issues on New WHM Version

    Starting almost immediately after the upgrade to the new version of WHM I started getting numerous email error messages about dovecot errors. They come between 1-10 an hour. Whats up? ====================================================================================...
  20. A

    Dovecot broke with cPanel/WHM 11.40 update

    Today morning after the update, dovecot broke down and now refuses to start up. Anyone else facing the same problem ?